3 Simple Yet Big Mistakes That Bloggers Can Make

We are humans! Humans are bound to make mistakes, right? We are not machines and it is not that we will not make mistakes at all. We should also keep in mind that we are not machines that cannot rectify mistakes on their own. I have made millions of mistakes starting from putting up articles, to the way I promoted my blog but I did rectify them later. I see many newbie bloggers do some of the mistakes that I did and this prompted me to write this article.

Blogging Mistakes

Treating Blog as an ATM Machine

Have you just started blogging? Thinking of earning a load full from it? This is the worst mistake that you can ever do. I don’t say that earning money from blogging is difficult but on the other hand only concentrating on money will never get you what you need. I personally believe “Work hard but expect nothing in return”. Many may not agree on this but I believe this from my heart. I was also one curious blogger who kept his motive to earn money from blogging, I never succeeded when I had that in my mind. I had quit blogging for quite some time but in that break I felt what I could have done with blogging other than just earning money from it. From that moment I left the thought of earning but developing my blog which I would never ever forget because that did bring me results.

I had to mention this point because I got a message from some guy (I would not like to reveal his name/id). The mail was as following

Dear Sandeep,

I am planning to be professional blogger, part-time for first 3 years, full-time later on. I want you to pls help me in this-

If I am able to get 1,25,000 page views after 3 years of blogging (3 long years), would it be realistically to earn 35000 per month or 800 dollars or 4 Lakhs per year from all including

Affiliate Marketing
Other advertising programmes

from a tech blog after 3 years after I achieve 1,25,000- 1,40,000 pageviews. I know from adsense , It cant be 4 $ per 1000 impressions. But after having affiliate marketing of hostgator, themes etc
Which wordpress theme and hosting you would suggest me

What do you expect me to reply to this mail ? I couldn’t but had to.

This is what people are actually starting up blogs these days, i never intrude they shouldn’t but keeping it as primary motive may be just a little wrong.

Ignoring Blog Readers

This point may look very simple but in fact it is a very serious one. Would you ever like to visit a restaurant where a server never takes your order ?certainly you wont right! Then how can you think that your readers will turn up again even after ignoring them to the core?

Simple mistakes that you can do

1) Not replying to Comments

Reply to your comments, if they ask questions or if you have interest in those comments. That will encourage interaction and form a community.

2) Not writing articles on what your readers need

3) Putting Pop-up ads

Putting Pop-up ads is like adding salt to a sweet dish. People get irritated when ads flash on them and lose interest in reading your articles and also coming back to your site. Never ever put pop-up ads on your blog.

Stealing Content

A blogger is known for his writing skills and knowledge, many don’t understand this fact at all. This point may be put up a lot of times but to be true this is one of the worst mistake that a blogger can make. This specially happens with newbie bloggers as they don’t know the negatives of copying and pasting contents on their blog.

Not only is this a matter of shame but also it can potentially destroy regular readers. No one would like to read contents which have been stolen from someone else.

This article is written by Sandeep Singh. He blogs at Technoleash, a blogging portal for tech enthusiasts.

28 thoughts on “3 Simple Yet Big Mistakes That Bloggers Can Make”

  1. awesome post!

    we cant say that blogging is a easy work,if you want to success in any field you would need to do hard work,as But behind every success there stands a hard work and effort.


  2. Pardeep, yes Stealing Content and doing blogging is a waste of time these due to panda update. I think blogging i hard these days if we want to do in proper manner. Many bloggers face to many issues. I hope people can understand blogging is not too easy like blogger make it.

  3. I believe more than 80% people start a blog to earn some money. When you are putting lots of effort, spending lot of time in growing your blog then it is obvious that one would expect some return. So there is nothing wrong in starting a blog for money, blogging has become a business, we need to understand that. But behind every success there stands a hard work and effort.

  4. Yes, you shared the correct points! These are the most common mistakes made by a newbie blogger!

  5. for me better focus on content, traffics and reader first and then slowly make some money if you can. first 3 month I think best for blog development not making money.

  6. I agree that concentrating on money will never get you what you need. As a blogger, your job is to learn more and impart more ideas or information to your readers. Also, copying from others blog or article is a big insult to your profession as a blogger.

  7. First point is one of the most important point in this article. Most of the people will think that blog as an ATM machine.So, try to give quality content on your blog and get high traffic for your blog. Thanks a lot for sharing your blog post on here 🙂

  8. One main mistake most of the bloggers make is thinking that they can make a lot of money via blogging easily and they dont know that its impossible untill and they learn some genuine methods. lot of bloggers are entering into blogging to only make money and yes i cant say that i am not one i also entered blogging to make money and after 6 months of blogging i came to know that blogging is not for everyone.

    • My opinion is anyone can blog. The only thing they need is the will to be able to share knowledge with world and think themselves from a readers point of view. Thanks for your valuable comment bharath

  9. Absolutely right. The first point is noticeable. Most of new blogger think that being one blogger they can make huge money, which is completely wrong concept. Yes you can make descent money from blog, if you are really one expert blogger and follow the right make money blogging strategy.

    • Once you make your blog popular there is no stopping you from making money mate ! This should be understood by people at the start. Thanks for the comment chandan

  10. Writing always about the same topics can be one of the mistakes. In order to avoid it, I am usually using sites like alltop to find the topics users currently write about and compare the best topics with google trends to make sure that they are trending, then I have a pretty good picture on what to guest blog about.

    • There is a lot of things to share about but only thing is that while writing it should come into our mind. That is why many read others blogs and google news has been one good source for writing articles for many.

  11. Hey Sandep,
    A well-integrated article indeed! However, I feel helpless when people spend years working on a particular blog/website and getting no returns. There is a simple rule in the world of blogging, "If you are not getting returns from your blog even after stabilizing your blog, its time to start all over again from block one." Its the harsh reality, but also the true one.

    • I have not seen many blogs who have not got returns after such a long time of hard work. If they have then they must have done it the wrong way. And yeah , its time to build on once again from the scratch SIdhant

  12. True sandeep. we all know in backgroud thoughts that a successful blog would give us fruits. so why not just work on it by putting aside the “money” part in starting.

    • People start learning as they go on in blogging. At the start mostly everyone is over enthusiastic about making money mate. Thanks for your comment

  13. Its horrible, sandip!!

    You see, blogging is a kind of press. If you need money, you have to give the best that others don't do.

    Third thing is the most popular among the newbies. They think, people can read their blogs with duplicate content. But this is not gonna be happened.

    Thanks for the article, bro!


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