10+ Useful Android Applications For Webmasters

Android AppsThe rule is to be connected to the Internet. Not be connected to the internet is like being sick.  Communicate to people the bad news: “Today, I’m not working, I’m sick!” Or “Today, I can not go out at night, I’m sick.” I’ll die!I was without net! “

In the case of a Webmaster, a programmer, web designer, editor of a blog (me), there are times of day that had no apparent usefulness.

One day we will find that we need breaks, we need to rest, we need to stop the mind from time to time. But until then, while we wait for someone in the car or at the mall, while walking in public transport, we can test the code, access via FTP to our server, test color schemes for a new design in our Android.

Let’s see some applications that can increase our productivity in those moments that have nothing to do. That is, work more…

#1 – AndFTP

The AndFTp is an FTP client/FTP/FTPS allows to connect from Android to a remote server via the protocol specified to perform:

  • Download and upload files
  • Rename, delete and copy files
  • Change permissions on folders and files
  • Create and delete folders

You can configure multiple links to different FTP accounts. The interface is easy to use.

#2 – HTMLEditor

An application for programmers to edit HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS and JS on Android.

#3 – Photoshop

It is the ideal application for editing photos in Android. For example:

  • Crop and rotate an image
  • Making color adjustments
  • Change to black and white
  • Apply some effects

#4 – View Web Source

The need to see the source code of a web page is common to all web designers. This application lets you open the source code of any page in a text editor, where we can analyze the code, modify it and write up some notes and send it via email to verify later.

#5 – Magic Color Picker

The ideas come in unexpected places and moments. If you need to study the best color to an idea that came out of nowhere, walking by the sea, this application allows you to do this. The only problem is that you can not record or export color codes … will have to point these codes.

#6 – Mobile GA

I know some webmasters who consult the statistics of the website every 5 minutes. It’s a compulsive behavior, obsessive and depressing. But if life were only the rainbow … would not taste the same.

This application allows Android to access Google Analytics through its API. The information does not pass through the servers of third parties. Therefore, it is a safe way to access the statistics when you are playing football with friends or jogging or watching a movie at the cinema.  There is nothing more important than query Google Analytics …

When driving, please do not use GA Mobile!

#7 – WordPress Mobile

Enforcement official WordPress for Android, which allows for example:

  • Configure and manage multiple blogs
  • Manage and respond to comments
  • Create and edit post, categories and tags
  • Create and edit pages

#8 – Bloo – Facebook

An open source application for Android for you to play …  Only to access your account on facebook. You can not play Farmville …

#9 – Twitter for Android

Official Twitter application for Android. Twitter is even a social conversation in real time, anywhere, anytime.

#10 – Thinking Space

The Thinking Space is an application to recommend.  I think a good idea to organize our ideas visually through diagrams and charts, establishing relationships and hierarchies.

#11 – Freelancer Ex12131

This application is a joke … Have you ever had a client who wanted the job done yesterday? Usually it is one customer who believes that success is instantaneous and that the only thing separating you from the Ferrari you always dreamed about is you … your hired web design work for over 24 hours and where is the website?  Will it take long?

In this application, you will find about 200 excuses, some funny, so you’ll get some peace of mind for a few hours.

It is obvious that the best approach is contractually execution time of each phase of web design project. And hire a secretary with a sweet voice to serve customers who need friendship and attention. But there is always room for humor.

#12 – ConnectBot

If you need to access your web server via SSH, this application lets you do this on your Android.

#13 – HTML Test


Test your skills of HTML with application developed by INTERSOG. Fast and easy.
This interactive testing approach is used in dynamic real-world environments to test and train professional Web Developers.

It is a must-have app for web developers, tech enthusiasts and those with a general interest in HTML.

Hope you would have found these Android Apps useful, if you know any other useful Application, please share it in the comments. For further Android Apps Resources, subscribe to HellBound Bloggers.

This article is written by Isha Singh. She is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Cyber World. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

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