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HOW TO: Create Chipmunk Version Of Any Song

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Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated music group created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in 1958. The group consists of three singing animated anthropomorphic chipmunks. You would have heard Chipmunk version of many songs in YouTube or elsewhere. Ever wondered how to create them? This Guide will help you to exactly do the same.

The process involves speeding up the playback to create higher pitched songs, which sounds exactly like the chipmunks.

Create Chipmunk Version of Any Song

1. Choose the song which you need to modify.
2. Open Audacity. If you don’t have it, Download it from here. Audacity is an open source audio manipulation software.
3. Go to File>Open and choose your song.
4. Click Ctrl + A to highlight the entire song.
5. Go to Effects>Change Pitch and change the percent to 115.500. Click OK to exit.

Change Pitch

6. Go to File>Export to save the Chipmunk version of your song in any format.

If the pitch is too high, to hear and the “Chipmunk” voices are too high, instead of 115.500, change the pitch to something lower. To save the audio in the .mp3 format, you need the lame_enc.dll which you can download from here.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Don’t forget to share your experience through the comments.

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I am Ganesh Babu, I am studying 11th Grade and I blog at www.axleration.com

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29 Opinions on “HOW TO: Create Chipmunk Version Of Any Song

  1. Nice tutorial :) You can even use Virtual DJ for this.

  2. i tried it. it is great fun. chipmunks of airplane song. cooll post

  3. Cool tutorial Ganesh, I will try to make Chipmunk versions of my favorite songs 😉 I already have audacity installed

  4. They are so cute !!!!

  5. It’s going to be great experiment for me and I’ll try it out. Thanks for sharing such interesting post.

  6. Great way!! i always looking for this tutorial but was lazy to search it 😛 gonna try it on some songs thanks

  7. It works on my Itunes but i uploaded it to Fileden.. so i can put it on a flash player for my myspace page it is not Elmos version of I want a hippo for christmas it sounds like the Chipmunks version?

  8. lol… cool Tutorial… definitely i will try it out

  9. Believe me I have not yet heard Chipmunks version of songs but would like to listen at once to know what it is??? :)

    • Just try googling your favorite song followed by “chipmunk version” you’ll be amazed to see there are many results for that

  10. Nice Find Ganesh.. this sounds cool.. :)

  11. Nice tool for music I just try it. Add my favourite music.

  12. Wonderful and excitement …………achievement to create Create Chipmunk Version Of Any Song. thanks for sharing this useful technique.

  13. Hey,

    Really funny idea of modifying everything to sound like chipmunks, hehe. I’ve never used Audacity untill now, you convinced me to try it. Great feature of changing the pitch, they thought well of creating this program with everything necessarely. Thank you very much for sharing this great program and amusing me with the chipmunk thing, heh.

    Best regards,


  14. Arun Babu says:

    Cool Writeup!!

  15. I created my own chipmunk band like Alvin and the Chipmunks but gave them new looks their names are Kane,Chris,and Randy and the bands name is Kane and the Coolmunks here is the URL to a video of them that I uploaded them onto Youtube with their picture so here it is

  16. The way they originally did it was to take a recording of the music. play it back at half speed. record normal singing to the slow music (at the half speed). then return the speed back to normal.

  17. Ganesh, you did a very good job on here. I would like to say thanks on here. :-) Great work.

  18. Greta, and Audacity is simply amazin!!!

  19. You can also use VirtualDJ- It's easy and powerful!

  20. Thanks a loot for the Post ! :-) Good luck to You !! 11th Grader? I see a bright Future In You 😀

    • Ganesh Babu @ Axleration says:

      Thank you mate ! but I’ve completed my 12th grade and got my results just today ! ^_^

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