An easier way to process GoPro 4K videos with full hardware acceleration

GoPro HERO camera will provide you with dazzling video recordings if one is setting the recording goals to 4K. However, what pursues is the immense document size.

Apart from taking excessive space, a huge document will also bring about rough playback and edit, increase in transferring timings, and inability to send video to Whatsapp, Snapchat, Email and another different medium which have strict confinements on record size and length.


To enable you to illuminate transferring, playback, altering, and capacity issues caused by cumbersome 4K video records, next we will disclose how to resize GoPro 4K video without quality misfortune. This is a selective arrangement manage on compacting GoPro 4K recordings on Windows PC and Mac.

Why you should use VideoProc to process GoPro (4K) videos?

VideoProc is a new 4K video processing tool released by Digiarty Software, which is a long-standing brand in DVD/video software industry since 2006. VideoProc offers one multiple ways to resize GoPro iPhone 4K videos on PC as well as Mac.

  1. You can Reduce GoPro iPhone 4K video length by cutting, trimming, splitting.
  2. You can reduce the file sizes by at least 50% by converting GoPro 4K video codec from H.264 to HEVC

  3. It also allows you to compress video files by adjusting resolution (e.g. 4K to 1080p), bit rate, frame rate, GOP etc.

Few additional features you can see in VideoProc for the GoPro videos include – crop, deshake, denoise, adjust fisheye, add effect, merge split files, rotate, flip, slow down (10x) and speed up (16x) footages, fix choppy videos and fix GoPro out-of-sync video audio etc.

Main features and the “How to” Tutorial:

Below is the tutorial of the VideoProc tool that helps end users in the easy utilization of VideoProc.

The initial screen of VideoProc shows 4 options

Option 1: Video Processing

Option 2: DVD Conversion and Backup

Option 3: Downloader for Videos and

Option 4: Video Recorder

In each option, we can see the Hardware acceleration that is used to guarantee the video processing speed. A test is provided that VideoProc with GUP hardware acceleration is 47X real-time faster.

VideoProc With GUP Hardware Acceleration

Option 1: Video Processing

On VideoProc, the most outstanding feature is the 4K video processing. For some large videos, especially the 4K videos recorded by GoPro, iPhone, DJI, and other sports camera, the video sharing and editing is always a headache. So a video processing tool that offers a fast speed and easy to use is necessary.

Using this option at VideoProc, you can drag the GoPro 4K file you want to process or using + button to load the video.

VideoProc Video Processing

Once that is done, choose the target format from the options listed at the bottom of the screen. There is a list of target formats available that are displayed as seen at the bottom of the screen.

Choose one of them and click on “Run” to start 4K video compressing at VideoProc.

Before the GoPro 4K video processing, you can first get a full license in VideoProc Giveaway.

VideoProc Video Processing 2

More, once the 4K video is uploaded you can do some basic editing on 4K videos. And in the uploaded videos, you can also see some frequently used options like Effect, Watermark, Cut, Crop, Rotate, and subtitle. All the options are available in the “Toolbox” that enables your to Deshake, merge, trim, split, GIF, Snapshot 4K video and more.

Effect: This option lets one see both the original and effect applied video parallel.

There are multiple options available with effects like – black and white, noise, mirror, lens correction etc. One could select the option and meanwhile adjust the brightness, contrast, hue etc. options available on the right side.

Subtitle: Click on the subtitle tab to include subtitles for the video chosen. You could add a subtitle using the subtitle flag or look for one using “search subtitle” option.

Cut: The cut options allow you to cut a selected part of the 4K video from the whole file. Use the arrow button to adjust the start and end position of the video and click the Cut button to proceed

Crop: Crop could be used to crop and highlight a particular portion/area of the video. The option wouldn’t be enabled by default. If one wants to crop video, click the “Enable Crop” option.

You can enter the coordinates in the text box or once the option enables you could see a rectangular box available for a crop on the video, you can move around the box freely to choose the part we want to have in the cropped video.

Watermark: The tab allows you to add a watermark for your business or personal use to prevent others from using without credits. Click on “Enable Watermark” to start adding a watermark to your video

3 options: The watermark could be a text or an image or timing

Click on the “Text” option to enter the text you want to add in the watermark. The arrow symbol near the text field provides different font types, color options, and size choices. Select the suitable text and click Done to add the changes made. The transparency could be adjusted using the “Transparency” bar

However if the requirement is such that you want to add an image, Enable the “image” checkbox and using “Add Image” button choose the file locally.

If you want to just add the timing alone throughout the video, enable the “Timecode” checkbox and can choose the format in which you want to display it- Only Time, Time and DDYYMM etc. and choose font styles.

VideoProc Target Formats

Target Formats:

As seen the bottom of the screen at VideoProc, the target formats are available for various options. There are different video formats such as mp4, avi, wmv, mov etc. And music (audio) formats such as mp3, m4a, wav, ac3, aac etc. Also, there are formats for different types of devices (iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox, Mi, Oppo, Vivo etc). Based on your requirement you can choose the destined format.

Option 2: DVD conversion and Backup

VideoProc DVD Conversion And Backup

DVD ripping is always necessary for our family. VideoProc also integrated with DVD conversion and backup. With only three steps, you can rip your DVD into any digital video file for playback. Some DVD ripper in the market claimed to support Hardware acceleration, but only Digiarty (VideoProc and WinX DVD Ripper) fully utilize our GUP hardware acceleration in DVD conversion progress. For the DVD to MP4 ripping, it only takes 5 minutes.

Option 3: Downloader

VideoProc Downloader

If you ever come across interesting YouTube or videos from other sites which you would like to download you can simply use VideoProc to extract the video from the URL. You can download videos, music, playlists, and channels from 1000+ UGC websites. More VideoProc enables you to download Watch Later List after you sign in your YouTube account. The GPU Hardware Acceleration can guarantee the ultra-fast 4K video downloading speed.

Option 4: Recorder

VideoProc GoPro Giveaway

On the top screen of VideoProc, you see three options Screen, Webcam, Screen & Webcam that asks whether you would like to record video from your screen or you would want to record from webcam or both.

GoPro and VideoProc Full License Giveaway

GoPro is currently very popular for the 4K video recording if you’d love to win a GoPro 7 or the related accessories, come and visits VideoProc giveaway page. No need to purchase any order, anyone who visits that page has a chance to win!!!

  • 1x GoPro 7
  • 2x GoPro Karma Grip
  • 10x GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

As the technology is changing day by day, new devices coming up, new versions coming up, new software coming and what not but some things have not, the images we used to see as a kid or the videos or audio files, things like these still exist. The only difference has come is the format of the videos that were there in the past and the ones we use now, that is also because the change in hardware and the formats it supports. Though we might not need to make a conversion in format sometimes it is necessary to do it.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review 1

There are a lot of tools available now for converting images and videos too, The Video Converter, as simple as their name is. As we have innumerable options nowadays, it is a task to choose the best, pocket-friendly, and one with all the features.

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate appears to be a good and useful software as it offers a decent number of features for the video enthusiasts out there and it might impress them too. Being the most popular video converter, Wondershare has a lot to offer for its user using the latest and the best of technology. Here we mention some incredible features of this video converter:

1. Easy and Fast, as per user’s choice

Taking about simplicity, one can simply drag the videos to the program window, just have to choose the output format and then click on the Convert button. It supports almost all popular videos formats like MKV, MOV, or H.264 and if you are confused about how to can convert WMV to MP4, this will help you a lot.

Also one can easily save videos directly from websites like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, or Hulu. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, through named as a video converting program, supports DVD ripping as well.

2. File Transfer to iOS, Android, iCloud Photo library

Can easily connect iOS and Android devices and transfer the converted videos or ripped DVDs to iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. Just choose the profiles for iOS devices (or other preferred devices) before transferring videos (there are some limitations on video playback by Apple).

Also, after converting the files, can transfer files into the iCloud Photo library too and can also in shared albums.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review 2

3. Now can Download Media from over 10,000 sources

The best feature of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is it can download media from over 10,000 different media websites.

Just copy the URLs of the media and can save it directly on your computer. The video can be saved in its original format or even the format can be changed accordingly with the options in the converter. You can even save the background music from a youtube video, just add the URL of the video, and it will directly be converted to an audio file (.mp3 format).

You can even record media, the one which can not be downloaded.

4. Media Server

In simple words, the media server feature can transport media to different mediums (like from your computer to TV) in just one click. It supports various devices to cast any videos to Television, it includes Chromecast, XBOX 360, PS3, Roku and many more.

To summarize this, if you want to use a video converter in conjunction with YouTube downloader, simple video editor, media server, etc., then Wondershare video converter is a good option to go for. This software looks simple, stable, and all features work well.

You can get the trial version of Wondershare (has to limit to each feature) or buy the complete back from its official website. Download Wondershare Video Converter Here and try out these features.

AmoyShare AnyVid: The Best HD Video Downloader You Need

Do you remember the first video downloader you used?

If you like to download video from the websites just like me then you must have tried many video downloader before you get the best one.

We are looking for the most efficient video downloader, after many attempts, our top pick is a powerful video download from AmoyShare – AnyVid.

What is AnyVid?

01 Anyvid

AnyVid is a powerful and smart video downloader developed by a young and enthusiastic team AmoyShare. I just found it recently and it gave me the best video downloads experience so far. As the “AnyVid” suggests, you can download any videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and more websites, it supports over 1000 sites.

So, what else do I like about AnyVid?

As a video downloader, I can say that AnyVid enables you to download any HD videos in high-quality from the Internet. But it can do more than that:

  1. More flexible way to search videos. (Support keywords and URL search)
  2. Preview the video before you try to download.

  3. Download video is important, but AnyVid also can convert video.

  4. Multiple video/audio formats (MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP, etc.) and quality (128k, 160k, 720p, 1080p, etc.) supported.

  5. Amazing! AnyVid can download whole YouTube video playlist with one click.

  6. AnyVid embedded 1000+ supported site, you download the video directly on AnyVid.

With so many stunning features, you may wonder that is it really nice? Is it safe? Is there any annoying ads or virus when I install AnyVid on my device? Ok! Answer all your questions at once.

AnyVid is 100% safe, no ads, no virus, and pop-outs.

It will be your first choice of video downloader.

How to download videos with AnyVid?

It’s easy to use, how simple is it?

Only 3 steps, no special technical skills needed, everyone can download video easily.

Step 1. Search your target video on AnyVid

02 Anyvid

You have 2 ways to search video on AnyVid: Type any words that help you to find the video you want to download or copy the video link from the website. That all can help you to find the video you want.

Step 2. Play the video before downloading videos.

03 Anyvid

On this step, you can enjoy the video just like stream video online. On AnyVid, you also can watch the high-quality video even you don’t download videos.

Step 3. Choose the video format and quality, download.

04 Anyvid

The last step is to choose the video format and quality you need, give it a click then the video will be downloaded in a few seconds.

As you see, besides downloading video with AnyVid, you also can download audio which means that you can rip the audio from the video. Or video without audio is also available on AnyVid.

If you need to download video playlist, you only tap “All” and choose the video quality.

05 Anyvid

See? With these 3 simple easy steps, you can save a video safely with AnyVid.

What if you want to discover more videos on AnyVid?

Easy! Tap “Discover” then you will see an amazing page.

06 Anyvid

On “Discover”, you can stream the video from those sites and you can download the video directly on AnyVid. It is very convenient, right?

Don’t forget AnyVid also allows you to convert video to any formats you need.

07 Anyvid

So far, it’s the complete guide on how to download videos with AnyVid.

To be honest, it is hard to say whether AnyVid is the best on the market, but for me, I will give it 5 stars.

That’s all, you guys can try the free version first to download videos. As a video downloader, it works perfectly!

Rip DVD 2018: How to Digitize DVD to MP4

Making things available at our fingertips is the fascinating desire we all possess. Whether it’s a movie or any TV show, who doesn’t want to keep an eye on these whenever required? There are plenty of DVDs maintained by people as a collection of films or videos to entertain oneself or other people in idle time. In the past years, there are many DVD rip tools that offer us ways to digitize DVD into mainstream video formats. But few satisfy us, such as the bad quality, the content loss, the time-consuming DVD ripping process. Rip DVD 2018, the DVD ripper we need must be up-to-date and alleviate the burden of the computer.

WinX DVD Ripper Booms with Boon characteristics

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is brought to the market as the sole software to digitize DVD to Digital, like MP4 quickly in just a few steps.

DVD for Test: Only the Brave; Movie length: 2h,14m

Equipment: Windows 10 (64 bit) PC; Intel QSV

DVD to Digital MP4 digitize time: 8.45 min

Average FPS: 385 frame per second

This Windows-based DVD ripper holds a strong capability to digitize any DVD/ISO images to your hard drives like rip DVD to MP4, MPEG, M2TS, H.264, AVI, WMV, and MOV. It allows you to convert DVDs for playback on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Apple TV and on Android devices that include Samsung, Nexus, Kindle, Huawei, etc. It can also be done for Microsoft devices (Windows Phone, Xbox, and Surface).

Rip DVD 2018 How To Digitize DVD To MP4

You must be confronting the question “How to Do it?” So without wasting your time, mentioning the steps to digitize DVD.

How to Digitize DVD to Digital:

1. Download and Install WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: Balancing advanced features with great UI; WinX DVD Ripper tops the list of popular DVD-to-MP4 converters’ software. With broad compatibility available in trial and paid version offers a powerful option to digitize your DVDs. To download the software, you need to open the official website of the software or just navigate your cursor to the download link.

Download WinX DVD Ripper Now >>

After downloading and installing the software, you can launch it.

WinX DVD Ripper Getting Started

2. Select a DVD to Convert: Go to the DVD Disc button and select the DVD you are willing to convert by browsing the destination folder and click ‘RUN’ button to initiate the conversion. Yes, you heard right! You can choose the file you wish to convert from the list of availed options and click on the format you want. Afterward, opt a save location for your converted file and also select the desired audio and video settings as per your requirement in the menu.

WinX DVD Ripper Source

3. Disc to Digital Done! After converting the file, you are done with this job. See how easy it was.

More tips on How to digitize DVD disc to digital

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily digitize DVD to any digital format with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum software. It is equipped with more than 300 output profiles. Thus you can easily find the desired video format you need.

WinX DVD Ripper Profile

Various Advantages of using WinX DVD Ripper Software

Top Notch speed with Best Quality: After a comparison with several DVD-to-Mp4 converters software, WinX DVD Ripper emerged as the winner of the competition.

Saves your Bucks – Clones DVD to offer Backup: It allows you to take a backup of your DVD. 1:1 Clone DVD to ISO image, maintain the title of the copy and content quality in good shape and also supports backing up the DVD to an MPEG2 file in just 5 minutes. This is how it helps you save your money else you would have to spend a lot of money on some other software to get the backup.

Level-3 Hardware Acceleration: It let you convert your DVDs into MP4 even on low-end computers. It’s the only software that has level-3 hardware acceleration which makes DVD video processing much fast. It is considered to be one of the strongest and fastest Discs to Digital software.

Learn more why we need a Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper>>

Free Copy for those who can’t Afford Paid Version: Either you are willing to test the software before purchasing or looking for a free copy because of low-budget then there is an option for you. Get the free copy of the software and utilize it.

Free rip DVD Now

In a nutshell – It’s a great software for the people who are passionate about converting their old DVDs to Digital MP4 or rip them in any other format. Using the software will enhance your knowledge about the product and allows you to implement it as per your desires.

Top 5 Archive Apps for macOS you should check!

Though you don’t face the necessity to compress files every day, in some instances a high-quality software product can save your time and efforts. The choice of applications, allowing you to archive folders is not limited, but mostly, it is hard to choose a worthy one, not knowing anything about their functionality. So, which Mac archivers are worth attention and can meet the requirements of the most exacting customers? Let’s review the best products developed specifically for the needs of Mac users.

Top Archive Apps For MacOS You Should Check

1. Archiver

This is a high quality archiving application, which allows you to pack or unpack files with ease. You won’t face difficulties with creating, opening or archiving docs. To open a zipped file, you just need to drag and drop files and the application will do all the rest procedures for you. If you have sensitive files, the application allows you to protect them. All folders will be encrypted and protected with a password. If you need to deal with a huge file, which occupies too much space, you can split it into several parts.

Macbook Archiver deals with all well-known formats, including 7zip, Stufflt, Gzip, RAR, etc. Using Archiver, file compression will be as easy as pie. The app allows users to create encrypted data backups and to convert all archives from one format and into another one.

2. WinZip

You will hardly find a person who has never heard about this application. All Windows users appreciate the features offered by this archiver. Today, the users of Mac devices also have a chance to appreciate its benefits. The version for Mac users has a more convenient and simpler interface. The app supports the following formats: Zip, RAR, LHA, 7z, and Zipx. The preview feature helps users see the content of a document before decompressing it. Nevertheless, you can’t protect documents with a password in this archiver.

3. ALZip

This is another compression utility, which is compatible with more than 40 file types. This program also allows users to select via which program they wish to open their files. The app also scans the folders for malware before opening them. To start using all features, you just need to download the app (just several clicks and the app will be installed). The interface is not cluttered with extra icons (they won’t distract your attention from the most important things). You shouldn’t install additional plugins in order to use all features, offered by the app. ALZip supports the formats as EGG, RAR, ALZ, ZIP, and 7Z.

4. RarMachine

This RAR archive manager is also widely used among Mac users. RarMachine is a super powerful application which helps users to either compress or extract RAR docs with ease. The whole procedure of archiving folders is automated. If necessary, you can protect all your docs with a password or divide RAR files into smaller parts. It is very easy to navigate the app, you just need to learn several commands and use them on an ongoing basis. The application has two simple disadvantages. There is no free version and unfortunately, you can’t zip up batches of folders.

5. Keka

The greatest benefit of this utility is that it is absolutely free for any Mac user. This application can meet the requirements of those users who aren’t satisfied with the functionality offered by the built-in OS X tool. You can test the features the application offers, downloading a free version. The application provides users with an access to absolutely different file formats, including Zip, Tar, 7z, Bzip2, Gzip, etc. The features as password protection and splitting of documents are also available.

Though Mac is overloaded with pre-installed tools, able to meet the demands of all user categories, in some instances, you need specific applications. A high-quality Mac archiver will help you save time and efforts on compressing or unpacking folders. They allow you to perform all your working procedures faster and offer an access to multiple file formats. You shouldn’t rack your brains over the question which file formats one or another program supports. You just need to prefer the application which supports the biggest number of file formats and compressing folders will never be an issue for you!

iTube Studio Review: Download Videos Online Easily

A software which is specifically designed to download the videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and other online video streaming websites is called – iTube Studio. The motive of this software also includes extraction of the audio streams and do recordings.

Download & Convert

ITube Studio Review

Download your favorite video either by pasting the URL of the video on the application or by using application browser plugin where you need to click on the download button at the top of the video playing. As you know that several videos uploaded online aren’t of high resolution but of various resolutions, this is why iTube has this amazing feature to select the resolution of the video you want to download. You can also go for batch download from YouTube, get all videos of a playlist in just 1 click.

Download Audio of the Video

Talking about the features of iTube, it allows to download only the audio of an online video, see here you don’t need to extract the video into MP3 but directly download just the audio part of the video. This type of audios (MP3 format files) can be played on your iPod, or store it to the SD card of your phone. Synchronizing the audio to different devices such as the smartphone, the tablet is very convenient if you have the audio.

Give 16 New Format to the Downloaded Video: iTube Studio has the ability to convert downloaded videos to different file formats. Not all media players are compatible with all video formats – the truth of media players, thus you need a software that let you convert the formats of the downloaded video. iTube can convert a video into 16 different formats including MP4, MKV, and other popular formats.

It also offers more than 100 pre-programmed optimization profiles for devices like tablets, smartphones, gaming systems and set-top boxes.

Record Live Sessions

Don’t you want to miss any live session online which are played on YouTube, then don’t worry, here is superb software – iTube let you record the live sessions and download them in any format you want.

Easy to Use

This software provides you an option of embedded “Download” button at the top of the video playing as it has a YouTube integration so it is easily accessible via browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Use the built-in web browser, where you only need to paste the URL of the video and download or convert.

ITube Studio Features

Compatible Services

Downloading videos from most popular video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, doesn’t limit you. iTube Studio allows you to download any video file from more than 1,000 other video websites. It makes easy and very convenient to download a video file from major content creators like BBC, NBC, NFL etc.

Support System

It has a robust FAQ section that offers answers to most of the questions or problems that one can have. Additionally, it also has an online tutorial facility for its products. You can give complete guidance by following the step-by-step instructions on how to operate the iTube Studio and its tools. If you are still facing any issue with them, then you can email them directly in the reference to your problem or get support from twitter in the emergency. Most of the answers are given within 12 hours during the week and within 48 hours on the weekend.

Final Verdict

iTube Studio proves to be a boon when you need to download videos and convert them to MP3 format or in another format. It is easy to use if you have a basic knowledge of computer and internet. Downloading videos from any online platform becomes convenient with this software. In brief, it an ultimate choice for you to go with. 30-days money back guarantee makes it more advantageous.

Keeping Your Data Safe & Secure With Wondershare Data Recovery

Windows has been the most popular operating system for a while- and it is very stable and versatile software. However, despite of all its great features- it is not 100% foolproof against several threats- and all of this points towards the need for data security. Users who have not been taking data security seriously have been dealing with numerous issues since the past few years.

Attacks like those from ransomwares, Trojan horses and other malicious programs have only been on the rise- despite of the security measures getting better. This means that being prepared for any damage that may occur is also important. The best way to ensure that one never loses data is to be prepared for recovery in case something like that does happen- and this is where Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows comes in.

What Is Wondershare Data Recovery?

Wondershare Data Recovery is a versatile and functional software that you can use for recovering your lost or deleted data from any internal or external hard drive, USB stick, digital camera, smartphone and pretty much any other memory storage device. Wondershare Data Recovery can recover files that have been:

  • Deleted from the recycle bin
  • Lost due to formatting of disk partitions
  • Damaged/deleted by virus or other malicious programs
  • Corrupt or inaccessible

And from numerous other reasons as well. Wondershare Data Recovery is a software that works in every situation and data loss scenario.

What does Wondershare Data Recovery offer?

What makes Wondershare Data Recovery suitable to data recovery needs of all types of users/individuals is the fact that it is compatible with all types of file formats- in fact; it can detect and recover over 550 different types of files, including image, video, audio, documents and even emails. A powerful feature of this tool is the Deep Scan feature. This scans the area to be searched even more thoroughly, which can help to recover files that other tools may not find.

Apart from being compatible with every device type, it works across every manufacturer and specification as well. After installing Wondershare Data Recovery on any Windows PC, you can recover files in any of your digital cameras, smartphones, SD card and other devices connected to it. The algorithm powering this tool, which is what helps it recover files lost due to any reason.

The highlight of Wondershare Data Recovery is the efficiency that it offers. A user can preview the files before recovering them, thus saving on time and memory space that would otherwise be spent on useless data. It also gives the option of pausing the recovery process and resuming it whenever convenient from the same scan results. There are many other ways to refine the recovery process- like by searching specific areas of the memory, limiting the scan results by file type and so on.

All these features come together to make a very trustable software for any recovery need. Apart from the Windows operating system, Wondershare Data Recovery is available on Mac as well. The ease of use, versatility, efficiency and everything else on Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac are just the same as on the Windows versions.

How to use Wondershare Data Recovery in Windows?

From setup to recovering your files, here is a list of the simple steps that you have to follow for using Wondershare Data Recovery.

1. Run the setup to install Wondershare Data Recovery

First, go to the Wondershare Data Recovery website, and download the software’s setup. Installing Wondershare Data Recover from this setup will take a few minutes, and once done, double click to run the software.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software

2. Selection of the recovery mode/type

You will then be asked to select a recovery mode. The options and what they mean is as follows:

i) Lost File Recovery: Lost file recovery is for cases where the files to be recovered have been deleted or formatted.

ii) Partition Recovery: It is used to recover files from deleted, corrupt, lost or damaged partitions.

Wondershare Data Recovery

iii) Raw File Recovery: When a previous recovery attempt is not able to find the required files, then you can run raw file recovery as it runs a deeper scan.

iv) Resume Recovery: When you pause recovery, you can resume it later via this option to start from the same scan results.

3. What data format or type are you trying to recover?

If there is a specific file type, like audio, video, email or image that you are trying to recover, then you will be asked to specify the same on this step. In case you want to recover any other file type or more than a single format, then just choose the last option for all types.

Wondershare Data Format Recover

4. Browsing to a particular memory area

Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows will require you to enter a particular area where you wish to perform the recovery process in. It could be the hard drive partition, folder, external device or logical partition where the files were before you lost them. However, in case you do not remember, then you can simply scan the entire computer.

Wondershare Memory Share

5. Toggling Deep Scan Mode

With the Deep Scan mode, the recovery process is more thorough. The files that are recovered are complete with their entire folder structure. It is ideal in cases where you are trying to perform recovery on formatted data.

Wondershare Data Recovery Deep Scan

6. Recovering your files

It may take a while for the scan to complete, depending on the size of the disk and Deep Scan mode. Once it completes, all the files on disk that can be recovered will be shown. You can preview, sort and filter to find the appropriate ones and click on recover to get them back.

Wondershare Recovering Files

Thus, Wondershare Data Recovery, as promised, offers you an efficient and hassle free way to get back all your files. There is little that it cannot do when it comes to data recovery, which is what makes Wondershare Data Recovery the choice of over 500,000 users all over the globe.

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac and Windows

Recording nostalgic moments and precious memories has been an inadvertent part of human nature since the inception of painting. In computer age though, saving memories has become much more easier.

The next time you want to create a slide reel for your kid’s birthday party or develop a nostalgic slideshow for your spouse’s anniversary, you wont need to hire professionals:

Introduction: Slideshow Maker for MAC & Windows by iSkysoft

Slideshow Video Editing

This easy to use tool allows you create gorgeous slide shows and retain the most precious memories. Create personalized DVDs, audio recordings and slide shows with the utmost detail and customization.

You can create memorable slideshows using image files (JPG, PNG, etc.) and videos (MP4, MKV, MOV). With three simple steps you can create slideshows like a pro.

You have to start by adding images, videos and sound recordings, personalize them with tons of superb effects and then create and share your slideshows.

Slideshow Maker by iSkySoft comes with power packed features

1. Add Intro/Credit/Blank Slides and Customize them with tools

With this slideshow software you have an unending list of editing and modification options once you have uploaded the photos.

Slideshow Intro Credit

You can add Clipart from a large collection available with the software to add emotions or details to your images.

You can easily Crop your photos to select the desired part. You can Add Text to your images to give the perfect statements. Simple and drag and move tools to can be applied to achieve these affects.

You can also add Intro and Credits, adjust the Brightness, Contrast & Sharpness with the different filters available.

You can do a lot of other things like:

  • Easily import photos, videos and music and compile them into one.
  • Customize DVD Menu templates.
  • Save the slideshow to mobile, Mac or Windows devices.
  • Share the slideshows on YouTube instantly
  • Easily burn your slideshows to DVDs to watch on television

2. Share Videos Instantly and watch in High Definition

After creating the slideshow, you can watch it on multiple devices. You can easily share it with friends via instant sharing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You can also share it on channels like Vimeo and Google+.

You can easily share the slideshows across mobile devices seamlessly. You can also watch these slideshows on TV by burning them to DVDs on your computer. This can be easily done through the slideshow software which has inbuilt tools for burning slideshows to DVDs.

Iskysoft Slideshow Maker Social Sharing

You can increase the sharpness and details of your slideshows by saving them in 1080p high definition. Thus, you can create HD slideshows that are pleasant and awe-inspiring to look at!

You can refer this guide to know more in depth about these features!

3. Make your slideshows stunning with pre-built templates

Slideshow maker by iSkySoft provides you with rich templates that can be used as frameworks to develop your presentations. You can choose any of these templates and create meaningful shows.

Iskysoft Slideshow Maker Templates

Additional Features of iSkysoft Slideshow Maker

You can use the variety of templates available to give style and sharpness to your designs. The built-in trimmer can be used to merge audio files as per your needs.

Red Eyes can be a major problem while photo editing. With this slideshow software, you can easily select and remove them. If they need a change of angle you can easily rotate them to suit your need.

The Motion Tool can be used to add titles to and edit your videos. The Pre Audio tool can be used to play and intro to your slideshows.


Available for both MAC and Windows, iSkysoft Slideshow Maker is advanced software with extensively easy to use tools. It is 100% safe from any malicious activity and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you are looking to save on costs of hiring professionals and create artistic and memorable slideshows yourself, I guess you try out this software now!

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

Handling an apple device such as an iPhone can be steep learning experience for many. Sometimes, many of us suffer from important data loss on our iPhones and don’t have a clue about how to recover it.

There are many reasons that can result in data loss on your iPhone like deletion by mistake, system crashes, theft or accident. But there is all-round solution to this. The data recovery software from iSkysoft for can fish out all the lost data in a few simple steps.

iPhone Data Recovery Software by iSkysoft

ISkySoft IPhone Data Recovery

It is comprehensive software that allows you to recover all lost data from your iPhone and also provides some additional features that can come in handy.

Using these simple steps you can easily recover all lost data

  • Connect your iOS device to the computer after installing and launching the program.
  • After the device is detected, a window will allow you to choose the file types you want to recover. Start by clicking the scan button.
  • Make sure that your device is connected and don’t disconnect while scanning or else the entire process will have to be redone.
  • In the next window you will be shown a preview of the lost files. Select the files you want to recover and save them to your computer.
  • You can enable “Only Display Deleted Items” to scan and check through deleted files only.

ISkysoft IPhone Data

Easily Recover Data from iPhone and other devices like iPad/iPod

You can easily recover multiple file types like contacts, messages, notes and images. For iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch 4 you can recover any kind of data lost. However for higher devices data some of the data is not recoverable as of yet like camera roll, voice memos, app documents, photos and voicemail.

Get all data back from your iCloud in case of loss or theft

The iPhone data recovery software from iSkysoft allows you to download all iCloud backup files in your account to your computer. You can easily extract the downloaded file and preview all the data in it.

IPhone Cloud Data

You can then selectively recover photos, app photos, messages, contacts and other historical information available. You can also recover safari bookmarks, Whatsapp messages and voice memos. How cool is that?

This iPhone Data Recovery Software has separate backup for iTunes

ISkysoft IPhone ITunes

Unlike iTunes, iSkysoft can recover lost music files by scanning and extracting previous iTunes backup files from iOS devices. Now you don’t have to use solutions like factory settings or jailbreak to get half-hearted solutions.

You can easily use iSkysoft iPhone data recovery to get access to all the lost files on your iOS devices.

Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode using this data recovery software for iOs

ISkysoft IPhone Recovery Mode

Your device can sometimes get stuck in recovery mode with the white logo. This is very irritating as your phone in an endless loop and you can use it for anything.

However, you can use the Fix iOs to Normal feature available with iSkysoft and solve these problems quite easily. With 2-3 steps your devices can be easily restored to normal. It works well with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Other Additional Features of iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

  • Selective Recovery
  • Quick Scans
  • Free Updates for Life


With a 30-day money back guarantee, I guess iSkysoft Data Recovery software for iPhone is a must try. How much longer will you spend hefty money on getting your data back? This simple solution is the best.

With drag and drop features, in-depth recovery and a lifetime of free updates I say you give this tool try and keep all your data safe!

ISkysoft iMusic: Download, Transfer And Manage Music

Music drastically changes the way we function. A boring chore can become an energizing task given the right playlist is on. But, where does one find the right stuff? With numerous smartphones and computers in the same household, it can be difficult to manage music.

Nowadays, it is difficult to even find and download music online for free. However, there is one tool, which lets you do all that and a lot more.

iMusic by iSkysoft is an all-round music downloader and manager

It allows you to find your favorite songs, record audio, share it with the people you want to, make playlists and a lot more. It is one shop tool, which aims at solving all your music needs at once.

Find your favorite songs and download them freely

IMusic Find Favourite Songs And Download

It has an in-built music library of its own which covers the most popular singers, artists and songs across all genres from which you can chose and download instantly and start listening to them.

What’s awesome is that you can download songs and even entire playlists from across the Internet for free. Isn’t that great?

iMusic allows you to download music from over 3000 websites

IMusic Download Music From Over 3000 Websites

With this tool iSkysoft connects you to over 3000 music download sites from where you can downloads songs and videos like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora,, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Facebook.

With a click of a button all this stuff gets downloaded into your computer. If you have a MAC, they will directly be saved to your iTunes library. In case of Windows they will be saved as MP3s or any other format you want them in. This way you incur much less hassle.

Record Songs and Playlists On Demand with iSkysoft’s iMusic

IMusic Record Songs & Playlists

You can play all your songs online but as and when you feel the urge to download a song or playlist you can simply just hit record and it will be done. All the relevant tags and IDs your songs require will add automatically.

iTunes Alternative: Transfer seamlessly to apple devices and iTunes

IMusic ITunes Alternative

With this tool you can transfer music, playlists, podcasts and even TV shows between your iPhones, iPad and iPod freely. There are no limitations at all.

You can even transfer music between android phones and iTunes

IMusic Transfer Songs Android And ITunes

Moving music and entertainment formats between android and iTunes can be demanding and irritating. However, with iSkysoft’s iMusic you can totally control this element.

You can easily sync music from iTunes library to Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, ZTE and all other devices that use android. They all will be connected. You can easily add songs from these devices to your iTunes library.

iMusic provides comprehensive iTunes backup

IMusic ITunes Backup

Moving songs and playlists can be tough while switching from one system to another. However, with iSkysoft’s awesome tool you can just connect your device and transfer the needed songs easily to iTunes libraries.

Fix your iTunes library with iMusic

IMusic ITunes Library

With this all in one music manager, you can update your entire iTunes library. You can clean up dead tracks, fix mislabeled songs and add missing covers automatically. Duplicate tracks will also be deleted.

iMusic comes with a toolbox for central management

IMusic Toolbox

From this toolbox, you can manage all the above-mentioned features. It is a central panel from where you can undertake any action like downloading a song or convert your music to another format. Tools in this toolbox allow you to recover iTunes Library, backup iTunes, fix iTunes Library music tags and covers, remove music DRM protection, transfer music to USB drive to enjoy in car, and even burn selected songs and playlists to CDs.


With a 30-day money back guarantee, I think iMusic is worth trying. Why pay every time you download an iTunes. Pay once, stay updated and download and play your favorite songs for life.