WordPress Android App For Webmasters [REVIEW]

“Be the first” is one critical success factor for bloggers. It could be hot news, gadget release or maybe a comment which need quick attention. As long as you are in front of a computer, you have no problem. But if you are away, may be on the road. In such a case you could miss a great opportunity to attract millions of visitors to your blog.

Isn’t there any way to keep in touch with blog and administrate it when you are away? Of course you can use mobile browser, but it’s not a perfect solution. When I was stumbling across Google Play Store, I came across with great app which will solve all of the above problems. Using this app you can connect to your WordPress blog and access entire administration features when you are on the move.

Getting Started with WordPress Android App

Before you start using WordPress Android app, you should enable XML-RPC from WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Writing -> Remote publishing.

wordpress xml rpc

It’s letting Android app to access your blog and publish articles. Make sure you have strong password as well, or else create a strong password. Now you are good to start WordPress Android app.

  • Go to Google Play Store and install WordPress app on your Smartphone.
  • Initial launch will prompt you a licensee agreement. Accept it and proceed.
  • Then it will take you to a window with 3 options. There you can
    – Start a new blog

    – Add WordPress.com blog

    – Add Self hosted WordPress blog.

    Choose appropriate options. In my case I’d go with self hosted blog option.

  • In the next window enter blog URL, username, password and tap Save.

WordPress Android App - HBB

  • It will take you to app dashboard where you can find all the WordPress options.
  • There you can control posts, pages, comments and settings.
  • Its providing you option to publish post right in from your phone with images and videos.
  • When you go to post and page section, you can preview content, share or delete them.

WordPress Android App - Writing Post

  • In comment section you can see latest comment, reply, approve, spam or delete them easily.
  • The best thing about WordPress android app is it’s giving you notification for new comments.
  • To enable that go to preferences and set update interval and type of notification you need.
  • For wordpress.com blogs you can see stats as well.

With upcoming Android 5.0 update, I think this is a very useful app, especially for news blogger. You can update multimedia rich content even when they are in the field. You can keep close eye on your blog and its status. Any blogger would like to give a quick response to commoners. This app is giving comment notification and you can reply to them right in the app. A must try app for all WordPress bloggers and get this app installed in your android phone right away. If you need more engaging apps, you can also check out popular Android forum for this.

25 thoughts on “WordPress Android App For Webmasters [REVIEW]”

  1. This is great, I wondered whether something like this existed for Android. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Hi,
       As a newbie in blogging i think that it’s a great news for bloggeres as with the help of this app the bloggeres can access their blog on their way to move also.This in turn will incraese more traffic to the blogs of the bloggers which in turn is a great help for the bloggeres.Thanks for your most valuable share.

  3. Well this wordpress app for android is really very handy. I am already using it. It helps me a lot while publishing a post on the go.

  4. Hi
    Great Summary, its nic lesson to learn more about android app but I am in confusion ! as well all know wordpress is very heavy. If I use these wordpress android app so won’t it effect on wordpress. I mean won’t wordpress run slow while using these android app ?

    • Hi Disha..

      What this app actually does is access your wordpress blog back end through a very light weight communication medium. Through that it can control the dashboard functions the same way you do those in browser. So using this app won’t make your blog any slower.

      After all WordPress is not so heavy CMS compared to others.. 

  5. Hi Malinda, Really Its fantastic. I have used so many apps But i haven’t used of this Android apps..I will try definitely…great post..thanks for it.

  6. Excellent work, Thanks for sharing this.
    Now we can blog even we`re out.
    Now blogging everywhere.


    • Thank you and I believe this app is not consuming mush resources. However, if your screen is very small, you wont be able to get maximum out of it.

  7. Yes this is great app for my Android as I often get away from my Lappy, at that time WordPress apps works like wonder 🙂

  8. where to download it. If you have any information regarding apple i phone and wordpress related issues let me know that. 


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