InkThemes Review: SEO Friendly & Fast Loading WP Themes

We already have a lot of things to do to get our businesses out on a much better track, since trends change every now and then. Heck’s is all the tactics that suck in a lot of time to provide you a perfect business website that hits the target right.

And that’s why it is the right time for you to get hands-on experience with InkThemes. Yes, because you need to make your website more SEO friendly, fast loading, and at the same time you want useful features. And next, if you ever require to use any plugins, additional tools, etc., these themes would support that too and so well.

InkThemes Reviews

Likewise, there are many things to consider before we buy a template. InkThemes is recommended because of their overall score that comes out from their functionality, pricing, graphics, flexibility, customer support, etc.

InkThemes Review – Know about these gems of InkThemes

When Speed Matters A Lot

The hell lot of coding garbages are done away. Might be, InkThemes is having world class expert developers. This is realized when their themes work above the expectation in any condition, whatever is the device, whatever is the browser, InkThemes are very much compatible and always fast to load.
Certainly, this is the thing that gained a quite different identity in the field of website development for InkThemes.

Get your website built up fast too

Today, if someone wants to get his business website in any niche ready with just a few clicks, InkThemes is highly recommended.

There’s already enough to worry about with running a business, content and marketing. So, even if you are an innocent non techie person, you never have to look for someone else to get things done. InkThemes has kept all the work already done for you. Things have been made such easy that you feel like playing with settings of facebook, twitter, etc.

All the themes at InkThemes are completely functional and have the standard WordPress Framework, which makes it extremely easy for the users to manage their website settings with comfort.

Customize Your Way

Now you can easily hate coding and all which you think is an utter waste of time. Everything is there in one theme options panel from where you can easily customize the front-end of your website.

‘InkThemes’ also provides a complete step by step documentation and even video tutorials to make things very clear.

Impressive Customer Support

Although it doesn’t seem like guys there at their support desk would be having any work since their customers generally don’t stuck with anything. I think that’s how they are able to give such a quick response. They are really smart working people, and sure, will get your queries resolved within no time.

Cool Graphics and Features

InkThemes are generally of clean and professional design. Also, they have implemented wookmark effect and have sound theme appearance.

The themes come along with custom page designs and translation framework if needed. With InkThemes, you can build a Professional Website in minutes.

Trust Is Not A Question!

Today, InkThemes is considered as one of the best trusted theme companies. Their kind of approach is making them grow very fast. No wonder if you find many people talking about InkThemes in the near future.

They have grown and expanded to all corners of the globe and their work is being highly appreciated. Even by their competitors, who find it quite difficult to beat them on grounds of providing both user friendly and SEO friendly templates in at once.


It costs you $59 a theme. You can grab all their themes for just $147, and you can grab their Themes + Plugin package for $247.

At present, InkThemes have some 44 business themes on various particular niches with all having completely different features as per the requirement of any particular niche.

InkThemes also provides some very useful plugins to cater your business needs. There are plugins for Appointment Booking, Lead Capturing, and many more other. You know the price is pretty less if you know how difficult it is today to get such kind of high quality performance products.

The Final Verdict:

Whether you are a blogger, a WordPress beginner or owning any small or large size business, InkThemes is certainly one of the best options available in the marketplace for you to choose. If you want to get free from worries of pros and cons of templates so that you may be able to plan strategies for your business to grow, then it is the right time to get hands on experience with InkThemes.

Things To Do Before Reviewing A Product (Checklist)

Reviewing A ProductAs I know that most of the newbie bloggers write a review article of a product without knowing what it does. It is weird to write articles or reviews about an unknown product. It is also harmful for your blog’s and your reputation. Every Pro Blogger review an article only by knowing them and using them completely. So in this article I’ll show you the (Checklist) things to do before reviewing a Product. In order to increase sales and you will be able to write it completely and know its pros and cons.

(Checklist) Things to Do Before Reviewing a Product

1. Buy And Use The Product

This is one of the or the major task or checklist before reviewing a product. You have to buy the product and use it for a week or a month. Get to know about it completely, don’t Pretend or copy the review from other blogs. This will definitely spoils your blog’s reputation and also your reputation in blogosphere.

2. Check The Manufacturer Reputation

Never ever forget to check the Manufacturer or the person who is behind the product. This ensures that you are not reviewing about any spam or scam product and lose your reputation. Search for review and user rating of the product or the manufacturer before writing a review. Do a really intense research about the manufacturer and check what people are speaking about the product and about the manufacturer. Also check what other bloggers have reviewed about that product.

I know that its time consuming but it helps you to choose the right product to review.

3. Create A Brief Idea Of The Product

After you have done with all the researching of the product, you have to get an idea of the product that how you gonna write it on your blog. Is it a video review or audio review or an article review?! Prepare a basic idea and start writing the article. Be Honest on what you’re writing .

4. Search For The Best Alternative Product

Search for the best alternative product of the existing product. We all know that there are several same products with more features and more commissions. Search all affiliate sites. If you can’t find it then make use of Google and search for the alternatives.

5. Conduct A Poll On Facebook or On Your Blog

This is not an important checklist to do, but it is better to conduct a poll on your Facebook profile or on your blog asking your friends or readers to vote whether the product is good, working, real, scam, etc. Mention the poll results on your review. People will get to know what others are saying about the product and it will also create conversion and you will get more sales.


I hope that from now all the newbies and some of the pro bloggers will research and write a honest review of a product and make tons of sales. If you have any problem please don’t hesitate to comment below.

MacX Video Converter Pro : Convert, Download, Record & Edit Video

MacX Video Converter Pro – Why do we need video converter?

Videos exist in hundreds of different formats and various codecs turn that number into the thousands, not to mention the combination with different media devices on the market, which will only leave you feeling even more confused. If you simply want to put some videos in your smartphone and play them correctly but there are files in MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, QT, FLV, MKV, VOB etc, this would be too much for you if you cannot even tell the difference between AVI and MP4 for example. And that’s where video converter comes in.

MacX Video Converter Pro

Video converters allow you to convert various video formats into the compatible format based on your devices even if you have no idea of video format stuff. However, not all the video converters work equally well. You may get depressed by the somewhat undeserved performance of those applications which claim to convert videos easily. There is a video converter for Mac goes with the name MacX Video Converter Pro which has all the right features you need in one right package.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a video converter specifically designed for Mac users to convert all standard and HD videos for playback on various portable phones and tablets.

Main Functions:

Video converting: As the basis functionality of all the video converter, this video converter for Mac does a good job in converting videos. Built in 20+ video and 50+ audio codecs, it can convert any video to 180+ video formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV and 14+ popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, etc for playback on iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nokia 920, Kindle Fire, Surface, PSP, etc with 32x faster and no quality loss.

YouTube Downloading: This Mac video converter gets popular as it does much more than just converting videos. To download online videos from popular video sharing sites such as YouTube is another highlight. By simply coping and pasting the address of a video or MV you like from the video site YouTube, MacX Video Converter Pro will download the video and convert it into the format you need in minutes. You can enjoy those funny videos offline without limitations.

MacX Video Converter Pro YouTube

Screen Recording: MacX Video Converter Pro features screen recorder which allows you to capture anything taking place on the Mac screen. It is all at your fingertip to record a game walkthrough or a tutorial for uploading to Facebook, YouTube and blog. Or you can simply capture any video from non-downloadable websites with the help of MacX Video Converter Pro to play them on your iPhone, iPad and Android offline.

Other Features:

The reason for iPhone’s success is that it dose everything users expect from a smartphone and does well. MacX Video Converter Pro is exactly the “iPhone” among the league of video converters for Mac. In addition to the above useful functions, it allows you to further customize your output video with advance parameters like trimming, getting rid of black bars, splitting and merging videos into new one, adding watermark and subtitles etc. What’ more, you can also make your own slideshow with your photos and share it with your friends.

There do exist video converters among which some offer the ability to perform online videos downloading and batch conversions, others the ability to do some basic edits and add video effects, or allow you to change the simple video parameters or add watermarks, but this mac-based video converter get them all in one.

Rather than settling for those video converters falling short of the reality, why not try this multifunctional and reliable video converter for Mac which is available 50% off now at

MoboRobo – All-In-One Smartphone Management Tool (Review)

One of the most irritating and annoying jobs that we come across in our daily life is to drop our fat fingers on those too tiny keys of our Cell phones. Wherein a human mind can compress technology into smaller devices, it can enlarge the same virtually for the ease! No doubt you will find mobile in every other hand and not a laptop, but where there is comfort there are adjustments done! People daily working out with their laptops will prefer using the big screen even for all other stuffs regarding their major tasks, be it professional or personal task, than the small one.


It becomes altogether inconvenient, insufficient and unmanageable! We here review for the readers a free multipurpose Smart phone management tool for PCs: MoboRobo. This will help you to carry out all your phone tasks, be it Android-based or iOS-based, on the big screens of your laptop or PCs. The download and installation procedure is similar to that of other tools, download the MoboRobo setup file from its official website. Then, run the downloaded file to get it installed on your PC. Thus, you are up with your phone manager!

Multiple Features of MoboRobo

Simple User Interface

When it comes to any software or device, the first feature that any user would like to notice and expect it to be awesome is its UI (User Interface). As mentioned, MoboRobo has got a very simple and easy- to-manage UI. Even a person with no much knowledge of computer software will be able to work with this tool with extreme ease.


This is possible due to the way different options have been displayed distinctly. You can take a look at the first page of the tool below, the various provisions in neat layout along with its related messages/information makes it user friendly.

Connection Methods

To get started, you will have to connect your Smart phone to the PC through MoboRobo. The image above (view the right column) shows you the methods of connecting. The recommended one is via USB connection since it supports strong accessible control over the phone In this case; you are supposed to enable USB debugging. The second way is via Wi-Fi connection i.e. by establishing wireless connection with your PC.

Basic applications

The basic applications of any phone such as contacts, call logs and messages are managed under Data section of MoboRobo.


  • Contact: You can now view your contact list with an ease for your eyes on big screen. Similar to phone, you can add, delete, edit, import or export your contacts. Additionally, you can have a different category-wise look at your list and set up your contacts back up.
  • Call logs: Along with seeing your entire log list on PC and exporting it, you can make a call to any of your contact by clicking on ‘Call’ button provided on the call log. Thus, a call will be made from your phone.
  • Messages: All the sent and received messages on your phone will get displayed on the MoboRobo page. You are notified on receiving any message and you are even provided with an option to reply it.

Multimedia Applications


The multimedia applications include images, music, videos and themes. Isn’t your PC the best display device for these to view on? Of course, having a look on any image or video on the big screen is more convenient for your eyes and having a good volume factor for listening to music is an add on! Along with the phone’s Gallery view of photos, the Image tab has an option to download wallpapers from the internet. Similar options are offered for the Music (downloading ringtones) and the Video tab (downloading videos from MMOSITE). Hence, MoboRobo provides this very useful media store for multimedia freaks.

General Applications

The App label of MoboRobo consists of the general applications installed on your phone, apart from the basic and media apps, which we use almost daily. Like the media store, it gives additional facility of built-in app store from where you can download and install your favorite apps, and app updater to update your existing apps. A very beneficial feature that it provides is the app transfer from phone to SD card or even vice versa.

Backup and Restore

Wherein so much of data of a user has been involved and contained, it is but obvious to expect a backup facility from the management tool along with cleaning up of the device. By taking this into consideration, MoboRobo has a Backup/ Restore option that backs up all the aforementioned applications on your PC and restores it on loss. The Phone Cleanup facility will clean up your device by washing away cache files, thus providing some free space in your phone and speeding up its working.
So far now you are clear with the idea that MoboRobo just expands your phone screen to a bigger size on PC virtually.

Once you get connected to the MoboRobo manager, you can entirely control your phone through PC. The MoboRobo dashboard additionally displays the battery life of phone, live preview of phone screen, memory storage consumption, etc. So, isn’t it amazing accessing and managing your phone through PC? Why wait when you can relish this kind of connection! We are sure, every reader’s PC, henceforth, is going to have the great MoboRobo manager installed! Let us know your experience about this tool via comments.

[Download MoboRobo]

Quizot – For Those Who Like To Quiz And Learn

The latest buzz and talk among fellow quizzers in the quizzing circuit is about a brand new platform, Quizot, for quizzing enthusiasts and self-learners who are looking for something fresh, interesting and compelling.

Quizot, was launched about a month ago when it was launched in New Delhi by childhood friends and now, co-founders, Varun Jain and Akshay Bajaj, who have been active on the quizzing circuit during their school and college years.

How Does Quizot work?

Users on Quizot get to choose the topics they prefer to be quizzed on out of the various topics provided. However, unlike the type of quizzing most people are familiar with, such as the ones popular in schools, and trivia based quizzing which is more along the lines of quiz shows on television like the Bournvita Quiz Contest or even the infamous Kaun Banega Crorepati, the format of questions on Quizot very much follows the kind of quizzing seen mostly in Engineering and MBA colleges.

The user gets 10 questions for each quiz and each question has an individual time limit. For each correct answer a user receives credits. A user can also go ahead and contribute questions to Quizot using the ‘Add a Question’ feature. Answers are evaluated for both spelling and the time taken along with accuracy. Credits usually vary from 0 to 10 for a user’s response. For adding a question 20 credits are awarded.

Simple enough?

How did it come about?

You must be aware of quiz blogs and groups on Facebook and other social media websites, but have you ever noticed how a question is rather short-lived in most of these places? As soon as somebody answered a question, there was no incentive for anybody else to work on it.


The founders of Quizot had a notion about how online quizzing should be done. That’s what prompted them to start conceptualizing, and after lots of brainstorming, Quizot came into the picture.

The difference between Quizot and other quizzing websites

You see all these quizzing websites that keep coming up every now and then, and they’re all the same with the same features, the same type of questions, the same boring rules; you get the idea, right? But there are many of Quizot’s features that make it stand out.


“Crafting a question for quizzes requires a specific style of writing.”

A lot of research and efforts are being made to keep the content on Quizot interesting, exciting and fresh. It is tightly controlled and each question is reviewed before going live. This ensures that only quality questions survive.


None of the questions repeat. The team goes to great lengths to remove duplicate questions. Funny, intriguing and dramatic at times, these questions are aimed at capturing a user’s imagination and drawing them in.

User Interface

The User Interface is well thought out, simple and interactive, without being loud or garish. The ‘flag’ and ‘add a question’ options make it possible for quizzers to be involved in the process.


The team is yet to receive a query like “How do I do this?” or “What does this mean?” That goes to show that the application is quite easy to understand and use. That’s exactly the type of no nonsense, intuitive application that the team had aimed for.

No options

It may surprise many users that there are no options for the answers. The answer has to be typed in and they are evaluated using complex string matching algorithms.. This is a feature that makes Quizot exactly like standard quizzing events. It makes a quiz more challenging and fun too!

Non “Google-able” text

Most quizzing websites are prone to “Google-able” text and don’t give any answers or explanations, or are limited to questions mostly from a certain predefined source but Quizot provides a healthy combination of all, and the topic selection makes it even better.

Pros and Cons

According to the feedback and suggestions received by the number of users Quizot has had in the past few weeks, here’s a list of pros and cons:


  • The best thing about Quizot is the fresh, imaginative and innovative content. For a true quizzer, that’s the biggest plus point.
  • The different topics which users are allowed to choose before taking a quiz.
  • A simple yet elegant User interface.
  • Different features like ‘Add a question’, ‘Flag’ and the pause button.
  • Very fast and real time evaluation of answers.


  • Non inclusion of social networking websites.
  • Lack of leader boards and user profiles/statistics.

The cogwheels behind Quizot

Quizot has been built using Ruby on Rails on the server end and HTML5,JQuery on client end. The application employs MySQL for storage. Several optimization techniques have been used to make ensure high performance and minimum waiting time for the users. To this effect the website close follows Steve Sounders guide to High Performace Web Sites.

The current team

Varun Jain, one of the founders of Quizot and a graduate from Delhi College of Engineering, quit his job at Deloitte after working there for about a year and a half to work on his first start up.. In April 2013, he decided to start work on Quizot with his childhood friend and avid quizzer, Akshay Bajaj, a graduate from VIT, Pune. Akshay had been at the forefront of all student activities in his college, and had even represented India at ISFIT 2011 (Norway). Putting these skills to good use, he takes care of the business and content aspect of Quizot.

The current status of the project and the future

Quizot is a bootstrap start up with no funding, and it is not looking for funding at the present moment. The concept development started this year in late April, and then product was launched with practical features around second week of September.

Currently it is a minimum viable product with many more features in the pipeline and right now access to Quizot is on invite only mode. Users can invite their friends using email invites.

Though there are many features like difficulty levels, user statistics and explanations of answers that are currently being worked on and will go live in a few days, the main aim for the future is to follow the same guiding principle and keep the content as hygienic as possible while being inclusive.

If you are a quizzer or someone who just wants to learn something new in a fun way, and are looking for a change and for something exciting and new in the quizzing world, you should definitely check this out. I believe it’ll be worth your time.

Ready Themes and CodeinWP: REVIEW

WordPress themes can be found almost everywhere on the web today. While there are many free and great themes around, often it may be a little tedious to find a theme that is truly suitable for your specific need. After you have found your desired theme, the next step is the most crucial part, customizing it to the way you want it.

Sometimes asking for support from the theme creator may not be as prompt as you would like, as you are not the only one using the theme who needs help. So wouldn’t it be better if you could get a professional WordPress consultation to solve all your theming woes? Today, we are glad to partner with Ready Themes and CodeinWP to giveaway a premium WordPress theme plus 2 hours of Free WordPress consultation to 5 lucky readers.

About Ready Themes and CodeinWP

Ready Themes design and develop WordPress themes for those interested in earning money online. All of their themes are researched and tested for the best possible results.

They understand that there are many companies on the market that provide outstanding WordPress themes. However, most themes developed are created as generalized themes without considering the trending money making strategies that savvy internet entrepreneurs employ. You can take a look at their available premium WordPress themes.


CodeinWP consists of a team of 10+ people based in Bucharest, Romania with more than 3 years of experience in developing custom WordPress themes for clients. Codeinwp offers 100% work satisfaction guarantee to all its clients and aims at making the experience of each customer a memorable one every time.



1 X premium theme of your choice from Ready Themes + 2 hours WordPress consultation by CodeinWP.

Imonomy Review: Free Pictures And In-image Advertising

With in-image advertising on the rise, how does a website publisher decide what route is best traveled? This latest online trend has turned the internet into a buyers market, and I’ve been hearing an earful about different companies that are all offering similar services. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the term, here’s a quick breakdown and the reasons why many publishers have started moving away from conventional advertising to this new, interactive monetization model.

In-image advertising has been around for years, but only recently publishers have started taking notice. Unlike standard size banner ads that run on the side bars of websites, in-image advertising enables the image on the web page to become the backdrop for the advertising campaign. The proven-results from this interactive form of advertising have been sweeping the online community, so recently I did some investigating to decide who the leaders are in in-image advertising. While I found a few good tools along the way, my investigation led me to a pretty creative discovery.

Imonomy’s Interactive Solution

Imonomy first made it onto the scene last year with a unique service for publishers. The company started by developing one-of-a-kind technology that automatically reads and recognizes text from a web page, and inserts the most suitable, high-quality photo onto the page from the company’s database of copyright free images. The unparalleled technology made waves throughout onliners “in-the-know”, and the company’s co-founders took their winner idea and ran with it. Today, imonomy has evolved from being just another place to find free-images, while this function is still heavily in play, to offering a wide array of dynamic solutions for publishers all bundled into one easy-to-use, free JavaScript code.

How it Works

a. The Automatic Free Image Component

Imonomy developed a Visual Semantic Engine, whose high-powered technology is able to read and understand text from a web page and automatically insert a photo from imonomy’s database of over ten million copyright-free images. Not only does this smart engine pull the most suitable high-quality image from imonomy’s database, it also finds optimal placement for the image on the web page. Many publishers shy away when they hear the words “automatic placement of images”, but this feature does it’s job in style. imonomy’s image creates a graphic balance between the text and the user, and allows publishers a chance to connect with their audience on a more visual level.

before imonomy and after

b. The Content Enhancing Component

Imonomy doesn’t just cater to online publishers who need images for their web pages. In our current digital age, images have become so over popularized that most websites publish more photos than text. With that in hand, imonomy’s second function enables publishers to enhance their content by working with the image on the page. imonomy comes equipped with an interactive widget that appears as the user navigates throughout the website. When a user hovers his mouse over an image on the web page, imonomy’s interactive widget will appear and display a selection of related posts from within the website. The same interactive widget will also slide in from the side as users scroll down the page. This creative feature provides the user with a heightened experience where related articles become easily accessible, and served in a fun-to-use style. The publisher benefits by allowing his users to get more connected to more of his content, while automatically having internal links created, which is invaluable for SEO.

c. The In-Image Advertising Component

As the icing on the cake, imonomy allows its publishers to generate new revenue with in-image advertising. How? Well, that same interactive widget that appears dynamically as users hover their mouse over an image, or scroll down the page also offers users content-related ads in between the selection of related posts from within the website.


Because imonomy’s technology is capable of reading and recognizing the text from web pages, the ads being displayed will all focus on relating to the content, giving the user more incentive to click, which means the publisher sees more dollars in the piggy bank. imonomy focuses on offering a form of in-image advertising that is non-intrusive, so the user never feels threatened or uncomfortable with what is being displayed on the page. imonomy’s roots were planted in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a website with images, and as such their in-image advertising component focuses on creating a new revenue stream without devaluing the look of the website.

How To Get Started

Imonomy has made it very simple for anyone interested in the service to give it a try. On the homepage of the imonomy website there is a “Get Started” button, which leads publishers through a short registration and setup process. After choosing which imonomy features you would like to have added to your website, imonomy generates a personalized JavaScript code, which the publisher must then implement onto his website.

Imonomy works with most major web platforms, and the company’s support team is available around the clock to answer questions or hop on Skype for a quick tutorial. The steps to integration may vary just a touch depending on what platform you are running your website on, but generally speaking the process is quite quick.

Here are the steps for publishers using WordPress, Blogger, or

a. WordPress: After grabbing the code from imonomy’s website, install the “Custom Header and Footers” plugin on your blog. Once you have installed the plugin, add imonomy’s JavaScript code in the “head” section provided by the plugin.

b. Blogger: Once you have your new imonomy code head over to your Blogger Dashboard and click the “Add Gadget” button, from there scroll down the list until you see “HTML/JS” and add your imonomy code. Save the changes you have made, and refresh your website in order to get started.

c. HTML/JS: If you are running on a classic, or self-hosted platform, all you need to do is paste the imonomy code above the tag in the HTML template.

Imonomy runs on many other platforms, so for those of you who aren’t running on one of the three previously mentioned platforms check out the integration tutorial sent to me by imonomy’s Support Team.

Tried, Tested, and True: imonomy’s Pros & Cons

After testing out the product, I have come up with a breakdown of some important pros and cons to consider:


  • Imonomy is a free tool that will allow you to start easily generating new revenue.
  • Imonomy’s images all come equipped with Alt attributions, titles, and descriptions which are all vital for SEO.
  • CONS

    While getting started with imonomy via their website is quick and easy, the code you will receive won’t be customized for your website. imonomy does offer a wide array of customizations to their system including color changes to their widget, and other dynamic features that will allow imonomy to better suit your website. However, in order to have these changes made to your code, you must contact imonomy, and have them manually set the changes. Getting the necessary changes made normally doesn’t take too long, and the end result is well worth the effort, but it would be nice to be able to automatically add these customizations via the imonomy website.

    Final Thoughts & Feedback

    Overall, I don’t have too many bad things to say about imonomy. Let’s face it, a free service that adds images to your pages, enhances the user experience on your website, and increases revenues with in-image advertising certainly is not a bad deal. I will say one thing on the topic of earning money, which is that patience is key. imonomy comes onto your website as a brand new service for your users to get to know and enjoy. However, like with most new things, there is always an adjustment period, and most publishers need to sit back and let time do its part with this one. After a week or two of having imonomy run on your pages, your users will start to become more familiar, and more comfortable using the service to their advantage. and once that starts happening, you will still reaping the benefits.

    I have been using imonomy for a while now, and I am quite pleased with the results. Now, it’s your turn to share your thoughts. Have you tried imonomy yet?

MGID’s Audience Development Platform Engagement Model

Just like everyone has a smartphone these days, people have websites and blogs. Interestingly they use their websites and blogs just like they use a smartphone. It is not just their blog, but also their business and they are working hard to get the investment from it. They need advertisers to monetize their websites and blogs, make money out of it. Contemporary technology provides several platforms to connect publishers and advertisers, thus helping them make quick bucks. We are going to talk about such a platform to help you earn money.

In this post we are going to talk about, the largest audience development platform in the world which unites thousands of websites. You don’t need to get confused with the term “Audience Development Platform” – it is a smart tool to deliver new visitors with the help of widgets. They offer:

  • A new and powerful way to advertise products, services and website content.
  • Huge audience development network of premium publishers.
  • Quality content, traffic and visitors.

Since we are talking about Audience Development Platform, we need to know about recommendatory widgets. They serve as a gateway, like gateways between the Internet and your blog/website. Recommendatory widgets increase the engagement of your website’s readers and attract new returning visitors.

The traffic generated by MGID is organic, because it involves regular Internet users who are surfing the web. They are grabbed by the attractive titles and thumbnails, they click on then and they read them like normal posts. The widgets look attractive and adds additional charm to your website. Good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about Google’s recent updates because MGID’s audience development platform meets all the standards.


For the freelancers and bloggers who think that they could better monetize website traffic with banners and context ads, let me tell you something. MGID’s recommendatory widgets are basically the same thing as native ads and native ads outperform banners and context ads dramatically. Forbes, The Atlantic and The Washington Post are using native ads, and with MGID simple bloggers receive an opportunity to use this kind of advertising. This is a win-win situation.

I think you’re really interested to try this, aren’t you? It’s very simple to get started. Just register on MGID (yes, it’s free) and after approval you can place the widget on your website. Now the MGID editorial team selects the most compelling posts from your blog posts and according to that creates advertisements. They are placed on and in the audience development network. Their network has almost 3000 websites right now. Now just wait and see your traffic explode.

This is more like a mutual partnership, your website is getting additional traffic for free and at the same time you can also earn from it.

Just visit and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it. Just experiment with it and you’ll get your desired results in terms of traffic and revenue. Do let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

MazeCore – Selling Advertisements Made Automatic

As a blogger and an advertiser I’m always keen about finding a perfect platform to experiment both. MazeCore is such a platform to experiment, I found it quite useful for our advertising campaigns. It is actually a text based advertising network. The campaign setup is very easy and most of the things there are automatic.

This site will also be very useful for Bloggers who want to experiment different monetization method, and also considered as one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives. You can also signup using your Facebook or Twitter account, registration is free.


Being An Advertiser

As an Advertiser I always focus on SEO friendly ads and ads that don’t disturb readers. By that you are optimizing your blog posts and helping your readers as well. It helps you to finds context related websites and advanced reports of sites rankings. Advertisements displayed by MazeCore will also be beneficial for Google SERP.

Key Features

  • Link will be online for 365 day with renewal option available. Advertiser can be sure that the link to his site will not disappear.
  • They identify the most relevant links, thus helps your online website promotion.
  • They monitor the quality of sites that host your advertising links.
  • Even with a minimum budget you can run campaigns with excellent results.

MazeCore automatically suggests keywords to advertise when you enter your website URL. You can also seek their help to decide which keywords to advertise and promote. They also provide you current position in Google and suggest you with landing page. You may choose your goal – TOP-10, TOP-5, 3 or 1 and you need to set maximum budget per month you are willing to spend per keyword.

You can also track positions for each keyword as well as Alexa rating. The best thing is, you can also connect your Google Analytics account to track traffic and promote.

Being a Publisher

We have so much of blogs, and we can’t rely on Google Adsense all the time to monetize them, so sites like MazeCore comes to the rescue. They provide content related advertisements, and they are quick loading too. They provide good payouts per ads. You don’t need to spend much time on configuring those ads on your blog, it is just a simple code installation. You can also contact the Support if you face any issues.

You can also install their plugin which they have for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal or use standalone script. It will make selling Ads automatic and help the mazecore with analysing website to better match with advertisers.

LinksManagement – Get Contextual Links With PageRank

PageRank is one criteria almost all the advertisers target. If a blog has good PageRank, then they are ready to advertise on that blog. But what gives a blog good PageRank? Getting right backlinks on right websites can get your blog a good PageRank. Now we are going to discuss about a way to get contextual links with PageRank. Now we are going to review about LinksManagement, where you can buy links. Using this service you can build or buy backlinks following to your blog with a particular keyword.

Links Management

Links Management – Overview

LinksManagement is a unique network designed for SEO experts and bloggers. They help them to find relevant PR4-PR10 contextual links, by which you can improve your Google rankings. They provide smooth interface for seeing your reports and tracking the results.

Find & Buy Feature

Find & Buy” option is another interesting feature, where you can search for the link sales and you can get your desired link according to the PageRank. You will be able to preview the link placements before actually following through with the purchase.

Add Website - Links Management

Why should I choose LinksManagement?

They can help you to get quality PR4-PR10 links from right pages which can help your blog to achieve good PageRank and also increase SERP – Search Engine Results Position. They have a sleek interface that will help you to select the best links from various link offers. You’ll have the option to see every backlink page even before you purchase a link from there. This happens Links Management unique, because of their transparency. You’ll be paying only for the links which pass PageRank power to your blog and which helps your blog’s SERP on Google.

LinksManagement is something like Text Link Ads, but it is different and has many advantages.

If you are having a good budget and if you want to improve your Google rankings by building contextual links, do check this site. Let us know about your views in the comments below.