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Outsourcing Your Social Media Efforts – 3 Reasons Why It’s A Bad Idea


If you make it a habit to keep up with the latest internet marketing trends, then you know how powerful social media has become for businesses. Long gone are the days when websites like Twitter and Facebook were used only to reconnect with old friends. Now, both of these websites are major marketing tools.

And while business owners are outsourcing more and more tasks – like SEO, content creation, and web design – smart entrepreneurs are doing all of their social media work themselves.

Social Media Efforts

In fact, outsourcing your social media work is a downright bad idea.  Here’s why:

1. Your fans and followers want to talk to you

Why are people signing up to be your fan on Facebook, or making an effort to follow you on Twitter?  Because they want to hear what you have to say! Having a “like” page on your site allows you to get people to begin that conversation – these are people who want to hear from you. Some eCommerce products, for example X-Cart Gold, allow you to automatically add a “like” to all your product pages.

Anyone can log onto your website and see your formal sales pitch.  But, people go the extra mile to follow you on social media sites because they want to hear your thoughts – not some mouthpiece that’s pretending to be you. By outsourcing your social media, you’re conning your followers. They think they’re hearing right from you, when, in reality, you have nothing do with it.  And, eventually, people will see right through it.

2. Gives chance to establish personal relationships with target audience

Instead of guessing what people think of your latest product, or wondering how people responded to your latest launch, you can use social media sites to ask them yourself!

When you’re involved in social media, you can talk directly to your target audience.  In fact, the best social media strategies encourage followers and fans to share their thoughts and opinions. That way, you know exactly what your target audience thinks of you – and what they expect from you.

If you outsource your social media work, you’ll never get to establish these relationships, and you will miss out on a great opportunity to talk directly to your target audience.

3. Outsourcing takes all of the personality out of it

Social media sites are designed to be relaxing and laid-back. If you outsource your social media efforts, you may very well wind up with formalized sales pitches, instead of interesting shares. 

Even if you instruct your outsourcing team to make your social media pages “fun”, it’s still not the same as injecting your personality into it – and your pages won’t look as genuine.

This article is written by Kirsty LaVier. She is the editor for Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website.


Kirsty LaVier is editor for Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website.

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    • Satish

      So true, its really sad that we cant interact with our fans and readers. Nice post 🙂 Thanks.

    • Warren Ball

      Maybe its alright to outsource 80% or your social media work and then let people know that your Facebook page is something that you personally work with. Then if someone wants to contact you, go to the Facebook page. But the Twitter account is automated cause you don't have the time to be everywhere all the time.

    • Shubham Dev

      I completely agree with you Kirsty. Outsourcing Your Social Media Efforts is not a good thing in my opinion too! You should interact with your readers directly via facebook (or) twitter instead of outsourcing it. It helps in establishing relationship with your targeted readers.

    • Prashant Rohilla

      Yes even i don't believe in out sourcing my social Stuff Because thats the Only part where i can come to know Exactly how people Are Thinking and reacting to The Content, topics and Design ! The indirect feedback which you get is Valuable !

    • Extreme John

      I would have to agree, outsourcing takes the personality and even the charisma out of your personal social media game. Bad call.

    • Kira

      While I agree with the points you have presented here, I think there are lot of benefits in outsourcing too. Alright, I have worked in an outsourcing company too and as always we succeed in our marketing strategy specially in social media aspect. As you know, social media is exhausted and it needed an online interaction, and whenever you're offline there's no sales.

      I believe a business really need to outsource to have some people take care of their business.

    • Deepak Eapen

      Yes Kirsty you are absolutely spot on ! Outsourcing content as well as social media efforts take away that personal touch from one's blog or network. So it is best to focus on one niche or micro niche and give the best for it, instead of putting ones feet on multiple niches. That won't take us anywhere. Jack of all trades, master of none. So focus is very important in succeeding as an Internet Marketer.

    • Jane | Find All Answers

      Hey Kirsti,

      I recently pointed out about outsourcing blog commenting on my guest post at Traffic Generation Cafe.

      It is just same as outsourcing social media efforts. In social media you are what you say and outsourcing it is a great way to lose reputation and branding. I wouldn't do that.


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