Adolf Hitler Discovers That Julian Assange Lost Out To Mark Zuckerberg [VIDEO]

We all know about TIME’s Person of the Year (formerly Man of the Year). It is an annual issue of the United States news magazine Time that features and profiles a person, couple, group, idea, place, or machine that “for better or for worse, …has done the most to influence the events of the year.”

TIME recently announced the Person Of The Year 2010 as Mark Zuckerberg, who is the brain behind Facebook, the most popular social networking website in the world. But critics opposed this, they thought Julian Paul Assange should have been the TIME’s Person Of The Year 2010. Below a short video involving Adolf Hilter, a famous Austrian-born German politician, and his reaction against this.

Disclaimer : Neither this video nor this article not presented to hurt any policies or feelings.

10+ Reasons Why You Can Marry A Gamer

GamerDating/marrying a gamer is a Herculean task. This is one of the top gaming myths I observed. This article is for those people who think like that and this one gives some solid & simple reasons why ‘you can’ indeed have a relationship with avid gamers. Earlier we shared some reasons for marrying bloggers and robots. 😐

Marrying a hardcore (Yes, it’s not a p0rn word) gamer is indeed a challenge and but the real fact is, they should be blessed to marry one! Dating a ‘gamer’ has its own challenges.

When I was googling for case studies related to this topic, and I found several sites running exclusively for gamers and the concept is “dating”! This article has words whose meanings can also be taken badly or wrongly, though it depends how you handle this article.

Personally I love gamers and I admire their skills & patience, and this article is not about criticizing them, this is just ‘another’ article for entertaining people. Below you can see some reasons.

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Barack Obama Signing iPad Using Adobe Ideas App [Video]

Obama Signing iPadBarack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. At a rally in Seattle, WA at the University of Washington, Sylvester Cann IV fired up Adobe’s Ideas app and used it to pen a request for President Obama.

A sporting young man holding an iPad approached President of the United States, Barack Obama, for getting his autograph! But he was slightly surprised, but proceeded to use his finger to scribble on the iPad using the Adobe Ideas app. Adobe Ideas is your digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas anywhere you go. Adobe Ideas is an ideal companion for the professional design applications from Adobe, including Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop® software.

Sylvester Cann IV says this HAS to be the first time an iPad has received a Presidential autograph. He also put up a mini-site for this feat, which is titled “I figured, why not ask?”. Coincidentally, President Obama met with Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday down in San Francisco.

Many people wonder how Adobe’s Ideas App runs perfectly fine when Apple iPad is not bothered about Flash.

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Find If It Is Raining Now In Any City [Web Tool]

If you are curious to know if it’s raining in any particular city of the world, then you have an online application for it. Just type type on your browser’s address bar. For example,

This shows you the current conditions of Chennai. The answer will be binary form, YES or NO. This tool also tells you the current weather conditions of the particular city or state.

is it raining

You can refine search results by adding the name of a State / Country after the name of the city, e.g.: or

The current weather forecast is from Yahoo Weather using Yahoo! Query Language with PHP; the results are then cached for half hour after the first request.

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How To See Yourself Older & Your Future Child?

Hey bloggers, for few minutes forget your posts, SEO, money making tricks and all time painful job of link building. Lets have some fun.

It is said,”who has seen past or future” but in digital world its not totally correct today, with image manipulation software, at least you can see how you would look like when you get older, with help of these applications you can also see you and your partner’s future kid. Face recognition technology which come up in existent during 70s is helping this to happen, when you upload a picture these applications using face recognition manipulate your face with changes like more and less wrinkles to make you look like more younger or older.

How To See Yourself Older & Your Future Child?< ?h4> is website which will help you to see your self older. This website is powered by Luxand technology, one of major player in face recognition technology.

On, upload your images , select your gender and age difference, for much sever results check drug addict button which bring some more old age wrinkles and other effects on your face. Once get result you can share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

makemebabiesI know you wont be able to date Angelina Jolie but think if you could …here i have an another web application which will help you to find how your baby will look like if you get married her.

This application allow you to upload your and your partner picture and within seconds, based on skin color and race it give you an exceptional result.

Trust me its great fun, surprisingly it takes less than 9 months to see your baby 🙂

Websites :



Guest Article By Vikash Kr Tiwary.

Hope you will have great fun using these apps. Do share your opinions below!

15+ Reasons Why I Want To Marry A Female Blogger!

Marriages are made in heaven!? But it really depends on the kind of person you are going to marry! 8) Some of my readers would have expected this kind of article by seeing my Facebook Statuses. Below I mentioned some reasons why I eagerly want to have a relationship (of course, that means marriage) with a female blogger! You May Now Kiss The Bride! 😆

Blogging and Hell1. Special Coverage. All the good things you do for her will be there on her blog and yeah, all the bad and mean things you do for her will also be there, but in a cute way!

2. Her Blogging friends are my friends. Most probably female bloggers will find friends in their own gender (I sternly believe!) and most probably all ladies who visit her blog will have a good impression (on me! :P). But, yes, she may get jealous by seeing your blog’s sweet female commentators! 😉

3. You can know a lot about her by just reading her blog. Most of the bloggers post almost everything that happened in their life on their personal blog. So you don’t need to ask her anything, just read her blog silently. You can even find her first crush! 😛 LOL. If she is away for some business or tour, you can easily know what’s been happening.

4. Accepts Negative comments and feedbacks. Being a blogger she would have faced lot of negative comments and feedbacks for her ‘random thoughts’ articles or technical articles. So in personal life, that will be really helpful to you. Girls are good at pointing out the mistakes! 😀

5. What Others Think? You can know what your mother-in-law thinks about you from blog posts, so you don’t need to spy or investigate. You can even know she is pregnant through her blog.

6. Get Quick Updates Earlier. If she loves you or hates you, you can know it before you get home.

7. ‘FREE YOU’ campaign. If you are arrested, for some reasons, she will start a special campaign to release you. And also urges all her blogging friends to do the same.

8. Don’t need to search. You don’t need to search for your honeymoon or dating photos, you can always find it on her blog! 😛

9. Supports You! She will support and back you if someone tells a negative comment or feedback about you. Even though she knows you are a looser, she will brag about you all the time, how sweet!

10. Right Decisions. You can always get right decisions, like whether you need to have a baby now or not. You know she used to conduct Online Polls or by Comments, etc.

11. Attractiveness. Your photo will appear more attractive on her blog. Even if you are fat a**, you will look much thinner on her blog. That’s love. LOL, blind love! 😛

12. No Hangouts. She won’t hangout much, since it takes too much of her precious blogging time. So most probably she won’t shop much!

13. So much enthu. She will be surprised (or at least she’ll pretend) if you tell a story even if she is very familiar with that.

14. Free T-shirts. There are lot of blogger’s meet and tech conferences out there, and she will get a pile of free T-shirts. So don’t need to spend a dime for them! 😛

15. Maintains Budget Very Well. She will help you to find a better host and domain registrar. You know she may even give the money she earns through her affiliate link!

16. Have a peaceful sleep. If your baby cries in the middle of the night, you don’t need to worry, since she will blog till midnight or till dawn.

17. Cool Giveaways. If you become a father (which is a surprising incident to her! :P), then she will be celebrating that through her blog. She will reward the top commentators or some of her readers randomly.

I hope this article is not teasing anyone. Written with some sense of humor and with strong hope! Of course, the same points substitute for Male Bloggers! 😛

Add Animated Speech Bubbles To Your Photos

Can Pictures talk? I guess it is not possible. But it can express something. But using this cool feature in Bubble Snaps, we can do more than that. All of us, I guess, like comics, the way one character’s speech or chatter is express in the form of callouts. For imagination one type of callout and for shouting one type of callout. You think only Cartoonists and skilled artists do it. Think once again. This feature from Bubble Snaps creates you a picture similar to the comics style. Once character can express his/her imagination or speech through Callouts. You can let your pictures do the talking. This is the tagline of Bubble Snaps. You can use your wild imagination in this website and create interesting and creative images. You can check a demo picture created by me using Bubble Snaps !

Photo created using Bubble Snaps
Photo created using Bubble Snaps

You can also create a similar picture and with more bubbles! Like Albert Einstein says, Imagination is more important than Knowledge. So extend your imagination to the maximum extent and create wild pictures.

How can I create a Similar Photo ?

Go to Bubble Snaps. If you are willing you can become a member and create one or continue without becoming. Creating a Bubble Snap involves three steps.

Step 1 : Upload Your Image

There are two ways to upload your image. You can directly upload your image from your computer or you can upload the images from your Flickr account. The images should be in JPEG format and let the resolution be around 640×480 pixels.  The smaller your image file size, the less time it will take you to upload it.

Step 2 : Add Your Bubble Captions

After uploading the Photo, you can insert the Bubble Captions wherever you want in the photos. There are two options for Bubbles. They are Think Bubble and Speak Bubble. After inserting your desired Bubble. Select the option “Finish”.

Step 3 : Review and Send

After creating a Cool Bubble Snap, now it is time to own it. You have to enter your email address, if you are not a member. Then after that you will receive the photo in your mail. Feeling bored to do this? Then take a printscreen shot of it and paste it in MS Paint.:D You also have the option to blog that photo and send it to your friends.

So, why waiting, start creating funny Bubble Snaps! Let your imagination run wild! Check Bubble Snaps now.

Other Useful Online Free Tools For Creating Designs :

  • Create Twitter Mosaic Of Your Twitter Friends and Followers
  • HOW TO: Create Cool Photo Collages Online Easily
  • Create Beautiful Word Clouds using ImageChef

Create Beautiful Word Clouds using ImageChef

 Word Mosaic Heart“One picture is worth thousand words”. This is a old Chinese proverb which means “Picture’s Meaning Can Express Ten Thousand Words”. But what if the picture is nothing but a bunch of words!? Confused? Pictures explain concepts better than words. But this feature from ImageChef lets us create a image or symbol with beautiful bunch of words. This is one of the word feature of ImageChef. It has a new cool feature called word Mosaic that lets us create beautiful word clouds. You can even customize the symbol you want to use in your word cloud. The users also have option to edit the background and font colour. If you don’t like the font means, you have a set of predefined fonts, you can choose your desired font from them. 

You can save the image and upload to your Orkut, Facebook photo albums to show off or you have the option to directly upload the photo to many social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, Tagged and you can also upload it to your blog [Blogger]. You can also copy the embedded code and paste it in forums, comment box, etc or get the separate URL of the image. The users have the option to resize their images from small, medium and full size. Most of the users prefer full size. You can also share this on Facebook or add to your profile. Write a comment or poem in the shape of hearts or other symbols.

So there is Word Mosaic, what should I do with it ?

This is a cool application and you will spend more time on it when you know the art of designing a cool word cloud. You can use it anywhere. You can extend your imaginations and limitations to a high level. You can create your own greeting card. You can use this as a profile display picture in Orkut, Facebook or any other social networking sites. You can also create a magazine cover or insert this image in a business card.

I made a cool word mosaic with names of people who I like the 

Word Mosaic R letter

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out this ImageChef.

Other Useful Online Free Tools For Creating Designs :

  • Create Twitter Mosaic Of Your Twitter Friends and Followers
  • HOW TO: Create Cool Photo Collages Online Easily
  • Add Animated Speech Bubbles To Your Photos

Create Zoom Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

In this article, I mentioned some really simple tricks to create Zoom Effect using Adobe Photoshop. You can try this on any versions of Photoshop. I did this tutorial using Adobe Photoshop CS4.

To do this tutorial you don’t need to have any extra skills or creativity or whatever they say. All you need is little patience and most importantly, don’t do any Photoshop tutorial in a hurry. They won’t give good output/result.

Try to think creatively and you will get more than the desired output. Always remember no one can teach you creativity.

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Creating Zoom Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

Zoom-Effect1. Open a image and select the area for which you want to give the zoom effect.

2.Then go to Select | Modify | Feather Radius.

Type the value as 5.

Note : The value may vary according to image size

Click Ok.

3.Go to Select | Inverse.

4.Then Filter | Blur | Radial Blur.

For Blur Method, Choose Zoom and For Quality, Choose Good radio buttons.

And type the amount as 55.

You can check the video tutorial I made below :

So why waiting?! Create your own zoom effect with your own images.