The What, Why And Whodunit – October 2009

Due to some reasons I was not able to publish this article last month. Regret for it. Happy that I got good response for W3 September 09. October was a fine month for me and for our blog. Got new friends, PR update and Sitelinks. I also got new doubts. Sharing some of them here. I wonder how this month will be, because I have my semester exams! 🙁

The What, Why And Whodunit is not link love. I love to ask questions. In this post, I’ll display some of those questions with their answers. I’ll also include good comments made on the articles in this blog. I want to share information I learned with my beloved readers.

DoubtsQ. The reason for switching from Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress platform?

A. Amit Agarwal, Digital Inspiration : That’s a simple one. Self-hosted WordPress Platform gives you complete control over lot of things while with Blogger, you only have control over the templates and not the data.

Q. Which is the gadget that you are looking forward to purchase next?

A. John Chow, John Chow : Recent Gadget – I just got the Magic Mouse from Apple. It’s pretty cool actually. It is a mouse where the entire surface is like a trackpad.

Q. Which ranking system you prefer? Alexa, Pagerank or Technorati? Why?

A. Keith D’souza, Techie Buzz : I usually stay away from Rankings, Alexa is gamed. Consider this, a site which gets less than 100 thousand traffic per month is ranked less than 20K, and a site getting more than a million per month is ranked 15K. Pagerank is of two types, internal and external, so your external pagerank (the one shown in Google toolbar) will not influence your search engine rankings. I do trust Technorati to an extent, as their job is only tracking blogs and links to blogs, their authority system is much more transperant than the other two you suggested.

Q. In which blog you are interested to write guest article? Why?

A. Honey Singh, Honey Tech Blog : I don’t have enough time but i’ll suggest that we should write the guest articles on similar niche high authority blogs to drag wider buzz. I would like to write guest articles in, make use of and for friends like himanshu (blogtechnika), harsh (shoutmeloud) and others. Human knowledge belongs to this world and Blogging is all about sharing and caring! More you share, more the other will care !

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38 thoughts on “The What, Why And Whodunit – October 2009”

  1. Bro..write this kind of topic in future..

    It is very nice and very innovative
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

  2. nice questions and cool replies, this is the first time am reading such a post on this blog, will be looking foreword to it next one in the series,

    also, agree with labnol completely, would also like to add that unless its a self hosted blog its not you who own it!

  3. I Loved These W3’s Questions..!

    Pradeep, you should also start publishing the Traffic Stats of the Month like Harsh and Surender from ShoutMeLoud and Technogati..

    Keep it Up, Waiting for the Revamp..!


  4. Dude, I really appreciate how well you have been doing with blogging (your Blog).
    From what you started as a newbee you now blogging like a Pro..
    Good Luck Bro. 😉

  5. i agree with technorati and i think alexa is just for our own satisfaction it does nothing to boost blog traffic..

  6. seems Alexa is going to have a tough time in 2010… 😉
    with so many bloggers starting to neglect it, the advertisers will also be compelled to neglect it and move on… 😉

    PS: All the best for your exams, Sam… 🙂

    1. I agree with you Sapan 🙂
      Bcoz many spammers are using Alexa Autosurf and increasing their ranks and fooling advertisers 🙂
      So “Alexa to End By 2010”
      🙂 🙂

  7. my alexa rank is increasing more n more daily but there is no that much change in my traffic.

  8. Alexa is obviously not stable enough to consider it a accurate tool, however is quite importent to advertisers, so it automatically becomes importent for us as well.

    But i still think its quite fun and interesting to see where your site ranks.

  9. Even i don’t trust alexa ranking as I don’t understand how they r ranking the blogs. It is not unique and stable

    1. Well.. Alexa calculates on its own I guess… they have their own ranking system.. so it is quite difficult to believe their views on other sites… 🙂

  10. Visiting ur blog 4 d first time I must tell u that u write some really cool and helpful articles keep it up Pradeep… am obliged to be one more loyal visitor on ur long list of loyal visitors 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog bro…

      I have heard about you.. customized Tech Freak Stuff’s theme! 🙂

      Glad to get new readers.. happy to the core! 😉

  11. Although Alexa is Fake but still we have to believe as many of them say that “Advertisers and sponsors are concerned about Alexa Rankings” so we Bloggers have to consider it.

    Almost all Bloggers are having Exams this month including me , so lets see how we interact with both the exams and our blogs 😉 😉
    All the best Bloggers 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Good compilation of imp Q&A Pradeep. I too believe the Alexa ranking system behaves something that can never be guessed ;). And what Keith said about Google Pagerank on toolbar is perfect :), we everyday experience that. I am bit unsure of the new Technorati, whether it is going to be stable or what. All the very best for your semester exams, and currently for PLs.

  13. Great post dude… the question is about ranking sites …

    i think technorati and google pagerank is superior in every case … alexa has never shown exact results…

    My Last Post: Top 10 Hindi Music Download Sites

  14. everything is good,
    -=-=-=-=apple ya its good, but have to learn how to use it.
    -=-=technorati hmm.. i used sign up with that. but there reg form is freaking me out. i lost my fav usernae due to their errors.
    -= apart from this , i know hihimanshu (blogtechnika), harsh (shoutmeloud), they are really good. 😉
    all the wishes for your exams 🙂

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