Chitika + Infolinks: A Better Adsense Alternative

Most of the bloggers (Including me) starts a blog or website for earning money. Google Adsense is the Main stream of money for most bloggers. But now Google is too strict to approve an Adsense account. Most of the newbies are facing this issue. Some other people are banned for fraud clicks. These people are searching for a better Alternative for Adsense. We can find hundreds of Ad networks, Affiliates websites. But the income from these is not so good.

I have tried a lot PPC Sites; here I share my experience with you. Google Adsense is my Main stream for revenue. I would like to Recommend Infolinks and Chitika to the people searching a better Adsense alternative.



Infolinks, is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services Established in 2007.


  1. To get an account is easy. They will approve your application after checking your details.
  2. No need of Adspace, don’t worry about to fit the Ads. Just copy the Two line Script in your blog.
  3. We can Choose the Payment options (Paypal and Bank Wire) Its recommended to don’t use bank Wire, Some bankers charging 25 $ for each transactions.
  4. Customer Support – Their customer Support is great.

  5. You will get the payment on time.

  6. Can mange Multiple Blogs/Sites Easily.


  1. Minimum payout is $50.


  1. For Blog Spot users, go to Layout, add a gadget >HTML/JavaScript Add > paste and save.
  • For Self hosted WordPress Blogs/Websites Paste the ad code in any of your common page. (I am not sure about the any Plugins for WordPress).
  • Click Here to Register an Account in Infolinks

    Though infolinks is an additional in content monetization option along with other PPC, some bloggers, such as Ajith of the DollarShower, believe that it makes money via misleading the visitors into clicking a regular anchor-like links. In a way, it’s true as well.



    Chitika Founded in 2003, Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka), is a full-service on-line advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 80,000 websites.


    1. You can use it with AdSense or as an AdSense alternative.
  • Getting approved is easier than Adsense.
  • No Worry about self Click (Chitika Invisible in Your system).

  • Payment Options are Paypal (Min $10) and Check ($50).

  • Click Here To Register An Account In Chitika

    97 thoughts on “Chitika + Infolinks: A Better Adsense Alternative”

    1. Google adsense account is very unsafe and I have seen many people losing their adsense account these days. These alternatives will definitively help. Is approval process easy or tough than adsense for these google adsense alternatives ?

    2. hey chitika is fraud.. i regularly check my revenues in my account, its show me 10+$ in account but when they update my payment revenue its just 1$… i really disappointed.. please help me if you know something about this.

    3. I am from Bangladesh where paypal is not approved. What can I do?
      Can I use Chitika from Bangladesh?
      Please send your advice…..

    4. I am newbie, couldn’t get an ad sense account approved, so I ‘m going on to chitika or Infolinks, but cant seem to get traffic, any suggestions?

    5. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!In seo we publish our links and on many sites we get much more information and links in any field……

    6. Many blogs are published for money but googlre is given much more information about earning money and google blog is play an important role!!!!

    7. Infolinks and chitika both are best alternative….These are best if your have quality of traffic…..Traffic matters in every ad concentrate in traffic…I suggest to all use chitika if you have good traffic from usa and canada. Otherwise its bad at low traΓ©ic

    8. Not any more. Chitika is overloaded with ypn publishers and the same people who invited us in their network no longer requires our websites. I am removing it now.

    9. wow..i too using Adsense and Infolinks for me..

      But traffic is important factor in this…

    10. These daya I am checking Infolinks with my google adsense side by side.. thought turn out is slow for infolinks but I would make some changes to the appearence of the in text links to attract more people towards em..

    11. I think infolinks and chitika are also good networks however Adsense is a way better. The second best ads network in my experience is Infolinks. The thing is you can use them both together. I havent enjoyed a good revenue with infolinks yet but i see many fellow webmasters having almost equal earning to adsense which means you can almost double your earning if you use infolinks along with adsense correctly.

      • Its a Better option with Adsense and Without Adsense. No Doubt :(.
        .-= Anish K.S’s last blog…India requires over 1,030 Aircraft worth US$138 billion over 20 years =-.

    12. i am using Adsense and trying to get better in it

      i havent used any other Ad network yet but i think i will give infolinks a try soon.

      i liked ur post but actually i liked reading the comments .. the comments are so useful as the questions asked by others also cleared my doubts :p

    13. I have tried infolinks but what happened is it uses those links at some of the irrelevant places. At the Nav Menu or at the footer. So I have removed it.

      • It seems u haven’t checked the Infolinks site completely.. πŸ˜‰

        just login to ur infolinks account and from the menu go to ‘Integration Guide’. Scroll down to the very bottom… U wud see that they have given 2 HTML tags that can be used for parsing… Just put the code in ur footer and header and the places where you don’t want the ads.. !! that’s it !

        I was also facing the same problem but once I had this tags in place, its working well i.e. no ads at odd places πŸ™‚

    14. I have been using Infolinks for more than a year and I am quite happy with it. The amount I earn is no where near adsense’s but it is still quite decent.

      May try Chitika soon. Have heard good things about it, but I am not sure how well CPA ads will perform on a techie blog like mine.

    15. see i get nearly get 1000 page views per day …some times i get 14000+ page views mixing up my 2 blogs . i use adsense .. i also tried chitika adbrite etc…

      adsense is the best publisher program i found from last 3 yrs. ad targeting is one of the excellent feauture in adsense.i loved it.

      • No doubt about that, Adsense is Better than the Best πŸ™‚
        .-= Anish K.S’s last blog…India requires over 1,030 Aircraft worth US$138 billion over 20 years =-.

      • i have Bad Experience with Adbrite :(, Less earnings, Bidvertiser not tried yet.
        .-= Anish K.S’s last blog…India requires over 1,030 Aircraft worth US$138 billion over 20 years =-.

    16. I have always been using Adsense and Never looked for anything else! But its high time we are depending on Adsense and Also Google is banning various accounts without any reason, So we must have something in hand!

    17. hey Anish Good post buddy, i don’t have Google adsense and i am currently using this two ad network i am happy with it,

      • Me to using these along with my Adsense account.
        .-= Anish K.S’s last blog…India requires over 1,030 Aircraft worth US$138 billion over 20 years =-.

    18. Agree google had become tough with newbies which is why i thank my lucky stars.. πŸ™‚

      The min payment for google is $100 too, which is quite a disadvantage, but i noticed improvements in my reports every time i try out placements etc.. so the faster your revenue grows, faster payments, and they’re good! πŸ™‚

    19. I am using the Infolinks, I think it is quite good for bloggers, at least for me :).
      I really like the type of ads in article, I think that it is much more easy to be approval by people, because if you don’t want to see the ads, you just don’t point to the link. This kind of ads makes a blog clear and friendly!
      Chtika, I have never used of it, but I am planning to try it, because they say that if you use adsense and Chtika together, it will double your income.
      Anyway, thanks for your article, it is nice!

      • clarky, Infolinks is the fastest growing ad network, no doubt.

        The advantage is You can use Infolinks and Chitika along with your Adsense, its don’t against the TOS.

    20. Infolinks is easy to implement but for me the earning still not that good. May be the traffic still not many. For Chitika, I haven’t try it yet, guess will try it sometimes. Thanks for the useful info.

      • Buddy.. I don’t think so..

        Those ads are behaviorally targeted and they will displayed only to your U.S. search engine traffic. So if you have lot of U.S. traffic, then this is a must for you.. cheers!

    21. i had joined info links a long time back and immediately noticed a huge difference in the earnings, it was about 5 times more than kontera. while with kontera i was only managing $30 to $50, i got $300 about a month on infolinks. however it dropped with time, still its more than twice what i could manage with kontera… [i have used both infolinks and kontera along side adsense and both of them did not affect my adsense income]

      I have not got much luck with chitika premium, while i make $600 to $800 on adsense on my niche sites, i had replaced them with chitika premium while only gave me around $100.

      There is no good alternative of adsense, nothing beats it that’s available to us indians. however yahoo publisher would i guess make a good alternative of adsense if it ever comes out of beta…

      • Uttoran Sen, Great figures, thanks for comments, Yes all the bloggers saying like this Infolinks paying more than Kontera. its the best supplement for Adsense, no doubt.

    22. Chitika is arguably the second best after AdSense (some people believe that AdBrite is the second best if used carefully and optimized). I however hate In content text links like Kontera and InfoLinks.. really irritating stuff and does the returns really compensate the bad user experience? I am not sure…

      Just my thought… but I see that many MMO bloggers use it.

      • Ajith, i know you are a great hater of inline ads πŸ™‚ .

        Yes you are 100 5 correct, Chitika is the better alternative than Adbrite.

        Earnings from Click is high.

    23. Well adsense and kontera are wordking well for me
      I found buy and sell ads alternative
      its and it is easy to get approved by adphilia πŸ™‚

    24. i have been using adsense, bidvertiser and infolinks. I think my google adsense doesn’t work. After connecting my adsense account to google analytic it doesn’t show any change it only shows page impressions, no sign of money so i have to rely on these others ad networks. Can you help me out what mistake i have done?

            • yes u r definitely correct Anish… its really good… and it should become a source of income… though u can’t earn in thousands of dollars but then it should be good…


              I checked ur site and the content is good enough to draw visitors to ur site…
              The problem that I feel is that the colour scheme of ur blog and the ads. Try to make the ads of the same color as ur blog.. ie. the links and the background should match.

              moreover the ad on the main page ie. the leaderboard seems to small.., the text is too small to read. try to change the ad format.. the size is ok but go for 3 links instead of 4. u can check it on my blog.. the visitor should be actually able to read the ad. then only will he click !!!

              make the changes accordingly and u should see the dollars coming in !!

              PS: I am using google adsense since 2 years and have experimented quite a lot of things.. just let me know through mail if this doesn’t work.

              All the best..

              Regarding the post, its nice, but for me neither chitika nor infolinks have worked… haven’t used it for long.. just a 15 days still maybe.. but its a disaster at present… πŸ™

              • @ sapan thanks for this valuable information i will definitely follow your steps and within 2-3 days i will make the appropriate changes. thanks for helping me out

            • yes i am using analytocs but it is not showing any change in visistor, my analytics account doesn’t work properly?

              • using google analytics is too easy… that should not have a problem…
                just check that u have inserted the proper code at the proper place.. πŸ™‚
                Its very important for a webmaster to use this or other such tool and that too if u r thinking of generating a revenue out of ur blog then its of utmost important.

                regarding adsense, do make a note when u r changing the ad formats and the placement of ads. observe that for a month and see what results u r getting. that will give u the exact idea about adsense on ur site..

                besides this, try to increase the visitors as much as possible and try ur hands on different ad networks. at a time u should have atleast 2-3 ad networks live on ur site. don’t just depend on google adsense. its too risky !!

              • @ sapan
                i have placed the code exactly where it was to be placed and after, it is verified and only tracks the visitor of that day only after that day it doesn’t show any results, What might be the problem? Can you help me out in this

              • Vivek, from ur comment what I understand is that analytics shows data of only 1 day.. is it so ??

                if possible and if u r ok sharing ur data then send me a screeshot of the analytics dashboard at my email :

                will try to check it and get back to u as soon as possible.

            • I have around 1500-2000 visits each day! but my earnings are not that outstanding.. i have only adsense and infolinks liked! any other way i could generate some money? i have no knowledge on ad slots what u ppl put 250×250.. can anyone pls enlighten me ?

              • Try Shaadi Rewards Program or Bharath Matrimony Affiliate program.

                They are paying for each profile registration, id conversions, you will get the money.

              • what if no one registers?? cos mine is a tech related blog… so chances are less that they would register there! is there any other way?? any program which pays for impressions??

              • Hu ha!I m Getting Laugh here! but the people nor bharathmatrimony has a good interface.. the bridegrooms and brides look as if they are in WANTED list or something! πŸ™‚

                well, so there is no other option than this???
                hey i want to know what is that box 250×250 which will appear on sidebars??
                i know u ppl will make money from that… hmmmmm but u r not letting me the secret :(…

              • Hello Chethan,

                u already have a great traffic. Now the only thing is based on demographic location what is the %age of visitors, i.e. from which country do u get the maximum visitors…

                Keep ur fingers crossed… If u have it from the US or UK, u’ve hit a jackpot… most of the ad networks that offer CPM ads ie. revenue based on no. of impressions pay only for traffic from these countries. So if u have that then there are ample amount of ad networks out there. One that I m using is Adsdaq, it even allows u to set your asking price. though it doesn’t work good for me as I have around 90% of Indian traffic but seems that if u have traffic from US or UK, it may work well…

                Also google for “best CPM ad networks” and u’ll get the list..

                hope this helps u..

    25. Thanks for the comparison.

      I’m currently using Adsense, but am not making a lot of money, I think I may need to test out other alternatives.

      • Teenblogger, ur blog is nice.. just visited it… too good for just a 2 month old blog…

        coming to the main point of earning… Just keep this thing in mind – “Earning Online is not a piece of cake.”

        from ur comment it seems that u have already started making some money.. and i hope that these are genuine clicks.. πŸ˜‰ just kidding… coz i have seen people going to different locations and clicking on their on ads and earning.. this is CHEATING.. i just don’t believe in that. So if these are genuine u should be happy… for me it took me around 4-5 months to gather single dollar in adsense. πŸ˜‰

        Also, not what Anish said, ur ad positions are really bad. I have suggested some points to Vivek in the comment below and same applies for u. change the color format of ur ads. make them so that they mix with the content. ie background is ok but change the color of the links. also check if the google ad under ‘SPONSERS’ in ur sidebar is generating any revenue.. I don’t think so. so just remove it and utilize it at some other location maybe top of the page.

        Moreover, what i would suggest is just go for a good content and try to get a loyal reader base. leave the ads aside for time being. I won’t say to remove adsense but otherwise just don’t sign up for more and make a mess of ur blog. ur theme is quite fresh. so don’t spoil it.. πŸ˜‰

        let ur blog become like 6-8 months old and till then try to increase the reader base as much as possible. why i m telling u this is, other than google ads there are ad networks paying on CPM ie. cost per 1000 impressions, no clicks necessary. so once u start getting good no. of pageviews per day then u can sign up for such networks and earn quite good and would make up for all the past months.. πŸ™‚

        All the best.

    26. Well Kontera is also a great competitor for Infolinks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      This post had made me to search a list of alternatives for adsense and review them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the post idea πŸ˜‰ ;), will definitely work on it after exams πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Sunny Infolinks is the Right Competitor for Kontera, Kontera started a long ago, Infolinks started just 2 years back. Infolinks is 200 % times better than Kontera.

        • but Rahul, for Chitika, u need to have traffic from US… If u have a huge traffic from US then that may help u otherwise u r on a losing side.. for other countries they either use ur backup tags or simply blank space, the choice is urs..

          I think, Adsense is the only ad network that allows all kinds of traffic.. otherwise all other ad networks have some or the other kind of restrictions..

        • Yes friend, don’t waste your time others, keep an eye on traffic, you will get money.
          .-= Anish K.S’s last blog…Test your Website in Opera Mini Simulator =-.


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