What Does a Good Video Marketing Strategy Entail?

‘Content is king’ has been a slogan for SEO enabled digital marketing efforts. Well, true to it, content has had a significant role to play in digital marketing. Many companies can testify on how quality content has been able to drive impressive and quality traffic to their sites boosting both the brand awareness and sales. There is, however, something that you need to realize, times are changing and so does SEO.

What Does A Good Video Marketing Strategy Entail?

There was a time that businesses were entirely dependent on billboards, television and magazine commercials. Thanks to the information age that has changed: a lot has. Digital marketing has taken over. Social media campaigns, SEO and video marketing, to mention a few seem to be what to go for. Video marketing appears to be on the rise than any other form of digital marketing. Bet businesses have learned the trick. Statistics show that using videos on landing platforms is responsible for an 86 percent increase in conversion rates. Unfortunately, not so many businesses have been able to tap the potential of video marketing.

The big brands that are steps ahead in this form of digital marketing have a story. Some case studies show just how much video marketing has done for the brands. If you create an excellent video marketing strategy, you will have the same story to tell. To create a good video marketing strategy, you need to put the following into consideration.

1. An objective

Well, it is always about increasing sales. However, when creating a winning video marketing strategy, sales are not the only things that should be in mind. What does that mean? Yes, increasing sales is the end goal, but what do you intend to achieve with video marketing? Are you doing it to entertain your audience? Are you using it to educate the consumers or is it to inspire them/ to have a winning strategy, you need to be able to have clearly defined objectives before you even come up with a plan.

It is also important to note that people will stop paying attention to your video the moment they realize that you are trying to ‘sell.’ The focus should be directed more on adding value to your audience.

2. Understanding your target audience

You do not want to go on a wild goose chase. For one, the marketing strategies will not give you the results you anticipate, and you will go at a loss: time and money invested. You, therefore, need to carry out some research and know what your audience needs and how you can present them with a solution. At this point, you need to understand their online activities. For instance, if your audience is the millennials, you are more likely to find them on Instagram. That, therefore, tells you your focus should be on creating videos for the particular platform. Understand the video content that will engage them most.

3. The topic and formatting should be in line with what your brand intends to present

Depending on the product you offer, you need to understand that for your video marketing efforts to be successful, it needs to be inclined to your brand’s voice. You should, therefore, put that into consideration as much as you can. The topic should be about how the product will be able to counter the consumer’s problem at the time. When it comes to formatting, you also need to communicate as a brand. Ensure that the audience will be able to identify the brand after the engagement.

4. Create a story

You need to create a story for your video if you are to make your audience remember it after an interaction. Remember to make it interesting though.

5. Do promotions

After defining an objective, researching on your audience and creating a story for your video, you are not yet done. There is still something essential that you need to do: promoting your video content. Try out effective promotional strategies. You need to get your video out there lest your efforts may not pay off as you would have wanted them to.

You can use paid ads to promote your videos. You also have the option of partnering with social media influencers who can help you reach to as much audience as you can. The promotion strategy needs to be on point. If you are working with a handsome budget, you can ask authority companies to link it or publish it for you.

6. Make your video content mobile responsive

Again, the world is going mobile. If someone is visiting your page, he is probably doing it from either a tablet or mobile phone. Sixty percent of the Google searches originate from mobile devices. You might want to capture that audience too. You are not, however going to succeed if your video content is not perfect for mobile. More so, it is much easier to share video content on mobile phones than on desktops. One great way of making videos suitable for mobile viewers is making them a little bit shorter. The quality cannot even be debatable.

Your first step to success in video marketing has quality videos. What that means is that you should be particular about the video creators you are working with. As you use video content, you also need to see to it that the engagement is high. With the strategies above, you can never go wrong!

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