7 Tips on How To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Optimization

You created a business website to do business, right? Do you wish to lose potential clients who visit your website daily?

I guess no. That’s why is essential to consider your conversion rate optimization strategies.

Conversion rate optimization, in simple terms, means the percentage of website visits that result in taking the desired action on your website.
It is essential to ensure you optimize your conversion rate so that you can increase the number of leads you convert to clients.

High conversion rate helps you convert more leads to clients, increase your sales, and business ROI.

Tips to increase your conversion rate include:

Ensure faster website loading

Clients hate it when websites take ages to load. You may have amazing products, but your conversion rate can be low if your site is slow in loading.
When considering hosting services it is important to consider a site that will host your website with high loading speeds.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

One great site is GreenGeeks, you can check out the customer recommendations of the hosting services at greengeeks review.

The hosting server also has effective customer care support. In case of problems with your website loading speeds, they can be easy to reach out.

Improve site navigation

Online customers are demanding and impatience. If they can’t get what they need second after arriving at your website, you will lose them to your competitors.

Poor site navigation confuses readers and chases them away. You don’t get the conversion you want if readers don’t get what they want from your site.
Your site navigation can contribute to make or break your website performance. It can affect the way you draw, retain and drive them through the conversion funnel.

It is important to improve how readers, clients, and potential clients navigate your website.

Make it easy for them to get what they need from your website and find it faster. Place the most important information on the top navigation bar of your website.

Your navigation should pull your potential clients to take action and convert. Good site navigation is essential for search engines to index your website and increase its rank.

Use an attractive design

Your website should be attractive to your clients. Ensure you balance your website colors. Use complementary colors for the site. Your website fonts should be easy to read and not strain the eyes of the readers.

Use high-quality images on your website. Optimize them for easy loading and use them within your website content.

Images help leads understand your brand and what you are offering. As the old saying goes” a picture is worth a 1000 words” Images make it easy for prospects to better know your business. This makes it easy to convert them to clients.

Use strategic CTA’s

You want potential clients to take action each time they visit your website? Well, you need to include strategic call-to-action across your entire website.

Some actions your readers can take include:

  1. Subscribe to your email list.
  2. Purchase your products.
  3. Share your content on social media.
  4. Mention your brand on social media.
  5. Use attractive colors that will entice your readers to click and take the desired action.
  6. Make the social sharing buttons easy to share the content on social media accounts.

Optimize your landing page

Your landing page is one of the most important pages of your website. With that, it is essential to have high loading speeds to make potential clients access its content with ease.

When considering a hosting server to host your website, consider their hosting loading speeds services. It is a great loss when potential clients arrive at your website and leave it for your competitor.

A great hosting service with help optimize your website for search engines and increase its loading speeds. Customers testify on greengeeks review, they enjoy great services at Greengeeks hosting site.

Their website landing pages speed services rank website high on search engine sites.

Use a trusted server to host your website

If clients know their personal data and information can be compromised, they can’t do business with you.

You will end up losing huge amounts of revenue and that can affect your business performance. When searching for a website to host your site, ensure that the website will secure your website from cyber security attacks.

Potential clients will be at peace knowing they can purchase your products or services and their data is safe.

Clients who use GreenGeeks services say at greengeeks review site say they trust their websites are secure. Their clients’ details are secure.

They are also provided with security updates to keep their sites safe from attackers. The security makes it easy for the business website owner to convert leads to clients and increase website conversion rate.

When prospective clients’ details are secure, it makes them be at peace when making the purchases.

Include testimonies and referrals on your website

Clients trust businesses others have tried and found successful. The simple way to build trust with your potential clients is to include testimonials and referrals on your website. Here is an example from GreenGeek website.

GreenGeeks Testimonial

When other potential clients see testimonies of other people who had satisfaction with your services, it gives them proof you offer quality services or products.

They will try out your services. You can convert them to clients with ease. You can also request your previous clients to refer others to your business.
In addition, include verified payment systems and trust seals on your website. It assures leads they can trust your payment system and their private information they will give you during the purchase process.


It is essential to take every action to increase your website conversion rate. When choosing the site to host your business website, consider sites that will give you the best services to support your conversion efforts.

Let your potential leads have a reason they can convert to clients and do business with you.

The above tips will help you increase the number of your website conversions, turn your prospects into clients grow your sales and increase your business ROI.

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