Actionable Strategies to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Even the best product is not enough to keep your store afloat for long. Unless it’s a unique thing that only you can manufacture (but, even then, sooner or later someone will offer something very similar), you will soon have to face dozens of competitors selling the very same thing.

And this means you must fight hard to convert as many visitors into paying customers as possible. What are some of the most effective ways of boosting your e-commerce sales? Here are our 5 favorite ones.

Actionable Strategies To Boost Your E Commerce Sales

Strategy 1: Localize Your Website to Maximize Customer Engagement

Depending on your region, you might encounter multicultural borders that can impede the growth of your business and adapting your website to various cultures and languages can positively impact your conversions. There are multiple ways to engage a multilingual market, but professional translation and localization should be your best bet on this scenario. There are numerous free plugins available on the internet, but customizing these plugins can take a long while which can translate to you losing a lot of valuable time for your business.

Customers are more likely to get engaged on your website when it is in a language they understand and time spent on e-commerce websites is valuable. Maximizing customer engagement can increase the visibility of your products and help you increase your conversions. As a result, the leading e-commerce websites are allocating resources to procure website translation services in order to maximize their business’ reach. The different translation and localization processes involved ensures that the completed work is top-notch. In effect, you will have more time in your hands to focus on more important things like running your business. 

Investing in a multilingual website will also prepare your store when you expand globally, the initial translations—depending on the similarity of the language, can also be reused when you target more regions as you expand. Ultimately, creating a multilingual website is an efficient way to maximize customer engagement and increase your conversions in the long run. 

Strategy 2: Make Your Store Blazing Fast

If you want to make sales, you can’t give your site visitors even one reason to go elsewhere. The speed affects everything – from your conversion rate to your bounce rate. This is essential in eCommerce Marketing. Naturally, the first thing is to get a quality cloud hosting – already discussed above. But while it’s critical, it’s not the only way in which you can impact the speed of your store.

Other things include optimizing the size of product images (you can use tools such as Kraken or TinyPNG to do that), asking your web host to enable Gzip compression, and minifying HTML, CSS, and JS scripts. If you’re unsure what steps you can take to optimize the speed of your store, scan it using a web performance testing tool such as GTMetrix.

Strategy 3: Remarket to Those Who Left – In All Ways Possible

Even the fastest and most secure store will never achieve a 100% conversion rate. But it’s possible to still sell to some of those who left your store – all it takes is having a way to let them know about your offer. There are plenty of ways in which you could do that – the three most effective include:

Email Marketing List. Ask your visitors to sign up for an email in return for a lead magnet such as a discount coupon. Make sure that your visitors have to confirm their emails – while it reduces the total number of sign-ups, you’ll be sure all those emails are real.

Push Notifications – while email marketing is still effective, another great way of informing those who left your store about latest discounts and sales are push notifications. Of course, visitors have to opt for those too!

Remarketing and Retargeting Ad Campaigns. Ever visited a store only to see its ads all over the Internet soon after you left? These are remarketing campaigns at its finest. All you need to be able to advertise to those who left your store is a FB or Google Ads pixel installed on your website.

Strategy 4: Give Your Visitors an Option to Contact You in Real Time

Another way in which you can increase the volume of your sales and reduce friction and bounce rate is giving them the answers to their questions as fast as possible. Site visitors don’t just like to wait for your site to load – they hate having to look for answers (or waiting for those) too. Giving them the option to get in touch with you in real time is a great way of improving your customer service score in their eyes too. How to do that?

It’s simple – give them clear ways to contact you – the faster they’ll receive the reply, the better. That’s also what makes online chats so popular. Can’t afford to keep customer representatives online 24/7? Consider switching between a bot chat and real chat. The former, when configured correctly, can be a perfect substitute, able to answer the most common questions.

Strategy 5: Never Engage in Pricing Wars

This strategy is about not doing something. Most business owners think that to compete with other online stores, they should keep cutting down the prices. Sadly, they believe that this will help them attract more customers and profit on the volume. While the former is true, this are rarely the customers you should strive to attract in the first place.

First, they don’t like spending money. This significantly limits the possibility (and profitability) of upsells. Moreover, unless you have very deep pockets, such a strategy can quickly lead to pricing wars, what could (and probably will) kill your business in the long-run.

Luckily, this strategy is also one of the easiest to introduce – just keep in mind that price is the last thing you should resort to when creating your online store strategy. Instead, you should work on improving improve all the aspects that attract customers interested in high-quality UX and great customer service more than the bargains – which were already mentioned in this very article.

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