Top 5 Vital iPhone Apps For Business People

This is a fast paced world, really fast! Trends in Technology and Business environment are changing like chameleon changes its colors according to surroundings. With a small shift in technology or user behavior, some companies wipe out of business surface and some end up making millions. Staying focused, organised and up to date in business industry has never been more important and vital, this is a survival battle and only the fittest will survive and if you are a business person, we have compiled a list of must have business applications for Mobile Phones, which will help you stay on top and at your best! You can also check out some essential Android Applications by Pakistani Developers.

1: Document To Go

Document To Go

First application in the batch is not to miss out “Document To Go”  This app, which is 14.3 MB in size is developed by Dataviz Inc and one of the most sold application since its inception. It is very obvious that all the iPhone can support PDF files and powerpoint slides through their built in software. But there is a thing that they cannot do. That is, files cannot be edited or created in your iPhone. But now this can be done by using “Documents To Go”. By using this app you can create and edit files in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel and every other well known software. This app is very useful because you can do assignments or office work on the go. Doesn’t matter wherever you are, just pull out your phone and start using the software.


This app will cost you $9.99 only. Click here to get further details on this app.

2. EverNote


This productivity application is 19.6 MB in size, the latest version is 4.2.2 and was released in June 2012. When you have a busy schedule, things are piling up on you and you are having difficulty in remembering things to do then we have here the best solution for you by the name of EverNote.  This application will help you organize your life by reminding you things right on time. You can create to do lists, save photos and even search text in photos if you like. Voice reminders can also be recorded which can be a very useful feature especially for people sitting in offices. The authenticity of this app can be ensured by the fact that EverNote was one of the “Top 10 Must Have Apps” in New York Times.


This app can be downloaded free from App Store.

3. Package Tracker Lite

Package Tracker Lite
Package Tracker Lite

Many businesses involve shipping of packages. The company which is providing you shipping services will obviously have given you a date but before that date you cannot find the location of the package for making sure that the package will arrive on time. “Package Tracker Lite” has the ability to give you the location of your package anywhere anytime. You can also access the route map of your package. Now with application you can always keep an eye on your packages.

Following are the names of service providers which are supported by “Package Tracker Lite”.

The shipping carriers include:
– Aramex
– Brazilian Post
– Canada Post
– City Link
– DHL Global Mail
– DHL DE / Germany
– DPD DE / Germany
– Ensenda
– Estafeta


You can download this app from App Store free of cost.

4. CamScanner


CamScanner is really a very useful application. As you will have guessed from the name, this app can scan any document or picture from the mobile camera. Scanning from a proper scanner is a time consuming task especially when one is in a hurry. But if you have CamScanner installed in your device then you can scan any document in a few seconds by just taking a snap. The scanned image can be shared via email, Bluetooth or any other sharing facility in your device. The reviews on the App Store are very satisfactory. Almost all the customers are happy with the performance of the app. Some of the key features are.

  • Auto image enhancement and Auto cropping
  • Tag documents
  • Ability to scan multipage document files
  • Print, fax or upload to cloud hosting.


You will have to pay $4.99 to get this app.

5. CamCard-Business Card Reader

CamCard-Business Card Reader
CamCard-Business Card Reader

If you are a doing any kind of job which involve meeting people then I am sure that you will have collected a pile of business cards. It is a very difficult task to enter the data of all the business cards that you receive. But now your problem is solved if you own an iPhone. Just download “CamCard-Business Card Reader” from the App Store and it will automatically enter all the data in your device. This application basically detects the card information through the camera and feeds it into your phone book or email contacts.

Supported Languages

This app supports business cards in the following languages.

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean


You can download this app from App Store by paying $6.99, but right now there is special $2.99 offer going on!

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  1. DocumentsToGo is an absolutely amazing software but it’s on the pricey side of things. I’d love some alternatives to that. CloudOn is good for Office but I think there isn’t any free PDF editor out there that gets the job done well. Ah, but there’s GoodReader too…

  2. thanks for great info but this is not worth for me as i don’t have iphone 🙁 but really great write up 😀 keep it up

  3. Thanks Raza , very useful software’s for us. But we need free software’s , could you tell alternate free software’s that can replace paid software’s in your list

    • Hey Amit, may be wait couple of months and wait for iPhone 5, the phone is in rumors for ages now, it will be a killer phone. I remember last year when iPhone 4s was released, there were long ques outside apple stores and i had to go consecutively for several days and phone was always out of stock.

  4. That’s a a great list. I wish I would have one iPhone one day. But still useful for iPhone users.
    By the way nice artcile. Keep it up.
    Good luck

    • Don’t lose hope, just put some hardwork on your projects and once you have enough cash, you can certainly buy iPhone!

      Btw, which cell phone are you using? and you can get evernote for windows as well, may be try that out!

    • I am also looking forward to see how siri evolves, it will definitely be a time savior and will help organizing tasks and make life easier.

  5. Hey nice post Raza about iOS apps,
    I’ve used document to go out of those you listed on my ipod touch 4G 🙂

  6. Great list, camscanner is amazing, I honestly didn’t knew for that one. I need to test it out.
    thanks for sharing Raza 

  7. Evernote is the one I use daily and is one of my favorite apps. Thanks for the review of others.

      • Evernote: In my iPhone as well as in my pc (windows 8 release preview) I’ve got evernote. It’s just awesome and very helpful. I an remember all the day to day planing of my blogging works by making daily routines ad lists.
        Package Tracker: What I like about it is it’s just great. It includes shipping carriers tracking system. With the help of it I can check where my package reached at any moment.
        Both the apps are great.


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