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Social Media Curators Can Increase Your Blog’s Traffic


Social Media CuratorsDo not underestimate the power of the rising social media curators as they can really contribute to your desire to increase incoming traffic towards your website. Social media curators are more close to what we all used to know as social bookmarking and sharing. This method is not new and it is being widely utilized by most bloggers, website administrators, online entrepreneurs, and whoever makes their business online. The method is still there and it is one of the best tool that each of us can utilize to increase and drive traffic towards to our websites. However, I am not encouraging you to fully depend on this principle because you don’t want to end up seeing all your traffic coming from these curators. Of course organic traffic is still the best source of visitors – those who found your contents from SERP or search engine results page.

There are different kinds of incoming traffics which can lead people from viewing your contents – direct, referral, and organic. I won’t be discussing all of them but here’s one thing that each of us must be wary about, it’s the direct traffic. Yes, it’s good to know that we see returning and loyal visitors coming to our blog site but it’s not good if we talk about the total performance of our blog site. I assume you already know why, if not you can always ask.

Do not be lax about your blog site’s traffic

Going back to that social media curator principle, I consider this method as referral traffic. Whenever you create a new and unique quality content and post it on your blog site. What’s next? Most often than not, someone who’s new to blogging will just sit around feeling fulfilled for adding a new content into his blog site. But the next day when he checks his blog site’s analytics, the traffic is still the same as if he did nothing the day before. This is where curating plays its purpose to drive more traffic into your website.

Social Media Curators, what is it and who are they?

I initially mentioned about social bookmarking. This is not curating per se but rather the first step. As an analogy, let us say that you are looking for something specific. Yes, Google can surely help you by typing your queries into it but how many from these results really answers your question? Unless you have provided Google the correct query and you might get lucky to achieve the exact information you needed. Try asking your question through Facebook, then a few minutes someone answers back with a link redirecting you to the information you are looking for. That “someone” is considered as a curator – a person who searches and share information. This is the main purpose of a curator. Are you getting now the picture?

How can I encourage Social Media Curators to increase traffic?

Well, good question. But you know what? You don’t have to look too far because the answer is just in front of you. You just need to push yourself to do a little more effort. If you are reading this, I am pretty sure you have a Facebook account. And that’s one of the best ways to curate your content. All you need to do is post your new content on your wall, make an enticing comment about it and let it flow. I am pretty sure, your friends will pick it up and once they liked it then they’ll share it with their friends and to their friends’ friends, and so on and so forth. Are you now getting the picture? Facebook is not only the social media curator source you can use, there are others. Some were old while some were recently popularized. You can engage yourself to Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon,, Delicious, and many more. If you always do this and making the principle as a habit whenever you have a new post on your blog site, surely there will be additional traffic into your website.

Can I make my new post or content viral?

Of course yes, there’s always that possibility. However, there are some ingredients that you should add into your content – uniqueness, quality, and creativity. You need to create something big and new. Something that you feel like your readers are going to love it and it is worth sharing. Once you do this and shared it on some of the recommended social media curator sources I’ve mentioned above. There is always that possibility that when the reception is positive, your friends will most likely share it. Then the sharing principle will go on and on – before you know it, your idea has become viral.

There are no boundaries when you want to drive more traffic into your blog site, for as you are doing it right and you are not engaging yourself into some cheap tricks. You just need to find some more resources like these social media curator sources to aid and boost your traffic.


Arsie Organo also known as RC,is freelancer tech blogger who writes any tech updates, gadget reviews, tips and tricks, and many more. He also owns and founded and - both tech blogs. You can follow RC and his updates on Google+

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