Undo Send Feature of Gmail

Google recently launched a new feature for its mail service, Gmail which allows its users to recall the email which they have sent by mistake/accident. This feature can stop the messages being sent. This new feature is named as “Undo Send” which lets users to abort or stop the delivery of any Gmail message within seconds of sending it.

Undo Send Feature of Gmail
Undo Send Feature of Gmail

To activate go to Gmail account | Settings | Labs and you will find a feature called Undo Send . Now just click on the “Enable” radio button.

BTW, don’t forget that this “Undo Send” feature won’t recall a email that has been sent already. It can hold the email in a quene for only five seconds. If you send a message by mistake, or you may have second thoughts for undo what you have did, the answer is here ! 😉

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  1. Wow that was an interesting labs feature. i had an article on labs features of gmail I would have added this, Hmmm.


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