HOW TO: Send Audio Tweets To Twitter

You would have been tweeting 24×7, but have you tried Audio Tweets? If you want to convey something more potentially you can try this. Now I’ll share some of the useful tools to send audio tweets to Twitter.

Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record,upload and share your voice or audio files easily. Record your voice using a webcam or microphone conected to your computer, or upload an existing audio file. You can then share your chirbit, on twitter, facebook, email, your blog, or smartphone.


Create a free account there, and you are ready to sweeten your voice. You can start sharing your audio or voice right away. You can use your microphone or webcam to proceed. They’ll record your voice and upload it. Now you can share them on your tweets. You can check this video for more details.

You can upload audio files like mp3, aiff, amr, m4a and wav. They also have the option to download all your recordings. You can also try sites like AudioTweet and

Send Large Files Using The New Adobe SendNow

Adobe SendNow is a new online service that lets you send and receive large files easily for free. Adobe SendNow lets you send, share, and track large files online without the headaches of email size restrictions, multiple email attachments, FTP sites, and costly overnight services. Online file sharing is now easy!

Simply upload your files to the Adobe SendNow website and specify the email addresses of the recipients. Then they can download your files to their computers. They don’t need an Adobe account for downloading your files.

SendNow verifies files you send and download by automatically scanning for viruses. Another cool feature of SendNow is you can decide how long to share a file. Set the time for others being able to download a file at one day, one week, or longer.

How To Send Large Files Using Adobe SendNow

#1 – For this you need an Adobe ID or you can create your free account easily.

#2 – After logging, it will take you to the ‘Send Files’ section automatically.

Adobe SendNow

#3 – Now, you need to upload the file and enter the Email Address of that person. That’s it. Now click “Send”.

Files Sent

Limitations — Adobe SendNow

#1 – Free and Premium : Basic features are available for free while you need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy certain premium features.

Basic features include: 1) Send files up to 100MB 2) Get up to 100 downloads per file 3) Store up to 500MB of files

#2 – You can only send Office Documents, PDFs, ZIP files, etc. and SendNow won’t support audio files, video files, fonts or EXEs.

Undo Send Feature of Gmail

Google recently launched a new feature for its mail service, Gmail which allows its users to recall the email which they have sent by mistake/accident. This feature can stop the messages being sent. This new feature is named as “Undo Send” which lets users to abort or stop the delivery of any Gmail message within seconds of sending it.

Undo Send Feature of Gmail
Undo Send Feature of Gmail

To activate go to Gmail account | Settings | Labs and you will find a feature called Undo Send . Now just click on the “Enable” radio button.

BTW, don’t forget that this “Undo Send” feature won’t recall a email that has been sent already. It can hold the email in a quene for only five seconds. If you send a message by mistake, or you may have second thoughts for undo what you have did, the answer is here ! 😉