7 Best Tips To Keep Your Gmail Account Secure

Gmail is one of the most popular and user-friendly web based email on the Internet, and therefore the safety of your account is of paramount importance. Thus, it is necessary that you need to become security conscious and keep yourself away from the vicious eyes of the hackers. Since Gmail account allows you to gain access to many of the other resources like Google Adsense, Analytics, Orkut, Buzz, YouTube, Facebook, and much more, hacking your Gmail account can also damage all of these accounts. Earlier we provided tips for securing your WordPress blog and securing your Wireless Network.

This is best to follow the saying “Precaution is better than resentment and cure”, so let us learn some of the best 7 security tips to protect your account.

1. Keep the “always use https” option on

Since Google understands that using https improves the security of your accounts, keeping this ON is always better especially when you are accessing your Google account via a public network and thereby preventing others and hackers from eavesdropping into your account. It is possible to enable this option on by going to Settings > General > 5th Row and enable Always use https. This will help you to protect your identity safe and secure on a public network.

https - Gmail

2. Check your IP login session information regularly

Always keep track of your Gmail account activity by going to the bottom of the Gmail account page and check the “Last account activity”, which will show the details of the activity of when you accessed your account lastly. Even if hackers access your account after you, you will get to know, for only you know that your account has been hacked. This “details” also shows the other following information about how and when the account was accessed, like whether this is from the kind of the browser or mobile, etc. Including the IP address. So noting down the IP address when you are in doubt is a good practice.

IP details - Gmail

3. Choosing a unique security question

It is possible that a person who has a very good knowledge about you and your background information can easily find a way into your account using the secret answer to your security question for decoding the password. You will never get to know that they have accessed your password, using your password recovery secret question. So it is always good to keep them hard and not so easy to remember. In addition, it is good to reset the security questions and other password recovery options and recovery email address occasionally but regularly.

4. Back up Your Emails

If you are using Gmail as your primary account, it is a best practice to back up your account or emails as this may contain some important emails. Somehow, if your account gets compromised, it is always best to keep a copy of your emails elsewhere, as the hacker might delete all these important emails. So link your Gmail account with an email client and defeat the hacker or to a secondary email address.

5. Use unique passwords for each online service

When you are using a number of services that requires a password, use different password and do not lazily use the same password. This is because, for once the hacker gets into one of your accounts, say your Gmail account, then you are posing yourself at the risk of being hacked by the hacker of all of your other services also much easily and quickly than you could take a prevention measure at that instance.

6. Use keyscrambler to protect yourself from keyloggers

Keyloggers are sneaky little programs that can slip past the security software of your computer and is like a Trojan virus, hacks into your account by allowing the hacker to get all the information that you type back to the person who sent you this virus. The best way to protect your Gmail account from these Keyloggers is by using Key Scramblers, which is necessary to use software, and works awesomely simple.

7. Use Strong Passwords

The best you can do if you are reluctant or do not know how to use a password manager, is to check the strength of your password, and is always wise to use a unique password using a small tool from Microsoft strength checking tool and every time you change your password. This is much better than the password strength checking tool by Google.
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Get Through Your Email Faster – Gmail Priority Inbox

Yes, now you can get through your email faster than ever. Priority Inbox, a new feature from Gmail, automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.

In order to predict which messages are important to you, Gmail uses some of the same technology that it uses to weed spam out of your Inbox.

If it incorrectly predicts which messages are important you can help train it with the importance buttons just like you can help Gmail’s spam filter by using the Report as spam button. (via Gmail Help)

Does this new feature help you to save your time? Do share them as comments below!

Google Introduced File Transfer Feature In Gmail Chat

Earlier Google introduced Video Chat feature in Google Talk and now it is time for another great, but common feature. Google finally added File transfer facility in Gmail chat.

Google says this feature is also compatible with the file transfer functionality in the Google Talk downloadable software. Now you can share files directly from the web with folks who use the desktop version.

Google introduced good features like inserting images and undo send in Gmail and now File Transfer.

How To Send A File In GTalk Or GMail Chat?

Go to Actions Menu | Send a File

No download is required to access this feature. You can check the below image.

File transfer in iGoogle and orkut chat
File transfer in iGoogle and orkut chat

Image Credit : Official Google Talk Blog

Excerpts taken from Official Google Talk Blog,

“Have you ever wanted to quickly send a file to a friend whom you’re chatting with online? Starting today, you can share photos, documents, and other files while chatting in iGoogle and orkut. “

Inserting Image Feature Of Gmail

Earlier we saw the Undo Send feature of Gmail, now it is time for another one.

This too from Gmail Labs. Usually when we want to send images, we’ll send it as an attachment, right? These attachments are not seen on the email body. Those are old times.

Gmail Labs introduced another new feature Inserting Images in Gmail. You can directly insert the image in the body of the message.

Insert Images In Gmail
Go to Settings | Labs | Enable "Inserting Images" | Save Changes

Activating this new feature of Gmail Labs:

Go to your Gmail account | Settings | Labs | Enable Inserting Images Feature.

Click Save Changes.

Now whenever you create or compose a new message, you will see a button to insert a image, check the below screen shot to observe the changes.

You can notice a small icon present for Inserting Images
You can notice a small icon present for Inserting Images

Undo Send Feature of Gmail

Google recently launched a new feature for its mail service, Gmail which allows its users to recall the email which they have sent by mistake/accident. This feature can stop the messages being sent. This new feature is named as “Undo Send” which lets users to abort or stop the delivery of any Gmail message within seconds of sending it.

Undo Send Feature of Gmail
Undo Send Feature of Gmail

To activate go to Gmail account | Settings | Labs and you will find a feature called Undo Send . Now just click on the “Enable” radio button.

BTW, don’t forget that this “Undo Send” feature won’t recall a email that has been sent already. It can hold the email in a quene for only five seconds. If you send a message by mistake, or you may have second thoughts for undo what you have did, the answer is here ! 😉