10 Essential Traits Of The Best Bloggers Out There

There are many blogs that are phenomenally successful, providing a fun and fulfilling way for their owners to make a living. However, the vast majority of blogs are completely unprofitable. So, what separates the victors from those eager bloggers who never quite make it? Here are ten traits possessed by the best bloggers in the industry.

A great blogger…

Best Blogger#1 – Writes consistently.

The exact amount of updates seen in popular blogs varies from several posts per day to one or two per week. The key here is that they update consistently, prompting visitors to check back in on a regular basis.

#2 – Demands quality content.

Quality writing isn’t something that happens spontaneously or instantly, even for the best of us. Rather, it comes through vigilant effort, an insistence of proofing and revision, and lots of practice. The top bloggers create excellent content because they demand the best out of themselves with each entry.

#3 – Has a personality.

Dry business blogs written in an academic tone rarely succeed, while personal or professional blogs written with a fun, humorous style will hook readers. Hyperbole and a Half, the Google Blog, and the Oatmeal are just a few great examples.

#4 – Stirs conversation.

The most successful blogs aren’t the ones that remain safely on the sidelines, evading controversial topics. Rather, they’re the ones who leap on — contributing ideas and getting people talking.

#5 – Puts the user first.

Many would-be pro bloggers create a site overflowing with advertisement in the hope of generating some fast cash. This counter-productive method is one of the fastest ways to scare users away. The successful blogger uses ads with subtlety, and never lets them interfere with the user experience.

#6 – Fills a niche.

There are countless blogs that cover “anything that’s on my mind.” Rather than having a limitless topic, however, the really successful blogs tend to fill a precise niche — and whether that’s digital scrapbooking or news on the finance industry doesn’t seem to matter so much.

#7 – Makes a visually interesting site.

There are some great writers who’s blogs aren’t successful, despite being filled with well-crafted sentences. It seems that interesting images, visual displays, and other media are key ingredients to blogger success.

#8 – Networks constantly.

Rather than viewing fellow sites, blogs, or resources in the industry as opponents, the successful blogger reaches out to network with anyone in the field that they can.

#9 – Constantly seeks to improve.

The professional bloggers don’t remain stagnant. Rather, they use everything from analytics programs to online survey software to see what’s working and what isn’t, and they constantly fine-tune their site.

#10 – Loves what they do.

If there’s one thing that hooks readers fully, it’s passion for the subject of the blog. Beyond that, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with this demanding world without a real love for what you’re doing.

While each pro blogger takes a different approach, the items above make a foundation for success. For most, these traits won’t come naturally or instantly, but must be cultivated as habits for success over time — a pursuit which, while difficult, is entirely possible.

12 thoughts on “10 Essential Traits Of The Best Bloggers Out There”

  1. Hi Jesssy, that was a nicely written Info. But I would like to add that most of the successful bloggers rather all the successful bloggers are driven by passion for blogging and that why they make every possible effort be the best.

  2. Just an exceptional post Jessey. I just bookmarked it and vowed to read it when I feel am deviating from my path of good blogging..Thanks a lot.

  3. Jessy,

    This article has blown my mind. A lot of people write about how to be a great blogger, but they usually miss some important points. You have actually covered all the biggest points here. I suppose that’s just a testament to your knowledge on this subject, right?

    Quick question: are these in any particular order? Because, if not, which trait do you think is the most important?

  4. I agree with all ten of your traits of the best bloggers Jessy. I especially think the most common trait of the best bloggers out there is your number 9.

    The best bloggers that are profitable know what they want out of their blog and constantly try to improve their blog to achieve better results. These traits are definitely the foundation of the best bloggers and it's good to be reminded of them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Blog Promotion starts with writing great content which is consistent, and you will see that bloggers will find you and recommend your blog, with that you are in step of being a great blogger.

    Also a great blogger has a voice that readers trust, enjoy.


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