The History Of Social Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media, the media for social interaction, which has been ruling the entire Internet has a long history and a quite interesting one too. What started from Email, now ended in Facebook empire. Now this infographic gives us a detailed analysis of “The History Of Social Networking”. This Infographic is also shared by This one gives us some of the amazing facts about Social Networking along with the years.

Earlier we shared one of their Infographics — Obsessed With Facebook. Do tell us which system inspired you and which will last long enough in the comments below.

Social Media History

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13 thoughts on “The History Of Social Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. It is weird how these social networks have re shaped how our society performs their daily lives, gone are the days when people used to hang out at parks or read books or do oher physical activities, now we all sit around all day and waste bandwidth.

  2. Cool…and as you mentioned about the .com bubble the social networking bubble is not far away…

  3. Nice Infographic…Interesting stats about social networking…its growing minute by minute now..

  4. interesting… infographic is loaded with interesting but useful information on development of social media networks.

    Nice share


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