3 Professional Tools To Design And Edit PDF eBooks

eBook publishing is a great way to earn money online and if you are a good writer or you want to print your experienced work, you can make a good amount of money by designing and publishing an eBook. Here I have collected 3 best tools to create eBooks in PDF format based on my own experience. These tools are easy to use and very helpful for eBook designers as well as a non eBook designer who want to create his eBook himself. You can also try these online tools for doing stuffs with PDF.

#1 – Serif PagePlus X5

Serif PagePlus

It is my favorite software to design PDF eBooks due to incredible design options. Designing and editing an eBook using PagePlus is easiest for me and it allows users to build a high quality and professional looking eBooks. Personally I love PagePlus as I am designing my own personal eBook using it.

Main advantage: Incredible designing options,inbuilt Logo creator and graphic designing tools,convert web page to PDF and more.

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#2 – Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF editor is the lightest and easy application to design and edit an eBook. With Foxit PDF editor we can create PDF page layouts,insert images,resize and position images and can also design graphics. Summarily we can design a professional eBook without any special skill.

Main advantage : Light,easy to use and professional PDF designing

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#3 – Adobe Acrobat Suite

It is the most popular tool and widely used to create PDF and for many other works. After all, this Adobe application does not need any reference as it is a complete desktop publishing software. Personally I have observed that it works awesome but it is a little bit more expensive than others.

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Note: These three tools are efficacious in the purpose ofย  creation of professional or amateur PDF eBooks and flawlessly used to create professional PDF eBooks.

No one is a perfect geek so don’t forget to share any other PDF designer and editor tool which would be capable to create a professional PDF document.

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26 thoughts on “3 Professional Tools To Design And Edit PDF eBooks”

  1. Well I would recommend checking pressmo – it is a little bit different. It's much more web&business orientated than most of online tools. Works quite smooth and fast on PDF files and in the end the effect is really good. It's not well known tools but worth of checking.

  2. i always use only Adobe Acrobat Suite .but after reading this article …also download Serif PagePlus and Foxit PDF Editor which is also god one……….

  3. above mention these all free software esaily download by internet ……….these are very usefull and effective

  4. these all software can easily download from internet………these all are helpful to editing the PDF files etc……..

  5. Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor, seems to be a very good tool for editing pdf books…and many other………it can easily available………

    1. You can use Adobe Acrobat full trial to create your eBook as it works for one month.
      Actually no free PDF builder is so efficient to create a professional PDF.

  6. Currently I am writing a small book in word and will use any of these tools to create pdf. Thanks for sharing.

  7. i regularly use foxit. I must say its and wonderful piece of software. Thanks for informing about the others too

  8. Just the thing I was looking for.
    I have been looking out for apps that could help me get

      1. I know, this is because I have yet to create any PDF ebooks or anything like that. But will perhaps have my first ebook in the near future… by that time, you will help me to distribute and promote my ebook eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I am also using the foxit pdf editor because I like straightforward, easy to use navigation that do not occupy too much system resources on my PC so that I can use them for other applications.

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