HOW TO: Create An Event Easily On Facebook

Social Media is useful in various aspects, and creating events online is quite a great way to interact with fellow netizens. Earlier we saw the simple tutorial for creating & managing an event using LinkedIn.

Today I’m going to share (yet another) simple tutorial for creating an event on Facebook.

#1 – Go to Facebook Events section.

#2 – Fill in all the details regarding your event, including the time and place. You can even edit these afterward. Try to get as much detail in as you can initially.

FB Event

Note : Be aware of the “level of access”.

If the event is open, then anyone can see the details and add himself/herself to the guest list.

If the event is closed, only the time and description is shown to uninvited guests.

#3 – Add Event Photo to make it look interactive and real. Also it will help Facebook Users to understand what your event is really about.

#4 – Invite your friends to the party! You can invite people from your friends list to this event.

11 thoughts on “HOW TO: Create An Event Easily On Facebook”

  1. Hi Pradeep,

    Thanks for this short but informative tutorial. Currently, I’m creating my wedding event on Facebook. Do you have any idea how I can put in together a map to our wedding place. I tried many times but no joy. Can you help me please.   

  2. Facebook Events are shown on the home page of the invited user so there is a good possibility that the user will notice the event invitation

  3. Yes we can easily create events by using this facebook application. This is another facebook promotion platform.


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