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HOW TO: Report Fake Facebook Profile Account


Facebook is the most popular social network site in the world, but unfortunately, it is also one of the popular target amongst phishers and other social engineers. Tonnes of Facebook Profiles out there and the game is to identify which one is genuine.

Believe me, if you find a fake profile with your real name, then it may be a sign of serious identity theft. They would have imitated your profile and prepared it for some illegal online activities, or they may even use against you. They will also use to bully you or in other words, Cyber Bullying.


Did You Ditch Your Boyfriend Recently? He Might Pay You Back Like This.

Facebook fake profile holders have the same intention as Phishers, they will use your name to obtain more info. It is not difficult to identify Facebook fake profile, you just have to do a basic checkup. You can report a fake Facebook profile in two cases.

  • 1. You are in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.
  • 2. You are not in Facebook, and someone is impersonating you.

You can also do the same for your friend if they are facing the same issue. Try to provide exact details while reporting.

1. You are on Facebook, and someone is impersonating you

The easiest way to do this to ‘report’ that profile. Just go to that fake profile. Click that ‘Settings’ icon and select ‘Report/Block’.

report fb fake profile

And you’ll get another popup, there you have to select the ‘Report’ type. Select ‘This profile/timeline is pretending to be someone or fake’. If you get a drop-down list, then select some option like “Pretending to me”. Click Continue to submit your report.

Facebook Profile Impersonating Me

That’s all you have to do. I believe Facebook undoubtedly checks this issue and update you if they need to convey anything.

2. You are not on Facebook, and someone is impersonating you

Maybe you are not the Social Media type person, or you might have quit Facebook for some reason. But still someone is impersonating you as if you are on Facebook? Then here is how you can deal with it. Just go to this form and fill the required details.

Facebook Profile Form

You have attached the picture of Government-issued ID of the person being impersonated, in this case, that is you. That’s all. Now Facebook will see this issue dearly.


Simple Steps To Prevent Your Facebook Profile To Appear On Google Search

You can see these methods to report Fake profile of your friend or anyone you know. After the rise of cyber-bullying, I’m sure Facebook will take these issues very seriously.


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    • Lu T

      There is a profile pretending to be my 10 year old daughter, but I can’t get Facebook to remove it. An Instagram account – presumably set up by a “helpful” friend of hers – was taken down within 24 hours. We provided evidence of her ID on their form. But Facebook has no such mechanism. How can I get them to take this seriously? I report it as an impersonator profile, but they say it “doesn’t violate community standards” presumably because it doesn’t look like someone impersonating me.


    • Osama Ahmed

      Hi pradeep I got a question for you 3 mischievous boys in my locality has copied a fake id of one the guy in there group n they are sending friend request to other people in my locality after they accepting the request the guys are abusing and telling everyone that I m doing this mischief n the 3 guys blaming this to me
      What can I do
      Do I lodge a complaint against them to police
      Will the police be able to detect them ?
      Plss give me the answer

    • Tehmina hamdani

      Someone made a profile by using my pics n id plz try to help me out as soon as posible

    • nirbhau kaur

      sir please help me sumbdy has created fake fb acnt nd peep r usng mah pic i waan dat plz deactiavte dat id or take asum strict action

    • bikhyat

      No face book does nothing even after reporting several times

    • mik

      Hi. As a former Community Operations employee at Facebook I can tell this is done intentionally. We were told to process somewhere around 30-40 % of these reports, while removing report flags for the rest. This way people would try to report fake profiles many times and even ask their friends to help which in turn generates money for Facebook by reloading sponsored ads on it’s website. If you check most recent scandal in Germany where FB team failed to remove hate-speech posts you will see that Facebook’s managing director for a part of Europe, Martin Ott, is under investigation and hopefully will get removed from his position together with the rest of employees doing this.

    • sandra lopez

      Why does the same profile reappears after being shut down?

    • eloisa

      Admin…where can i get the form i have to report some fake account

    • Jennifer

      I reported an account pretending to be me. Had a bunch of my friends added but no picture or information anywhere. I reported it to Facebook and they shut my page down. So good luck.

    • Llowry

      Please help me!!! My boyfriends ex is harassing me and him. The woman has created multiple fake profiles and sending him and I messages that I have a mental disorder, an STD and she knows my street name and everything. I have reported the fake profiles to facebook and they have been shut down. I went to the police with all the messages. How do I know if this matter is being investigated?

      • Pradeep Kumar

        Hi Llowry, I guess the only way to find out is to directly visit them and ask them for an update. I’m sure they’ll do their best regarding this, since cyber-crime is taken into serious consideration these days.

    • jason a goodwin

      iv recently been sent somethings on facebook saying that they are from facebook and that iv won money they then go on to ask for your age drivers licence etc when i said id check with the police and facebook first this person blocked me im sure others have fallen for this scam the person called herself michelle r shonka she said she was from facebook and fedez or something she sen photos of people with checks with facebook written on the checks im sure its a scam and they want your details to make credit cards or something

    • Preeti sharma

      Hi pls help as some fake account posted my persknal mobile number on her facebook timeline.me & my friends reported my times for deleted that fake profile or that post which leaking my number. M getting lots of wrong calls from cheap people’s.. pls suggest how do we delete tht profile..

      • Pradeep Kumar

        Hi Preeti Sharma, is that profile still active? If so, kindly share it with us. Facebook receives tonnes of fake profile complaints per day and they are trying their best to help asap. If you know who is behind this or if the profile is still active, I guess it’s time to take this to the cyber crime department.

        • Trish

          I have just received a friend request from a Michelle R Shonka supposedly from lottery department of facebook head office

    • lauraville legatria

      Please help me
      My xbf post my private picture now he delete because my tita talk to him.he i unblock him.for me i dont want because he always blackmail me and treathen me.i want distroy his fb.can you help me how

    • Jessica

      My name is jessica and my daughter has facebook and someone with a fake ID has been harrassing her sending her vulger msgs and threats , i am now very worried cause they have threatened to kill my little son in one of those msgs , what can i do about it and how can i get a hold of this person?
      Pleae can anyone help me as i am desperate and worried.


      • Pradeep Kumar

        Hi Jessica, just stay calm and send me the details to pradeep [at] hellboundbloggers.com

        I’ll surely look into this further. Also don’t forget to send me the fake Facebook profile link along. 🙂

    • Annette

      My boyfriends ex keeps making fake profiles and has tried adding me or talking nonsence to me on many different profile accounts how can I get proof that is her for legal matters cause I’m taking her to court for harrasment but I need to prove it is her .. I know it’s her cause her son has told me he’s seen his moms computer many times and seen how many different fake profile accounts she has made on Facebook but I need actual proof how do I obtain that information or is it even possible?

    • mathena

      can u plz help me? someone has opened fake facebook account using my name n pic how I delete or block the person? because I don’t have facebook account pls help me im girl (mathena malasia) fake id name

    • sae mee

      can u plz help me?? someone has opened my fake account and he or she has used my pictures..s/he has even posted cheap pics which is harassing me n m very depressed!!! i along wit my friends hav submitted d report many tyms bt dat account is still in use…hw can i remove dat account forever

    • palak rajput

      Hii sir i am saumya trouble some one i know who hi is.has used all my pictures form facebook don’t know form where.and creted a new profile with my name he keep on adding my pictures in that profile now he has starled doin cheap stuffon that which is harassing me m vrey depressed in u ple help me out,a big problem on that hided that email form tat profile sir ple help me…

    • Raheel Zafar

      two fake accounts is continously harassing my sister and by contacting friends of my sister….. kindly block these mean people from fb and make ur fb more secure… these are fake fb addresses of these persons….. Facebook/asma.malik.1238292 and facebook/sonia.malik.7965692

    • Desmond Lakes

      My ex created a fake email account and theirfore a fake Facebook. How do I get them both deleted and charges filed

    • Aqib Nawaz

      anyone is using fake i.d by the name and pic of my younger sister
      i.d is:
      taniat malik

    • nigel sells

      I would like to try to get my daughter disconnected off of facebook as she is only 12 I don’t know why or how she got on there and what I have seen she has that many friends that I can count I havent even got that many friends in my life I have seen pictures of my daughter only with bikini on that somebody else has taged she will not give me her password it isn’t giving us too much conflict over these I have tried that many times to get ahold off facebook to sort this matter out my daughter is only 12 years of age n I really feel she should not be on there and I have tried every way possible to stop hair without going to the police I need her facebook account disconnected please please help me I am really frustrated over her name is teagan sells 16 dion drive eagleby 4207 queensland australia please assist in helping me cancel her facebook account please as she is only 12 as I am a concerned and worried parent please help me and thank you

    • aayushi

      Plz help me i am in big trouble.someone make my fake id.plz hlp plzz

    • mirian

      I need to talk with somebody over the phone to report a lot of stuff this lady have more than 5 Facebook profile she is destroying my family’s text me first I need help over the phone first 813-416-5513

    • Sharon

      Same as previous..stolen pictures and created fake account with bogus info. If you can, please email more tips. When reporting to Facebook, do you find out who did it?

      • Pradeep Kumar

        I think Facebook can’t help with finding out ‘who did it’ but you can report this to the Cybercrime department in your area, am sure they might help you with this. 🙂

    • anon

      facebook doesnt do shitttt i’ve been reporting along with 100’s of my friends over year and nothing happend any other way please? can i atleast track the IP and location of the sick bastard whose up2 dis?

    • suliman

      someone on FB pretending to be me, i dont have FB what shalli do. further more this person has made this fb by my name since 2008

    • 10 tips to identify fake profiles on Facebook

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    • 11 tips to identify fake profiles on Facebook | DarkTips

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    • Kritika

      Hi i am in a deep trouble…:( someone ( i know who he is )has used all my pictures from Facebook ( dont know from where) and created a new profile with my name. he keeps on adding my pictures in that profile. now he has started doin cheap stuff on that… which is harassing me….pls pls pls pls pls help,,, m very depressed…. cn u pls pls help me out???? cn i have your contact details so that i cn get it vanished fr ever.

      also suggest me all the way outs .


      pls help pardeep plsss.

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        I emailed you Kritika. Kindly check that please. 🙂

        • Kritika

          yaaaaa thnkss a lot pradeep… i appreciate wat r u doing fr evrybdy out here… pls let me know wen cud i ping u coz i wnt more info abt cyber crime complaint registering process.. so dat i cn file a complaint against dat Bast***….

    • mahima mahajan

      sir some one has maken my fake account using my pics from my real account please deactvate that account as soon as possible http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/profile.php?id=100003495757875

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Mahima, I really feel bad for that. But unfortunately I don't work for or affiliated with Facebook in any manner to delete that. 🙁

        You can contact (http://hellboundbloggers.com/contact/) me if you wish, I'll try my best to make that profile vanish through my network.

    • maahi

      Sir someone has stolen my pics from my real facebook account and now he is making my fake account with cheap name using those pics sir please help me i am sending you the link http://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003495757875&v=feed&refid=17&ref=pymk please delete this id as soon as possible

    • lyn bethel

      hi this is lyn theres a fake profile of me on facebook she used my pic and my name also ,and i report that already in facebook but that fake profile of me is still there,pls help me ……

    • Heather

      Hi, I sent you an email. It would be greatly appreciated if you could respond as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

    • Trisha

      Ive been trying to delete this imposture but facebook refuses to do it. Even after I sent them a copy of my valid drivers license. Can I get people to help report her?

    • eve


      She's got the charastristics of a fake profile but I cannot report her as she's faking someone I know, or me. I reported her as not representing someone real, but facebook has done nothing. She has been adding everyone and I can tell you that because all I see on her profile is "WHO'S THIS?" being asked over and over again

    • tracey newton

      How do you report an ex friend who has hacked my account on facebook? She also did some stuff of facebook on my account that i do not approve of one but!! Please help me 🙁

    • amit singh

      a fake ID has been made with my photo and name amit singh khatti. please help me to delete this ID.

    • mansi

      let me knw how to delete fake profile somone has hackd it created fake one & misusing it help ugent

    • suren

      hi….pls help my sister is being impersonated in facebook pls help me
      he is using my sister’s pic so badly
      i reported to facebook so many time but still no effect
      pls help me
      do something
      this is the fake profile id

      [Comment Edited By Admin]

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Suren, I removed the impersonating Facebook Profile for security purpose.

        If he/she is violating your Sister in any terms, then you have to call the cyber crime immediately and I request you to do so. Facebook badly needs lots of proofs & information to take action.

        This one will be useful : http://hellboundbloggers.com/2010/11/18/report-child-abuse-online/

        And kindly ask your Sister to remove unknown friends or strangers from her friends list (if she is in FB or any social n/ws).

        If you know any Cyber Crime offices in your locality, report this matter to them now. Believe me, they even caught foreigners for involving such identity theft & other illegal activities.

        • suren

          okie but will our parents get involve in this if we report it in cyber crime.???

          • S.Pradeep Kumar

            Obviously yes, but if you are an adult, you can handle this issue all by yourself. If you are not, please take an adult with you or a person who can explain things.

            • suren

              oh!!!!!but our parents shouldnt be involved because my sister will be screwed if they come to know it
              we reported to facebook so many times and many of our friends to reported but no effect
              can u track the id of that fake facebook profile.???
              pls help na,i will be grateful to u if u can help in this
              tell some solutions na
              we hav a doubt tat my sister’s class mate is doing it but we are not sure ,is there any way to track the id ..??
              pls help na

    • xtine

      please delete this fake account

    • xtine

      cant see the application how to report a fake profile,pls need your answer

    • xtine

      where did i found this application how to report a profile,pls need your answer

    • tim

      hello S.Pradeep Kumar

      my problem is the following:

      someone out there (i’m actually pretty sure who) created a fake profile of mine and sent himself threat-msgs to then send the screen shots of it on to my future wife. the mails are really terrible and frighting. obviously i dont have those mails myself and i’m of course not friends with this fake profile of mine. this profile also sent 2 msgs to a friend of mine (maybe the only way to back track it?)

      the thing is, this terrible story messed up my whole relationship. people started trusting the wrong group of people. ALL i want now is a proof that this wasn’t me. how can i do that?

      can facebook help me here? can they backtrack stuff or find ip-addresses. i really need to solve this problem.

      thank you very much for answer.

      best regards


      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Hey Tim, if that guy is misusing or impersonating your name, you can report that to Facebook using “Report/Block this Person” link. Choose ‘fake profile’ as the reason while submitting. You can also tell your friends to do the same.

        And fake profiles are common these days, just make sure you don’t reveal too much personal data on your profile. 🙂

        • tim

          hello sir

          thank you very much for your answer. the problem is. i dont have any of these mails. because he sent himself those mails to show other people. as if i was the person that wrote it. one friend of mine got a mail. so he could actually report this. but for me it is really important to proof that this wasn’t me. so can anyone help me proof this. like showing from what ip-adress this is coming from or something like that. i need a proof.

          thank you for another answer.

          best regards


          • S.Pradeep Kumar

            Tim, if you know your Facebook friends in person or if you are close enough, kindly email them explaining the whole situation & ask them to remove that impersonator from their friends list.

            And also recommend your friends to report this incident.

            And make sure this thing don’t get worse. 🙂

            • tim

              hi again

              yes i know them and there not friends with this fake profile of mine.

              the thing is, I NEED PROOF that this wasn’t me.

              like a statement from facebook or an IP-address showing where this came from. the right people trust the wrong person at the moment and it absolutly destroys me. CAN ANYONE HELP ME HERE?

              thanks for all good answers in advance…


              • S.Pradeep Kumar

                Am sorry Tim, I guess it is not quite possible on Facebook, even in any other social network.

                Maybe you can persuade the ‘right people’ to realize that they are dealing with the ‘wrong person’ by contacting them directly or something like that..!?

                Try this Facebook Discussion Tim, maybe the top contributors can fix something.


    • TSpencer

      Facebook really doesn’t seem to care about profiles impersonating someone unless the someone being impersonated is a so-called celebrity. Someone set up a fake profile with my name and photo, it’s been reported by me and many of my friends, and weeks later, it has still not been removed, nor have the dozens of other fake accounts the same person has set up to harass people with. However someone sets up a fake profile of Justin Beiber and it’s removed within hours. So it’s not a matter of lack of manpower on Facebook’s part, or there just being so many Facebook accounts to patrol… they just really don’t care what’s going on if they don’t think you’re important enough.

    • kinga

      I have a problem, and my wish is to help me somehow. My name is Kinga, i have account on Facebook wich i suspended right now, because there is a Facebook user, who haz several accounts, and he use some phishing programs to still other people accounts and passwords. This i know for sure, because he broke my account to.

      I really want u to do something about that, i wanna ask u to block this user for not getting acces to Facebook.
      This user name is Razvan Timbus, it is from Romania, profile : facebook.com/razvi.razvi, and he also have this accounts with this names: Razvan Razvi; Cinthya Maria; Soos Maria; Ala Bala Unu; Spartacus Mures; Din Mures; Cerchez Marius; Ferma Mea; Julin Cu.

      Please help me somehow and im waiting an answer.

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        If you think he is misusing Facebook, you can contact Facebook Team for reporting this issue mate.

        Or you can suggest some of your existing FB friends to report abuse against him. Cheers. 🙂

    • Jennifer

      Is login@facebook.com a valid email? Would i get a response from it? Someone is impersonationg me on facebook. Some of my friends and I reported however, it has still not been removed. What should i do?
      Pleeeease help!

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        You can try that email address or use this form Jennifer.


        You need to prove that the profile is violating their policies. Give some extra proof. 🙂

    • joselle marc

      my facebook was teminate what will i do i dont do somthing on it… then they terminate it…

    • loulee

      just to add to that, they have since started another profile page (official) but its impossible to advise the 30,000 or so who have joined up to the other page…cheers :o)

    • loulee

      Thanks for the info….just wondered what should be done if a band profile is used inappropriately. My friends band has 30,000 friends, the profile was started by someone unknown to the band and fans just keep joining up unknown to them the page is run by an imposter. Anyone help?..thanks

    • Suneel

      I think this fake report page would help so many women and celebrities.

    • Dev | Technshare

      Thanks for this info Pradeep.!! 🙂

    • Robin

      Worthy… Thanks boss.


    • Hami

      I personally report those profiles which are created to make some unrest online.. aka misuse of online social media.

    • Net Age | Web Design

      This makes me wonder how many of the 400 million plus facebook accounts active at present are actually real accounts, and how many are fake accounts! It does seem like they are pro-actively trying to weed out the fake accounts, but there has to be a certain percentage of fakes. I got just on 400 friends, and am quite sure there are a good couple of aliens inbetween them 😉

      • Tyler

        My 13 year old son just learned yesterday someone somehow copied and cut his picture and created a fake profile using his name. The ONLY thing correct on his profile was his name and school. They eve put in a wrong religion, plus said he likes to hunt…he doesn’t,and seemed to add a a rifle and dead animal . He had around 100 friends and over 300 posts. He and I a m VERY upset. If I find who did this I will press charges!! I hate Facebook!

    • chandan@work at home blog

      Thanks for this info Pradeep. Well I am more active on twitter than facebook.

    • Shiva | Web Magazine

      Thanks a lot for showing us how to report fake profile, I seriously did not know. By the way I think the report link below the profile can also used to report profiles. Isn’t it?

    • esoftload

      nice info friend. after reading this i searched for my fake profile…

    • mobile phone

      Facebook and other social networking sites are going to have huge publicity problems in the future.

    • Blooming Artificial Plants

      How Facebook team judge reporter of the fake profile is genuine? because if genuine person claim it than why faker can’t do?

      • S.Pradeep Kumar

        Good Question. See, there are some things which a fake profile lacks. It is somewhat easy to differentiate a fake and a genuine profile. Will post an article related to that soon.. 🙂

      • sanam

        hii erm thers a fake profile of me on facebook iitsz called “sanam jane” iive reported iit so many tyms on my friiends account but facebook arnt doiin nuffin about iit, ii havnt got a facebook account but someone has made a fake account of me an has got my pictures on iit, cud sum1 plz help me get iit deleted, jus email me on my bruvas email iits sohailqe@hotmail.com.. cud sum1 plz help me a need iit 2 get deleted, ii went to poliice statiion but dey sed dey cudnt du nuffin bou iit, cud sum1 help me plz

    • Tech Sputter

      Well Facebook is mainly created to connect with old friends and make new friends and to stay connected to the rest of the world. Facebook make people happy though friendship and networking. If fake profiles destroys peoples personal lives and families, then facebook authority must take the responsibility to shut the fake profiles down. If there are 1 million complaints about fake profiles, then Facebook should take a look at all of those profiles and remove the profiles. While removing fake profiles,if a real profile is removed, then it can be re activated, but if 1 fake profile still remains, then it is harmful for that 1 person who goes through the agony of wrong judgment, false reputation in the eyes of that persons family, friends, close persons and to the whole world. And the persons who are committing the crime get away with no punishment, where the victim of fake profiles suffer. Facebook is supposed to make people happy, not to destroy lives. I would strongly suggest it to take some necessary actions.

    • Samuel

      Yea man thanks for the tips!

    • Anup

      Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Directory Sieve

      Perhaps we should all do a bit of searching on facebook or even on twitter and other social sites, and if someone is using our brands for illegal activities or impersonating us, we should surely report them. Thanks for letting us know about the reporting procedure.

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