Brand Your Comments To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Brand Your Comments !I got new friends through my blog. Guess how? I saw their comments in my blog and I replied to them and so on.¬†Branding yourself in your comments is an important one in the Blogging field. It now helps not only to get online friends, but also drives all the traffic to your Blog’s link. Now let us discuss how to brand the comments in such a way. Commenting on others blog will refresh your blog and let others know your blog exists. You can comment in a blog unrelated to the topics in your blog, it can drive some traffic, but it will not be a permanent one. So I prefer readers to comment in a blog related to the subjects or topics in your blog, so you could easily link your blog for reference. The Golden Rule of Commenting is not to SPAM! Remember that in mind. Please don’t spam in my blog and also in others. You can refer the below stuffs for a decent commenting. Happy Commenting!¬†

Why Should I Comment? Or/And How Should I Comment?

Search Engine : Commenting on others blog will place your blog’s URL in search engines indirectly, without much effort. So it helps someone to visit your blog.

Linking : Usually comments are made by entering details like Name, Email and blog/website link. So it helps to link your blog in other blogs.

Relationship : By commenting on others blog, you will get to know something about that blog’s owner. By asking and replying you may develop a good relation with him/her. You can also interact with other readers in that blog by similar manner.

Use Emoticons : You can also use some worthy expression emoticons to make the comments look interactive and attractive.

Widget From Million Clues
From Million Clues

Be The First To Comment : Always try to be the first for commenting in a blog. Because first impression is the best impression. I meant every reader will check the first comment of a article/post rather than other comments.

Check out Popular Posts : Search all the famous blogs and other blogs for their popular post. It is popular mainly due to the maximum page visits and the comments received. It will be useful to display your comments in such a post.

Show Your Photo : Your comments will look dull if it has a default logo instead of other photos. So try to get yourself a cool Gravatar.

Branding : By commenting frequently in blogs will help others to remember your name and your blog’s name. Even the regular readers will be aware of you and your blog. Most popular blogs have top-commentator widget installed. So always try be a top-commentator of a blog. It will try to increase Page Rank and Traffic.

Quote by Arun Basil Lal from Million Clues

Never comment for the sake of commenting, readers can easily distinguish a genuine comment and a fake comment. If you just want to say congrats, do it in a special way.

As per I concern never/ever spam your comment! Don’t misuse or abuse commenting.

HOW TO: Add Favicon To Your Blog’s URL

If you are confused why you should add favicon to your blog, then you are just like me few years back. Let us share with you the procedure and benefits.

Favicon (pronounced as fav-eye-con) is the short form of favorites icon. It is a 16 x 16-pixel square icon associated with a website or web page. A Favicon is also a tiny representation of your blog or website’s logo and it is very much useful for branding.

Below we’ll share two simple ways to generate a favicon for your blog:

1) By using a software.

2) By using an online icon generator.

We often prefer the latter since this is a simple task.

Add Favicon To Your Blog’s URL

HBB Favicon - Add Favicon To Your Blog

There are many icon editor software on the Internet that you can download for free.

You can also check out Imagicon for that. It is very a simple tool used for generating favicons. Imagicon transforms other format images into .ico format, which is the format of favicon.

You can create favicons in two different sizes 16 x 16 and 32 x 32. But I think 16 x 16 size will be suitable for most of the websites and also readable.

You can also create and generate a favicon online. Some favicon generators provide you free hosting also. Enter “Online favicon generators” on Google Search and you will find many links for it.

Go to’s Icon Generator. It allows you to generate favicon and host also.

No registration is required for this. Here is a screenshot of this website below.

Favicon Generator

First upload the image (should be less than 1MB).

And you will get the favicon with the extension .ico.

You can download that and host it on your web server, or you can host it in website itself.

Favicon Generated

The link will be similar to this:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">

You have to copy directly and paste the code above in the head of your web pages by editing the template/theme. By this, you can quickly add the favicon to your blog’s URL or Domain name. Do let us know your views in the comments below.