Should Your Blog Have A Forum?

Many bloggers are eager to add a forum to their blogs now-a-days. Many don’t care about the positives and negatives of it. Only a blogger who can manage and dedicate time can easily succeed.

Hard work is the key behind a successful online community. Many created forums, because they don’t have much experience, so they automatically decided to launch a forum.

You cannot expect a successful blog to have a successful forum. You need to start from scratch. From null readers to a community.

HellBound Bloggers also had one forum and the last point is the reason ! 😀

Community participation

Main Reasons Why You Want To Have A Forum

  • You have the passion for your niche and blog’s content and you want to share with others.
  • You want to make more money through it.
  • You want to spread and share your thoughts and opinions about the subject.
  • You want to develop a successful online community.
  • You want boost your blog’s popularity and value proposition.
  • You want to have a forum because everyone has it.

Your Forum May Damage Your Successful Branded Blog

Yes. What the subtitle says is 100% true. Inactive and poor forums can destroy your successful brand. Think twice or thrice whether you can manage your time. You have to dedicate and manage your time for making both your blog and forum successful. A bad forum may damage your successful brand and good reputation in a short period.

Your Blog Can Also Act As An Online Community

If you have a blog, where your readers can contribute, you can easily create an online community. As a author, you need to concentrate on the content and make your readers to interact and comment. These can help you create a cool environment and community. Make your blog easy to interact with you and others.

What You Will Need To Transform Blog Into Community ?

To transform a blog into a community, you need to have interaction and encouraging comments from your readers. Your blog readers should contribute to the blog. It will be better if you have good number of RSS feed subscribers and traffic. Interaction is the main thing in a community, without it, it is almost dead. Try to interact with your readers, ask questions in your articles. Check ways for helping your commentators, which indeed increases your comments and interaction.

43 thoughts on “Should Your Blog Have A Forum?”

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  2. Im very happy that you are trying to create a forum…

    Im awaiting for that ….
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

  3. nice post bro! well i don't think is mandatory well it depends on the blogger but for me i don;t go with that idea for now lol!!

  4. Any forum should have people who know their subjects and provide information on the same.It would be useless to invite a party while the food is “not on the menu” as simple as this.It requires time to pay attention to and yes constant efforts regarding the successful “running” of the forum.Good feeds above and worth the consideration for those who know they can do it.

    • Thanks for your valuable opinion Don ! 😉

      Yes, we have to pay attention towards the forum members too.. like commentators in blog.. they too possess an important role ! 😉

  5. I agree with people above who suggest that its difficult to manage a forum. Even as a company we find it difficult to assign people to manage a forum. You need not just give time. You have to answer queries as well. It really tough in the beginning. If you manage to get in a couple of expert the forum is about then your jobs gets easier.

  6. i will like to add a forum in my blog but the problem is time…. after my day job, i cannot dedicate 3-4 hours….

  7. Before having a forum for your blog, you should think about the possible outcomes and the status of your blog. If your blog is very famous as in the top 30,000 alexa, then you should not have any doubt in opting for the forums.

  8. Forums … Forums.. Forums!!

    It’s not easy to manage and moderate and edit a forum, this is true, I like the idea of separating forums and other stuff from your blog brand!

    thanks for the informative post!

  9. I’d say you really need to be in a specific niche to have success with a forum on your blog. Otherwise people will most likely just stick with forums that already exists as pure forums, not “forums based on a blog”.

    Also when starting up a forum you need to devote a lot of time yourself, most likely create multiple accounts and having conversations with yourself. If there are no posts, nobody will come and post. So you need to get the conversation started and hope others will join in.

    • Exactly Klaus, I guess forums can have blogs, but blogs cannot have forums ! 😉

      If you are problogger, you can manage a forum, because you might have quited your day job and so on.

      Photoshop niche blogs have been successful with their forums ! Hope it will happen to everyone ! …

      Thanks for your first comment here ! 😉

  10. Hey Pradeep, You have highlighted some nice points. Managing a forum is much much difficult than a blog as you need to check links shared by others, username, images and again SEO. Nice info shared by you.

    • Thanks Sanjeev ! 😉

      Many successful brands like John Cow also failed to maintain Forums !

      As you said, managing a forum is more difficult than a blog ! 5 times more ! 😀

  11. If at all you are making forum then its little risky to have phpbb as the exploits of it are many !!
    For safety purpose buy a license from Vbulletin or IPB and use it ,and never ever use nulled version of IPB or Vbulletin 🙂

  12. Since I started my blog , I was thinking to start forum but not yet started . I was just scared about the performance. You wrote nice list, many points are clear now. Pradeep , If you are aware of some really goog photoshop forums , do let me know plz.

  13. Phew! I presume handling a blog itself is quite tiresome as it requires more time and patience to do so. And having a forum, is surely out of question, given my time bound limits. 😉

    I am happy with blogging Pradeep. I stay away from forums for a while. First I need to increase the loyal reader base in order to start a forum.

    • Well said Suneel, I also closed the forum. I don’t want to concentrate on both ! As you mentioned, loyal reader base is very important, which is the main thing required for starting forums ! 😉


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