HOW TO: Buy Or Sell Blogs Easily And Effectively

You might be running a blog or website, but no longer wish to continue, then you can sell your blog easily for a good amount. Let the reason be anything, you can always find a person or place online to sell your blog. Developing and selling a blog becomes a trend now-a-days. You can see lot of queries related to it in the search engines. In this article I’m going to share some useful resources for potential buyers and bloggers who want to buy or sell a blog.

Common Reasons For Selling A Blog/Website

  • You do not have the inclination to maintain the blog any longer.
  • You don’t find time to update a blog since you have so many blogs to manage.
  • You got a good buyer with a reasonable offering price fulfilling your expectations.


Where Can I Sell Or Buy A Blog/Website?

1. SitePoint Auctions : SitePoint has around 1000 unique visitors, so it is easy to grab opportunities. The buyers expect good Google PR, quality backlinks, unique visitors and moderate revenue. The fee is minimal and the rest in marketing skills, with which you can promote your blog easily.

2. Sedo Auctions : You can list your blog/website for sale on Sedo Auctions for free but you have to pay a commission fee of 10% when you get a buyer for your blog or website. Sedo lets you sell new and established blogs with excellent content. You can even promote your domain names.

3. eBay Website Auctions : One Good thing about eBay auctions is they are generally indexed by the search engines so if your listing has detailed descriptions and appropriate keywords, you can expect buyers through search engines as well. But the bad thing about eBay Website Auction is that you may have to deal with fake and spam bidders. You can list your blog for free in eBay. ebay also charges a commission from the sale.

4. Digital Point Forum : I’m a active member of Digital Point Forums and I have seen many threads related to it. You can get good exposure of your blog and also good buyers.  This site not only allows you to buy or sell your blog, but also  templates, services, domain, and so on. The best part in Digital Point Forums is that they are absolutely free and their iTrader helps you find reliable, trusted and questionable buyers and sellers.

5. NamePros : You can use NamePros for buying, selling and discovering premium domain names. At NamePros, you can post your domains for sale or for free appraisals. You can join over 156,998 domain name owners from around the world. They also provide you live chat rooms to discuss with  potential buyers and sellers. You have to become a member of NamePros, which is free, and then list your blog or domain for sale.

6. Bloggeries : “Bloggeries” is The Human Edited Blog Directory of the Blogosphere. It is one of the fastest growing community of bloggers. Bloggeries forum lets you sell or buy a blog, trading, content, templates and many more for free of cost. Here also you need to register and get an account for making use of all these advantages.

7. Flippa : Flippa is a new website and also quite impressive one. Because Flippa is designed specially for selling and buying websites. It is one of the leading marketplace for websites. The great thing about this website is that it is created by a team from SitePoint. Your listing will be featured on the front page of Flippa for a limited period for about $29 and the prices varies accordingly.

8. Businesses For Sale :Businesses For Sale is a different kind of website, you can sell or buy a business for sale. Here you can also buy or sell blogs/websites. They have both free and paid. Each have their own advantages. If you are using for free in Businesses For Sale, then you are not allowed to post links and some features are limited only. You can check about it in the Sell A Business section.

You can check the extended list here :

20 Sites To Sell Your Blogs Or Websites

Final Verdict. What To Do and What Not To Do

These are some important things which you should keep in mind when you are going to sell your blog.

  • Use separate web host and domain registrar. Some web host provide you cheap domain names, but you can’t able to transfer it. So it will be difficult to sell the concerned website.
  • Are you serious about Public Auction ? Suppose if you are not satisfied with the offering made by the buyers or you changed your mind or something like that happens, you existing and current readers/subscribers will lose their enthusiasm because they will think you are no longer interested in writing.
  • If you want deal this privately, you can talk with many website administrators. Daniel Scocco from DailyBlogTips is ready to help you regarding this if you good content and revenue. You can check his article about selling or buying a blog. You can drop him a email regarding this.

Having experience regarding buying and selling blogs? Please share in the comments ! 😉

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  1. good post..but am not intersted to sell my site now …will bookmark this will be helpful in future..:)

  2. This is indeed a great post and will help a lot of web masters around the world to easily sell their sites. Thanks a lot Pradeep !

  3. Might be useful someday, will bookmark it.

    Nice share, btw what do you think how much can i get from my blog
    .-= Mad Geek @beingPC’s last blog…Giveaway: 20 Licenses of IP Privacy Pro =-.

  4. site point website sale and buy marketplace is now moved to flippa, and you can no longer sell websites and blogs at site point main market place, though flippa has some serious buyers and sellers and i have sold many sites and blogs there successfully,

    dp is free and cool, am most active there and i love it, name pros is mainly for domains, i don’t see many good sites sold and bought there… and the others are pretty much small… if you got a good site to sell, flippa and dp is your best bet,

  5. Though, I am not a site flipper, I might think selling one or two domains of mine soon. It’s very hard to manage all of them together. is another good place to evaluate and sell/buy sites.

  6. Hi pradeep,

    My name is Rajeel and i am from kerala.I’m 14 yrs old and blogs at i’m in the 10th STD and i am having public exams.So, i’m not even getting the chance to put 1 post per week.So, due to this i had decided to sell my blog.It has now PR3 and i’m waiting till next pr update, coz i hopes for an increase in my PR.

    But the problem is that i only owned the domain in this june 2009.Before that i was blogging in the blogger domain [].So, as it is not so much old, will i get any buyers.I’m having 200+ visitors daily, 100+ posts, alexa – <200K and PR-3.How much value can i expect for it.I believe that you could help me in this.



    • Rajeel, take this as a healthy criticism ! 😉

      You love your blog right ? Please consider selling your blog, if you are in tight financial trouble, or else continue blogging ! A blog having almost 200+ visits can easily adjust for around 2-3 weeks, by then you public exams will get over and you can post regularly ! 🙂

      I think a blog having 200+ visits, PR 3 and Alexa <200K can get around 350 USD ! Rest lies in your marketing skills ! 😉

      Add me to GTalk : | If you want further discussion in this topic ! ..

  7. Really cool post, very informative!

    I think you’ve listed all the best places to sell a site there… nice one! Don’t forget that word of mouth goes a long way, and you should also try and advertise your sale to get the maximum price!

  8. I have a bunch of good domain names for sale. But, it’s very difficult to think of parting with them.

    I need to decide whether I am going to feed them information or just sell them away.

  9. Great information for those who are planning to be in the business. I am planning to buy some domains. But as I read your post, maybe I should consider buying an established blog. Thank you Pradeep..!

  10. Yes, I know this as site/blog flipping. I have seen a few people do this and be successful, but I think it takes some time to get the site indexed and have a decent page rank. I have seen sites on SitePoint going for huge amounts and some for little, I guess it solely depends on what the site is all about.

    Thanks for the list of sites to approach if trying to sell sites.

      • I don’t think so dude because i myself earn 70-90$ from the site monthly and 250$ can be earned within 3 months ,so i am expecting a high bid 😉
        wat say??

        • One guy named Blogging Kid sold his blog for 210 USD ! But of course, that money is too low ! But due to some situations, he was forced to sell his blog for that money !

          And sorry buddy I mentioned 250$ as a good amount for a normal blog, not a branded blog like yours ! I know you can earn 50 $ in 20 days or so ! 😉

          • The only prob for me is , i am not getting time to maintain it.
            Once i get a laptop then will have some more blogs like this. 🙂
            My BCA life is making me very much busy nowadays 🙁 🙁


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