Programming Languages To Learn For A Career In Web

There are lot of programming languages out there and also lot of opportunites to make use of them. Below I mentioned languages, which a professional in Web Development knows. Knowing HTML and JavaScript is not enough to surive in a world of competition. A programmer in Web Development should know atleast one server-side programming language. Learing these programming languages can be lot of fun too.

Programmer1. Hypertext Markup Language -HTML

HTML is the backbone for all the webpages. Using HTML you can control the layout and design of your webpages. The main advantage in HTML when compared with other languages is, HTML is easy to learn and simple to use. HTML is a text and image formatting language.

2. Cascading Style Sheets – CSS

CSS is a style sheet language written in Markup language. It is often quoted as HTML’s sister language. CSS adds style to webpages. Make your HTML programs error-free for better usage of CSS. CSS is used to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML. HTML and CSS creates the formula used to derive a website.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the popular programming language. Without a JavaScript, no website is 100% alive. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, which is normally easy to learn. It is used for the development of dynamic websites. Old names of JavaScript were Mocha and LiveScript.

4. Hypertext Preprocessor – PHP

PHP is a popular general purpose server-side scripting language. Being free and open soucre adds more advantages to it. If you are going to jump in Web Applications field, you better learn this language first. It is commonly used to produce dynamic webpages

5. Structured Query Language – SQL

SQL is not a programming language indeed, but it is a kind of language that helps users to access data from a database. All the websites require databases. For example, WordPress. SQL is a database computer language. The most common operation in SQL is the query.

6. ASP.NET – Active Server Pages .NET

ASP.NET is another popular server-side scripting language. It is a web application framework developed by Microsoft. It is the successor to Microsoft’s ASP. It allows programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language. It is mostly used to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

7. Practical Extraction and Report Language – PERL

PERL is a high level dynamic programming language. The structure of PERL was mostly derived from C language. PERL can be used for purposes like text manipulation, system administration, web development, network programming, games, and GUI development.

8. ColdFusion Markup Language – CFML

CFML is a scripting language and webpage markup language. It is commonly used by Adobe ColdFusion and Blue Dragon. CFML is used to access databases and create webpages. ColdFusion tags are embedded in HTML files. Files created using CFML are saved with a “.cfm” extension.

9. Python

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language. Python is often used as a scripting language. Object-oriented programming and structured programming are supported here. In Python programmers are permitted to adopt any style. Python is said to be highly extensible.

10. JavaServer Pages – JSP

JSP use Java as the server-side programming language for creating dynamic websites. This will be helpful when you are learning Java. JSP is used to develop dynamically generated web pages. JSP technology is also referred as the Servlet application program interface (API).

I’m a poor learner in C and C++, but familiar with HTML and CSS. Don’t keep a full stop, learn as many languages as possible. It helps in your career and also in college ! πŸ˜€ Currently I’m learning PHP. So how many languages you know ? Be Genuine ! πŸ˜‰

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  1. how do you rate the utility of scripts like php vs heavy programming like jsp ??
    which would be better to start with ?

  2. Perl is really powerful, as mentioned it can be used in lot of different ways. Its not so hard and at the same time not so easy. Very few know it and I'm one of those!!

  3. Excellent list… perl and ruby helps us in making things better.. PHP is the most popular and widely used web language . . .
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  4. although its not a language but it is better to have some knowledge of Photoshop and designing . .
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  5. Hey, Great compilation! I know just 5, so it would be a long list for me..This is really helpful! Thanks! =)
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  6. Good list. I excel at HTML & CSS; I prefer to leave the Javascript tweaking to a lot of standard jQuery plugins πŸ˜‰ and I know a bit PHP.

    I gotta say though, with all those open source content management systems around nowadays, you don't even have to learn a lot of PHP for most standard websites.
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  7. A nice list.

    Albeit many purist would consider many of the ones listed as scripting languages as apposed to programming languages.
    These are tech ones I know myself.

    Some VB
    Some Perl
    And I think one needs to familiar with Ajax

    Here is a list of the top programming languages. The most popular programming langages @
    And my list of langauges to learn @

  8. Nice list of languages which I am planning to learn since a long time..

    I know HTML, CSS , Javascript, SQL, a Little Perl and PHP. I believe gaining more experience in one language is better than being a jack of all trades.

    • Yeah…that’s correct Chandra… that’s why I’m currently concentrating on PHP and HTML alone. SQL is a part of college syllabus I guess.. so not bothering about it! πŸ˜‰

  9. Great Posts. A very nice list of programming languages for Web Development. Why is JSP mentioned at the end? I hope its not a matter of priority.

  10. A programmer who knows all these languages would be very high in demand and sure paid handsomely.It depends on the timing and exposure on has while actually working which makes a programmer worth his skills.Good for anyone to know these languages but actual use makes one perfect and efficient in the usage of these languages.There are many shortcut codings and I have come across some “educated” fresher programmers who work in the bookish style simply because they don’t know the easy way out.It depends on the productivity after the knowledge that makes one successful.All the best to all those who aspire to be a good programmer.

  11. Right now I am learning CSS, believe me it is not very difficult to learn but it require practical hardwork if you want to become master of all trade.

  12. Hmmm πŸ™‚
    I know Html.
    Can use javascripts ,php and can play around with them.
    Just once need to learn CSS completely then will start designing wordpress themes πŸ™‚
    wat about you pradeep??

  13. Awesome post man, this will really help the guys who are willing to make there career in web.Out of all above languages “PHP” is most widely used language.

      • so php is important πŸ™„ . sucks i dont know this. I learn little bit html and css by editing them myself and see the effect, like that, i collapsed my site many times. πŸ˜† , i have html and xhtml bible book in front me, but i didn’t open( gift from friend), i will from today now. first i should learn xhtml and JavaScript and then i ll learn php. a long way , ahh..
        da pradeep you should put this post very earlier, so that ppl like me will get aware of it, any how thanks for the post.

  14. Yes these languages are the most important part of Web Developer career.
    Even graphic design knowledge can add more sugar in the cup of hot coffee.

  15. Good list of languages..I am ok with PHP , CSS and Javascript and bit of coldfusion. After reading list , I guess I have to learn more πŸ™‚

  16. A nice list of languages. I can honestly say that I’ve learned SQL, PHP and CSS by myself. I have a look at what others use and then try it myself and figure out how and why it was done like that. My next one is Javascript, that looks like a huge challenge for me.


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