Using Plenty Of Plugins On Your WordPress Blog?

plenty of pluginsIf you use plenty of plugins, say like more than 10 and still like to add more but controlled yourself as you have read somewhere written by Pro and Fellow Bloggers, that you should not use too many plugins, then continue reading this article. I basically help people in building their Blog to let their writing skills and selective domain skill improved a lot by making them stand in the shoe as a blogger.

Let me Start it by Sharing my Experience

Some try to obey the instruction I give at the time I complete building their platform to write and promote. And some cannot control themselves and install plenty of plugins after I give the login details to access the dashboard further.

In my experience I have seen blogs generating at least a decent 4 figure income (in USD) and they use Shared Web Hosting with some Quality Web Hosting Companies. They know Hosting is an important investment and they never look for cheap hosting companies, as there will be no proper backup systems or security in place.

Load more plugins to Take your Blog Down

It’s almost like killing your blog all by you own hand. Yes, loading plenty of plugins for several reasons and calling it, as Customizing is totally meaningless. Plugins are meant to do its task and limited does a great job. You must try to accomplish tasks by placing codes manually on index, template and sidebar files.

Less Number of Plugins keeps your Blog Young and Healthy

When you make your blog wear some less number of costume attachments and add-ons then it will show off great and sexy too, that in turn attracts more visitors easily. Ask yourself, do you love to visit a site that has so many features enabled from homepage, pages and posts or the site that looks simple and delivers some essential features?

Just look at HBB, do you see it’s overdressed or taking much time to load when you click on internal pages and links? Don’t you think HBB is sexy and I agree its HOT too. 😉 (my compliments :P)

If you are helping your blog to be SLIM, then it will work 24×7 to serve your contents faster.

It’s not about the Plugins anymore, It’s about the Content

Visitors come to your weblog to enjoy reading the contents and the way you write. So spend more time on improving your Writing Skill and plenty of traffic can be pulled even if you write awesome contents on an HTML page. That will become more famous through Social Media today.

Thanks for your patience and time, and I believe you will try this out to see some positive results in coming days. All the best and Happy Blogging 🙂 fellow bloggers.

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Tips To Maintain Concentration In Blogging

ConcentationI use computers more than 8 hours a day. When people ask me, hey you are always sitting in front of that square and don’t you ever think you will go mad? Its a common question asked by many parents too, if you are blogging from (or in) your school or college days. When I say “I am actually doing my business”, the next request from maximum of our friends or known fellows would be, alright guide me the steps to make money too.

I feel whoaw, its not a click job where the money comes automatically after paying 5k or some money to me. Blogging requires too much hard work even for the experts (geeks). And I always put the following points in front to make them understand “What Blogging is all about?”.

  • First, Blogging is an art
  • It requires lot of patience with a brain that actually preloaded with some knowledge to convey others
  • Its a time consuming process to generate a constant revenue
  • Requires a positive attitude
  • Mind set that is hungry and needs to be feed frequently
  • finally, Patience while replying to user comments, as it may be appreciation or hate speech (atleast often)

Once ready to obey and agree all the above points, we are perfectly seated in the flight to travel in Blogosphere to call yourself as a “Blogger“. Let me jump in to the title, where I am going to share some important concentration tips to be maintained by a blogger for successful blogging.

Bookmark blogs on same Niche

Finding blogs that are in the same niche as your blog, is no more a tough task to do. More than Google we have social bookmarking, networking tools to hunt for blogs that are in the same niche. By bookmarking them, and actively participating in the discussion goes on with such blogs can help you form a community with same interest. Which makes you to receive notifications, updates from those blogs to motivate you. As we have the habit of comparing with others, this positively helps us to bring more creative contents to your readers.

Calculate the productivity, for the time you spent in front of the System

Its not a matter whether you sit in front of the system for 12 hours a day. It really matters how much productively you spent the time when you were sitting in front of your computer. That gives you an assurance of growth in traffic statistics, revenue, and so on., Many naturally have the habit of spending maximum time with listening to music, watching movies and in some cases the worst part goes like searching for something without rest and till the end they never find the one they were searching for. I am not telling that 3 of these activities are waste, but scheduling separate time to relax yourself is highly necessary and we should not mix them which in turn hits the productivity level.

Let me know, how many of you easily get deviated to music, movies, or searching on something after opening your Blogs Dashboard.

Be sure to set Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Goals

Goals are the perfect way to work on the success path. I learned it really from Pradeep, the owner of HBB. My blog is 3 years old and I never thought to post articles even often. I registered a domain name and today I feel like, I was simply showcasing to my friends that I too have a website. A year ago, I was surprised with the HBB fast growth statistics and noticed that this fellow is working towards a goal which can be reached possibly. Whenever you set goals, in your blog make sure it is possible to achieve in the period you set.

Actually I have an attitude of completing  a task on time and if I am unable to, then something makes me to feel like INCOMPLETE in my mind. I wont be able to do any other work with full satisfaction either. I did see the similar behavior with few of my friends around too. This is no where wrong I believe.

So set your Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly goals to be achieved and remember not to set any goals like “Overtaking Mashable or Techcrunch Traffic Stat”, ever and never 🙂

Team work always works, so try to form a team after several months of blogging

Initially you might be started with a blog that depends on you and vise versa. After 6 months and more, it would be great if you find a company to blog. It avoid saturation, minimizes upset or frustration over the time you spend in front of the monitor. Its not important that your partner should sit next to you, even working totally from different country can work well too. However, the target must be on the Goals set to be achieved.

Sharing is caring….

Focus on Quality (Posts) but not the Quantity

This one is very important for a blogger who wishes to see drastic growth in the traffic. Blogging on the contents that are currently in search by many visitors can be a smart choice in blogging. You may observe the HBB for such great achievement. Even though the article number is less comparatively, it is in the good traffic consuming blog chart due to its quality in the articles. 250 posts in total that gets nearly 7000 comments is not an easy one to obtain by a blogger in a year time.

Never focus on the number of articles you post daily. Make sure you are giving the articles or posts that are possibly necessary for the readers. Of course it requires SEO, Theme Optimization and some more work on the way you write article. In simple words I would say, provide content rich, keyword rich articles to pull the plug.

Its almost 03:35 AM [IST] here. I am not really tired though 🙂 as I had a cup of hot coffee and feeling quite brisk to write my next article… I am eagerly expecting some more valid points to add with this article. Do let me know via comment here. Thank you so much for spending your time to read this much and for proving that you really have loads of patience 🙂 Cheers. Happy Blogging!

Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Freaks

Twitter, a micro blogging service allows anyone to send/receive short messages (140 Characters) in Real time. It is possible to send a message for even 1 million users at a single click of a mouse button. If you are new to Twitter, then register yourself for free and have a look at the Twitter Definition for Newbies . Rather a tool for communicating with friends and family members, Twitter can also be a valuable source for flouring the business.

Alright, let me share some twitter tools with you that make many of your internet tasks easier. These twitter tools use Twitter API to authenticate with their application. Hence, you don’t have to register every time you visit these sites.
Twitter Freaks
1. Mr.Tweet : Getting twitter followers suggestion based upon your interest simply via Direct Message to your Twitter account is what MrTweet actually do. Signup with your Twitter account in their website and you may start expecting suggestions to increase your following, followers count in few minutes.

2. Twitthis : You can share the links instantly with your followers using this service with a customized message. This also helps you to increase the followers count.

3. Twitcam : Just in 3 easy steps you can start broadcasting your video with your twitter users. Latest browser with flash plug-in is all it requires to begin the video broadcasting and recording services.

4. Twitpic : This allows any twitter user to post (upload) pictures either through their website or simply from their mobile phone. The link generated will be posted in their twitter dashboard by twitpic for viewing the pictures by their followers. Simple yet powerful picture sharing service for twitter.

5. Twit4live : A software to set status messages from your Live Messenger itself and also to send tweets to your twitter contacts through Live Messenger.

6. Twellow : Looking for followers or people whom you can follow? Then Twellow has a solution for this by separating the people in a list of categories that makes your job much easier in searching for people. Pick your category and start adding new people to follow or fill up your bio data (profile) within twellow to get more followers.

7. TweetDeck : An Adobe AIR application that enables you to get real time updates of Twitter, Facebook Status messages without a delay. This is a commonly recommended and used adobe air application by many twitter users. You can receive and send updates in real time. It’s Interactive, Instant and Simple – that makes the tweetdeck a special one.

8. : One stop solution for bloggers, which reduces the headache of spreading a word about their recent article, with various social networking accounts. Just integrate the API’s of respective Social Networking or Social Bookmarking sites with and concentrate on writing your blog posts. takes care about sending the updates to most commonly used Social networking and bookmarking sites.

9. Cotweet : Suitable for companies to extend and manage their support through twitter. This allows anyone to add up to 6 twitter accounts through their 1 cotweet login. Follow ups for certain tweets can be done by assigning the tweet to a colleague. Notifications via email also possible. Many organizations are providing their one form of support through this cotweet today.

10. Twittercal : Embed your twitter account and Google Calendar to get event notifications without visiting google calendar each time. Just send message to Twittercal bot (gcal) and it will take care of your event schedules and notifies you at the correct time specified.

11. Qwitter : Get a notification email if someone stops following you on twitter. The email message also contains the recent post you made in your twitter profile where that could be one of the reason for losing your follower.

12. GroupTweet : Create private groups to communicate with your group members alone by sending the tweet as a direct message to the group tweet account. That will convert the DM back to tweet and publishes only for the group users. Private communication is established through this way.

13. FollowCost : A service to let you know how much frequently the twitter user is updating his or her status message and you may decide whether you can follow them or not. If you feel the high “Average Updates” could annoy you then you may decide not to follow the twitter user and simply let them to follow you. You may check out my annoying status before following my twitter profile here.

14. Huitter : Contains various Twitter Tweaks and Cheats that makes your twitter account tweaked. Mutuality, is one of their tool that enables any twitter user to unfollow if they are not following you. Another one is an status update tool for Gtalk 2 Twitter.

15. Retwt : Impressive site that shrinks your lengthy Blog or Web article (post) URL and make it look like . You may share it with your friends or in any social networking, bookmarking sites. By entering the same URL and navigating to “Analyse” you can view how many clicks made to that specific shortened URL.

Thanks for your patience for reading the article so far. Your comments will motivate me more and more to come up with many improved ideas. Will meet you through my next Guest Article with HellBound Bloggers.

This article is written by Robin. He is the Founder and CEO of W3CERT Technologies. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.