Top Ten Tips To Be More Productive And Save Time On Instagram

Our detailed and in-depth guide will run through the essential tips and tricks that can make you more productive and help you save time on Instagram. We know that marketing your Instagram handle to captivate the interest of the followers is a daunting task as you have to manage so much from posting to reading comments to responding to DMs and analyzing the competitors and more.

Tips To Be More Productive And Save Time On Instagram

To assist you in this regard, we will be unleashing some of the best strategies that can help you to save tons of time on Instagram so you can focus more on the business goals and end objectives instead wasting precious time on Instagram. 

Use Preset or photoshop to have strong Instagram aesthetics:

To build brand awareness and keep getting the followers, you must have visually stunning and appealing Instagram aesthetics all across the feeds. Meaning you should have selected a standard look or a style of imagery that would be seen all across the photos videos and stories. It is useful if you have commands on the legendary tools like photoshop or illustrator, in case you are new to the business, there are tons of other apps like preset that reduce the burden of workflow, and you get the job done in minutes. Once you have chosen the Instagram aesthetics, it can assist you in editing all those photos in seconds to fit in that standard shape. 

Plan a Grid Format:

The next step is even more critical, and that is selecting a Grid format so you can plan and keep images of two to three weeks in advance. It not just bring ease but also imparts a standardized look to your feed as each of the post or video will be the same from the side by side, top to bottom or diagonally across. Tons of apps can assist you in this regard and make the decision process in choosing the right grid format way more convenient for you. 

Maintain a list of caption:

The Instagram caption is the fundamental parameter to have seen the post by thousands of people. Moreover, Instagram has too tightened the rule and promote those posts that have maximum engagement and writing a compelling and engaging caption often pushes people to comment or like that ultimately increase the engagement. 

However, most of the time, it happens with almost every Instagram user that we try to write an engaging caption but come up all blank. Therefore, spare out some time and manage a spreadsheet where you could write the captions to the week ahead and transfer the sheet to the mobile phone to handle everything excellently and in the shortest time possible. 

Schedule Posts to Automatically Publish to feed

Automation technology leaves no stone unturned in bringing ease and comfort in one’s life, and so it has done for Instagram users. Yes! You heard right; you can publish the posts without opening the app. Many apps can help you in this; all you need is to schedule posts to automatically publish. Though it is recommendable to choose the precise time to post. These tools indeed help you to enjoy added perks like you can focus on the more significant projects without being worrying about posting, and you can select the peak time when most of the followers are online, so it can help to have more engagement. 

Use professional templates to design Instagram stories:

Have you ever thought how big brands like Nike, moment, and more create amazing Instagram stories content every day? Although they have a big budget and more professional team yet, it does not mean you have to compromise on the quality. Instagram templates are the excellent pre-designed layouts with graphics animation and more that assist you in crafting on-brand stories aligned to the business ideology. 

There are many apps such as unfold, Canva and Over that help you to have the visually stunning and professionally designed Instagram stories templates that impart professionalism to the stories and get the job done in the shortest time possible. 

Collect and save best-branded hashtags:

Have you heard a lot of speculation about hashtags and how they become a source of connecting and expanding the audience? Posts with hashtags have significantly more engagement than those without any tags. The best strategy is to use maximum hashtags to increase the reach and for that make a spreadsheet with one header “Hashtags” number of post and then list down the relevant hashtags precisely. Instead of finding relevant keywords for every post, you better keep them saved along with the caption in order to be more productive and save your precious time. In case you show any negligence in selecting and incorporating right keywords, then you must opt for methods like buy Instagram followers Australia to target the desired demographics. 

Export Analytics Report:

No matter you are running an Instagram for business or some personal reasons, if you aim to be popular, then you must keep a close eye to the analytics report to determine how your content is performing. It gives insight into opportunities and improvements and how you can adjust the strategies and ad content to thrive more on this revenue-generating social platform. Many businesses and social media manager prefer to produce a monthly report to track down the performance, but you can personally dig into Instagram insight and pick each stat that you’d like to track over time. 

Make Quick Replies to respond to DMs:

If you are running an e-commerce store, then your inbox will be filled out with hundreds of messages every day, where people will be asking for the order, product details or what time you open the store and more. Being fastest in reverting to the customer is extremely important to make a healthy and lasting relationship with customers. Instagram knows how crucial it is to respond on time; therefore, allow you to create “quick replies with Instagram.” As the name indicates, you can set the quick replies to the frequently asked question, and it helps you to respond to your customers in just one click. 

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