If You Want Quality Backlinks You Must Do These Things

If you are a proud owner of an e-commerce website, here you will find a list of things you need to do if you want to acquire backlinks. SEO specialists say that you have to do the following to get those sweet backlinks:

If You Want Quality Backlinks You Must Do These Things

Produce Content in List Format

List articles or ‘listicles’ grab the attention of readers more than any other regular content due to several reasons. The first one is that they are much easier to read and tend to be share-worthy too. Searchers looking for specific products may search for those that give them the best bang for the buck. Assume that a searcher wants to purchase a smartphone, he/she will probably search for those within his/her budget range.

People that use Google have evolved over time; they now know what to look for as well as how to look for it using the search engine. Consumers intending to shop online first do some research regarding the products they plan to buy. So, if you have content featuring a list, chances are high that your target audience will click on it and read it.

Blog for Other Websites

One of the more effective and established ways to get quality backlinks is through guest blogging. It might be perfectly okay to use your own website as an avenue for your content, it can also be a good idea to do some guest blogging on other websites since you will be exposed to a wider audience while you promote your own website. Experience marketers contend that guest blogging helps writers promote their website at no cost.

Prior to diving into the world of guest blogging, however, ensure that you choose the websites wisely. Avoid wasting time writing for websites and blogs that are not regarded as being authoritative. Since you will be spending several hours writing quality content, it can be a good idea to choose a website with a good SERP ranking.

If you would prefer to leave it to the experts you can enlist the help of an SEO company.

Write Testimonials for Other Brands

The strategy is hardly talked about in SEO circles since it is quite a novel and unique idea. Simply put, you write a testimonial for the companies whose products you use. Ask the brand whether you can write a positive review or testimonial on their website in exchange for allowing you to drop a backlink to your own website.

Chances are high that Google will consider the backlinks you included in the testimonials as quality links, particularly if the website has a good SERP ranking. However, you should avoid overdoing things since it can do more harm than good to your website. Avoid spamming websites with testimonials that contain a link to your website.

Use the Names of Influencers in Your Content

Influencer marketing works. While this tip does not involve working with influencers directly, you can somehow ride the coattails of top experts. You can easily do this by dropping big names in your content. Readers tend to trust blogs that mention familiar names and once this happens, your website will receive a boost in authority.

One more reason why you need to mention influencers’ names in your blog is to get their attention. If your business sells cosmetic products, you can tag local make-up influencers in your blog to help get it recognized by the said individual. If this is the case, chances are high that your blog will probably be featured or shared by the influencer, which will help you get that highly anticipated quality backlink.

Ensure that Your Social Links Are Correct

Social media profiles can be an excellent source of quality backlinks. Avoid ruining your chances of getting quality backlinks from social media. Ensure that all inks are correct and actually lead to your website. You might assume that this never happens in real life, but the truth is that it does happen. A couple of such cases have been reported before. Once the specialists did an audit on the websites, they discovered that links from social media profiles had incorrect spellings, which made them dead links.

When you finish reading this, ensure that you go to your social profiles and test all links and ensure that all of them lead to your website. If you discover that some URLs are incorrect, go to the social website’s settings tab to correct it.

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