Top Email Marketing Best Practices 2018

Do you have the key to sign up more subscribers, enhance the engagement, optimize deliverability, and boost the opens, conversions, and clicks of your email campaigns? Here is a list of the best practices listed below that you can follow for email marketing best practices 2018. Emails continue to generate a potential return on the investment (ROI) as compared to that of the other marketing channels.

Top Email Marketing Best Practices

Top 5 Email Marketing Best Practices 2018

What are the strategies that companies follow for email marketing campaigns to get such outstanding ROI? Here are top 5 tips and tricks that can help you develop the best email marketing campaigns to achieve your company’s sales and goals.

1. Do Not Forget About The Mobile Users While In Process

Using mobile devices to read and interact with the emails is nowadays on the rise. This is the reason why it is so important to make sure that you have the best email marketing designs that can also be used by the mobile users. With the help of responsive designs, you can ensure that the mobile users are the target audience and that they are getting the optimum experience while reading your emails.

2. Incorporate Your Email Marketing Strategies With Social Media Platforms

Incorporating your social media accounts for marketing along with the email marketing strategies can turn out to be the best way to grow the email list and at the same time also extend the reach of your email campaigns. Adding a short video to your emails can show a dramatically out bursting growth in boosting your engagement and also in increasing the open rates by 19% and click-through rates by almost 65%.

3. Try Optimizing Your Email Sending Frequency And Cadence

When you look at the correlation between email frequency and revenue, you will find out that there is a positive bond between them. This is why the companies keep increasing their volume of email sent. But, this practice can backfire anytime resulting in the customers to unsubscribe and even at times marking your emails as trash because of getting a list of useless emails from a specific brand.

Research says when a customer receives too many emails from a specific brand or company, he or she tends to unsubscribe the website or mark the emails as spam. Make sure your emails are sent at the right time and that have something beneficial for the customers to grab their attention at first.

4. Creating And Maintaining A Top-Quality Email List

Do you have any idea what a typical email list reduces almost 25% of its subscribers every year? This means that you need to continuously work hard in attracting the new users who will be interested in your products and services and might become your potential subscribers in the future. Maintaining the high-quality list is not easy as it requires a lot of research and is time taking but at the same time, it also gives you the potential customers who will become your trusted subscribers shortly.

5. Personalizing The Emails

Using the names of the subscribers in the subject line is among the best ways to capture the customer’s attention as they continuously scan their inboxes. Personalizing the emails does not only ends at adding the user’s name in the emails, but it also makes sure that the right type of information and offers are displayed to the particular users that you know they will show interest upon.

There are numerous predictive platforms and tools with the help of which one can easily create more personalized messages for different customers segments than before. You can take the help of the best tool for email marketing and use them to enhance your email sending ways. This tool not only makes you reach your potential customers but also gets your business into higher altitudes regarding popularity and business growth.

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