Top 5 Archive Apps for macOS you should check!

Though you don’t face the necessity to compress files every day, in some instances a high-quality software product can save your time and efforts. The choice of applications, allowing you to archive folders is not limited, but mostly, it is hard to choose a worthy one, not knowing anything about their functionality. So, which Mac archivers are worth attention and can meet the requirements of the most exacting customers? Let’s review the best products developed specifically for the needs of Mac users.

Top Archive Apps For MacOS You Should Check

1. Archiver

This is a high quality archiving application, which allows you to pack or unpack files with ease. You won’t face difficulties with creating, opening or archiving docs. To open a zipped file, you just need to drag and drop files and the application will do all the rest procedures for you. If you have sensitive files, the application allows you to protect them. All folders will be encrypted and protected with a password. If you need to deal with a huge file, which occupies too much space, you can split it into several parts.

Macbook Archiver deals with all well-known formats, including 7zip, Stufflt, Gzip, RAR, etc. Using Archiver, file compression will be as easy as pie. The app allows users to create encrypted data backups and to convert all archives from one format and into another one.

2. WinZip

You will hardly find a person who has never heard about this application. All Windows users appreciate the features offered by this archiver. Today, the users of Mac devices also have a chance to appreciate its benefits. The version for Mac users has a more convenient and simpler interface. The app supports the following formats: Zip, RAR, LHA, 7z, and Zipx. The preview feature helps users see the content of a document before decompressing it. Nevertheless, you can’t protect documents with a password in this archiver.

3. ALZip

This is another compression utility, which is compatible with more than 40 file types. This program also allows users to select via which program they wish to open their files. The app also scans the folders for malware before opening them. To start using all features, you just need to download the app (just several clicks and the app will be installed). The interface is not cluttered with extra icons (they won’t distract your attention from the most important things). You shouldn’t install additional plugins in order to use all features, offered by the app. ALZip supports the formats as EGG, RAR, ALZ, ZIP, and 7Z.

4. RarMachine

This RAR archive manager is also widely used among Mac users. RarMachine is a super powerful application which helps users to either compress or extract RAR docs with ease. The whole procedure of archiving folders is automated. If necessary, you can protect all your docs with a password or divide RAR files into smaller parts. It is very easy to navigate the app, you just need to learn several commands and use them on an ongoing basis. The application has two simple disadvantages. There is no free version and unfortunately, you can’t zip up batches of folders.

5. Keka

The greatest benefit of this utility is that it is absolutely free for any Mac user. This application can meet the requirements of those users who aren’t satisfied with the functionality offered by the built-in OS X tool. You can test the features the application offers, downloading a free version. The application provides users with an access to absolutely different file formats, including Zip, Tar, 7z, Bzip2, Gzip, etc. The features as password protection and splitting of documents are also available.

Though Mac is overloaded with pre-installed tools, able to meet the demands of all user categories, in some instances, you need specific applications. A high-quality Mac archiver will help you save time and efforts on compressing or unpacking folders. They allow you to perform all your working procedures faster and offer an access to multiple file formats. You shouldn’t rack your brains over the question which file formats one or another program supports. You just need to prefer the application which supports the biggest number of file formats and compressing folders will never be an issue for you!

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