Education online: new technologies and new ways of learning

Online Courses for Self-Development

Students returning from educational institutions are eager to have a rest and have some freedom of their choice. Nevertheless, it does not mean spending time sleeping or playing computer games. Why not take the opportunity for self-improvement? Life is a constant chain of events which present us meaning and knowledge; it is not disputable.
For those who made up their mind to further personal development, online courses are what they needed. If you’re dreaming to become a teacher, online teaching programs ca are readily available on the internet without the pressure of attending a traditional university. The student does not have to invest a single cent, but something more important — mind and heart. Why not become a better speaker, writer, manager or just become better at your way and rhythm.

Education Online: New Technologies And New Ways Of Learning

There is an endless number of online sources, let us make inquiries about some popular and recommended ones.

Thirst for world acquisition

Students with a strong desire to discover world notions will be satisfied with The tool enlarges collections of thousands of topics, perspectives, and lectures based on various sizes and grades very easily in a database to access easily using fingerprints. It is an ideal place to brush up the knowledge gained from different global sources, and desire to take up new and new courses online will constantly be increasing.
Another powerful tool in this sector is Khan Academy which has partnered itself with some educational institutions. The lessons are arranged in the way of in-depth help based on the highly organized interface. It should be said that even offices and some companies take the assistance of Khan Academy for advanced education of their employees. It is free and easy to access, advantages are evident.

Life motivation and inspiration

What can make us more inspired and motivated online? A bite-size and carefully-arranged videos on all topics up-to-date are in great demand today. All the authentic material is different — negotiations and speakers, animation and culture, and so on. Top videos offer quizzes, supplemental sources to be used or both in formal education and individual growth and development.

One of the most wanted sources for children is National Geographic Kids. The system of puzzles, games, pictures, visual aids is organized by media and topics prepared for casual learning for youngsters.

Another example of the source for students with a game-based approach is Fun Brain. It is a set of lessons focused on puzzles, games resulting in rewards and challenges. The participants are sure to learn and to have fun much.

How to develop a writer, film-maker, hobbyist, and entrepreneurs

For future aspiring and already established authors there is a good solution: the publishing marketplace Reedsy created his academic platform — Reedsy Learning. Authors have a right for signing up for various e-mail materials given to the users’ inboxes. The topics vary from book marketing to the basics of writing. The former, for instance, contain published data on marketing expertise, like tips to build up a proper mailing list and a course on quick comprehension on the algorithm on bestsellers of Amazon.

As for the latter, the skill of writing can arrive with the practice in creating different types of papers. Of course, there should be a general understanding of the basis and readiness to write on any topic. How to achieve it if your only thought is “Write my paper for cheap”? There are the professionals in writing who for a very honest price will demonstrate the examples of properly written practice and the world of documents will stop to be complicated and dull. Who knows, later everything can change, and future can offer a career of the writer or a journalist if your self-training goes well.

For film-lovers Pixar is a paradise. It gives aspiring people a look inside at their technical process and even for free. Online one perceives curriculum “Pixar in a Box” which features exercises of interactive types, in-depth videos, insights on the technical side, art and scientific peculiarities. All the constituent parts come together and form a work of Pixar.

The site of Arriane Serafico presents series of lessons and podcasts to give real assistance not only exploration ideas but also how to find a real passion, fund the project, be well with any public. The site proposes regular courses on everything under the sun to enter into a great community of enthusiasts.

Undoubtedly, this is a drop in a world of possibilities created online. But at least there are the prompts where to look and stretch cells of the brain to work. Just switch on your computer and get the most possible for your self-development!

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