Top Commentators Award For December 2009

Happy New Year to all the fellow bloggers and beloved readers of HellBound Bloggers community! Hope you had a great party yesterday night. Unfortunately I was down with Fever! 😀

We placed banners (125*125) of Top 2 Commentators of November on the sidebar for a period of 1 month and this month it is going to Senthil Ramesh from Novice Bloggers and SriGanesh from Animhut.

Congrats to them and I would like to thank all the commentators for their active participation! 😉


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2. HellBound Bloggers – Comments Policy


I guess you might have made lot of New Year resolutions.

But always remember that…

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account – Oscar Wilde

Ha ha..Once again Happy New Year. Have Fun and Rock On!

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Pradeep Kumar

CEO and Founder of Slashsquare, Indian Blog Network and Web Consulting Media. HBB is a part of Slashsquare Network. I'm a Tech Blogger, Striving Entrepreneur, Atheist, and Proud Indian. Catch me on Facebook and Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Top Commentators Award For December 2009”

  1. i liked the concept most…its a unique motivates to comment more and its a mode of promoting other bloggers,mutual benifit…i will try

  2. Whooaa, it looks like the ‘most talkative here’ widget has been reset in 2010, while the one on Arun’s (MC) continue to count from previous numbers.

    Any way, A very Happy New Year to HBB and everyone else…

  3. Congrats to Senthil and Sriganesh. This Top Commentators thing always work. It used to do wonders, when I last used to blog back in 2007.

  4. Happy New Year Pradeep…The new year has arrived, hopefully you get your dreams in the year 2010 …. or have been achieved lol Well, I thought I would often visit your blog:) Not to win the competition you lol I think I’ll make a lot of information at your blog. About the winner … congratulations 🙂 🙂

  5. Congrats to Senthil Ramesh and SriGanesh.. Best Wishes for other participants…

    I Wish Every One Here Happy New Year…:D

  6. happy new year Pradeep and fellow commentators, sad to know you had fever, i guess the winter cold got you 😛

    I missed out, actually i decided to spent the Christmas and new year parting rather than stay online, so naturally i could not make the top, anyways, am sure this time i will win it finally 😀

  7. Congratulations to the winners. Pradeep it seems your comment strategy is working perfectly well for you. 😉

  8. Thank you Bro. It was a good contest and particularly at last, when sriganesh, participated furiously. 🙂

    1. happy new year to all and yes buddy i really had fun in this and with that i learn new techniques here (blog) . i was just laughing with up and down places in widgets 😀
      and really busy with my new post 😀 and if you need 125*125px banner, i can make it 😉

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