Guest Articles I Wrote In 2009

Guest Blogging does what Google doesn’t. Yup that is correct. It increases the backlinks, traffic and also develops a good relationship with other blog owners. Below are my Guest articles on various Popular Technology Blogs I wrote on 2009. For my readers convenience, I prepared a list of blogs available for guest blogging. If you want to become a guest blogger for my blog, you are most welcome and please do read the guidelines before preparing.


Writing Makes A Man Perfect


  • Devils Workshop
10 Ways To Give Gmail More Power
  • Techie Buzz
Tips to Remember Before Gifting Gadgets
  • Technically Personal
5 Reasons To Create A Mobile Site For Your Blog
  • Quick Online Tips (QOT)
How To Transfer Domain Name To New Registrar?
  • Teenius
Tips For Getting Solid Backlinks
  • Shout Me Loud
Block Visitors From Specific IP Address Using .htaccess Method
  • Teenius
Using Internet Forums For Marketing
  • Million Clues
3 Ways To Change WordPress Default Username
  • Chidimar
Show Post Titles On Category Page
  • Million Clues
Four Free WordPress Hosts Compared

So in how many blogs you have written Guest articles? 🙂

23 thoughts on “Guest Articles I Wrote In 2009”

  1. Great Pradeep sir…I have done 5 Guest post in 2016….2 for Bloggytize….1 for BlogForBlogger…1 for toplustech and 1 for tips2secure…..I am looking forward HBB for Guest post…..

  2. I have written guest posts on 5 sites.
    Devils Workshop – 1
    SML- 7
    HBB – 1
    Calling All Geeks – 1
    Write N Share – 1
    Guest posting has got me a lot of visits..

  3. Guest blogging is a must for a newbie to promote a blog.. You did tat in the right time..

    Wish you the best for this year!!

  4. that’s a good list of guest articles, personally i have written a few guest articles myself, its always fun to write guest articles and reach an audience that belongs to someone else’s blog 🙂

  5. I guess what I'm trying to ask, is how do you start a blog (on whatever topics) with more than one blogger or author, and share the revenue generated from the blog? Is that the same thing as guest blogging? I'm interested in inviting other bloggers or writers to my blog, but instead of paying them I would just like to divide the money made from it. Thanks.

    • I don’t think paying is such a big issue here, if you got a good blog with decent traffic, people would love to post on your blog, and in return you just need to give a link in the author bio, that’s all 🙂

  6. seems that you have done a good job in contributing 10 posts hope.. how abt the plans for 2010.. I planning to do more number of guests posts this year but the schedules in office were hectic .. lets see how it goes..

  7. Nice round Pradeep. I really liked that Gmail thing and the free web host comparison. Bookmarked them, for any future reference. 😉

  8. congrats buddy, this year do more guest post ;), i made two guest article, one is here and another one in das , this year i try to write 10 , let me see, i made some points and changing my attitude on blogging and designing.

  9. I am quite concern with guest blogging, It is such a best way to make healthy relations with blogger and as well as back links. Wonderfully described by you.

  10. 10 guest articles which is almost equal to 1 per month 🙂 whats the 2010 guest posting plan 😀

    And mine is ZERO 😀

  11. I think I’ve done around 20 guest posts since my blog launched in March. It might be more, might be less… I stopped tracking them (whoops) and have forgotten about some!

    Also, thanks for the guest posts on Teenius. They performed really well, and the internet forums for marketing article is one of the most viewed on Teenius ever! 😀

  12. Hi Pradeep,

    I have read your two guest articles in teenius.. It was awesome… I like that and also your articles will be in the popular post list there…

    I have not read your other guest article… I will read it soon.. One more thing i like to present guest article here…:D what do you say friend ?


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