Tips To Maintain Concentration In Blogging

ConcentationI use computers more than 8 hours a day. When people ask me, hey you are always sitting in front of that square and don’t you ever think you will go mad? Its a common question asked by many parents too, if you are blogging from (or in) your school or college days. When I say “I am actually doing my business”, the next request from maximum of our friends or known fellows would be, alright guide me the steps to make money too.

I feel whoaw, its not a click job where the money comes automatically after paying 5k or some money to me. Blogging requires too much hard work even for the experts (geeks). And I always put the following points in front to make them understand “What Blogging is all about?”.

  • First, Blogging is an art
  • It requires lot of patience with a brain that actually preloaded with some knowledge to convey others
  • Its a time consuming process to generate a constant revenue
  • Requires a positive attitude
  • Mind set that is hungry and needs to be feed frequently
  • finally, Patience while replying to user comments, as it may be appreciation or hate speech (atleast often)

Once ready to obey and agree all the above points, we are perfectly seated in the flight to travel in Blogosphere to call yourself as a “Blogger“. Let me jump in to the title, where I am going to share some important concentration tips to be maintained by a blogger for successful blogging.

Bookmark blogs on same Niche

Finding blogs that are in the same niche as your blog, is no more a tough task to do. More than Google we have social bookmarking, networking tools to hunt for blogs that are in the same niche. By bookmarking them, and actively participating in the discussion goes on with such blogs can help you form a community with same interest. Which makes you to receive notifications, updates from those blogs to motivate you. As we have the habit of comparing with others, this positively helps us to bring more creative contents to your readers.

Calculate the productivity, for the time you spent in front of the System

Its not a matter whether you sit in front of the system for 12 hours a day. It really matters how much productively you spent the time when you were sitting in front of your computer. That gives you an assurance of growth in traffic statistics, revenue, and so on., Many naturally have the habit of spending maximum time with listening to music, watching movies and in some cases the worst part goes like searching for something without rest and till the end they never find the one they were searching for. I am not telling that 3 of these activities are waste, but scheduling separate time to relax yourself is highly necessary and we should not mix them which in turn hits the productivity level.

Let me know, how many of you easily get deviated to music, movies, or searching on something after opening your Blogs Dashboard.

Be sure to set Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Goals

Goals are the perfect way to work on the success path. I learned it really from Pradeep, the owner of HBB. My blog is 3 years old and I never thought to post articles even often. I registered a domain name and today I feel like, I was simply showcasing to my friends that I too have a website. A year ago, I was surprised with the HBB fast growth statistics and noticed that this fellow is working towards a goal which can be reached possibly. Whenever you set goals, in your blog make sure it is possible to achieve in the period you set.

Actually I have an attitude of completing  a task on time and if I am unable to, then something makes me to feel like INCOMPLETE in my mind. I wont be able to do any other work with full satisfaction either. I did see the similar behavior with few of my friends around too. This is no where wrong I believe.

So set your Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly goals to be achieved and remember not to set any goals like “Overtaking Mashable or Techcrunch Traffic Stat”, ever and never 🙂

Team work always works, so try to form a team after several months of blogging

Initially you might be started with a blog that depends on you and vise versa. After 6 months and more, it would be great if you find a company to blog. It avoid saturation, minimizes upset or frustration over the time you spend in front of the monitor. Its not important that your partner should sit next to you, even working totally from different country can work well too. However, the target must be on the Goals set to be achieved.

Sharing is caring….

Focus on Quality (Posts) but not the Quantity

This one is very important for a blogger who wishes to see drastic growth in the traffic. Blogging on the contents that are currently in search by many visitors can be a smart choice in blogging. You may observe the HBB for such great achievement. Even though the article number is less comparatively, it is in the good traffic consuming blog chart due to its quality in the articles. 250 posts in total that gets nearly 7000 comments is not an easy one to obtain by a blogger in a year time.

Never focus on the number of articles you post daily. Make sure you are giving the articles or posts that are possibly necessary for the readers. Of course it requires SEO, Theme Optimization and some more work on the way you write article. In simple words I would say, provide content rich, keyword rich articles to pull the plug.

Its almost 03:35 AM [IST] here. I am not really tired though 🙂 as I had a cup of hot coffee and feeling quite brisk to write my next article… I am eagerly expecting some more valid points to add with this article. Do let me know via comment here. Thank you so much for spending your time to read this much and for proving that you really have loads of patience 🙂 Cheers. Happy Blogging!

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  1. Wandering here and there I reached and found that this article is quite unique I must appreciate your efforts well so true Blogging requires time, persistence and patience along with determination. I have started blogging 6 months back and results are quite low when I see blogs like HBB and others especially from the people like me though on the other side it inspires me to do the best.

  2. Recently I started a blog with a friend of my! I really recommend to everybody who want to start a blog to share the work with a friend. Don't underestimate the amount of work that blogging costs! It's a fun activity, but it's also a time-consuming activity!

  3. @ “remember not to set any goals like “Overtaking Mashable or Techcrunch Traffic Stat”, ever and never”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 😀

    Yes, setting practically realizable goals is soooo crucially important! Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for your own death trap!

    Informative post Robin. It does require a LOT of patience and strong will to keep writing daily.

  4. You r right Mr. paradigmbusinz
    It is very easy to setup blogs, but it is not easy to maintain and concentrate on it.

    And Tahnks Robinson for Articals.

  5. Thanks for the nice article, it is very informative. It is very easy to setup blogs, but it is not easy to maintain and concentrate on it.

  6. when ever someone comes up to me and asks how to make money online or how to start a profitable blog, i always tell them to come up with 20 articles on a topic they are interested in. So far, none has really come up with 😛 Blogging is serious work and at the same time serious business, but those that take it lightly will most likely not achieve any success…

    you wrote this article at 4 in the morning and you are still fresh while its just 1:30 here and am already tired, not all days are similar… though, i don’t get deviated while blogging, there’s a Tv running here in the background and i can barely hear that, but i remember when i used to study, a faintest sound was a disturbance, blogging has taught me concentration or perhaps i just love it 🙂

    nice article, Robinson, now checking out your blog.

  7. Think you have given a deep summary about concentration in blogging. BTW, PRADEEP is doing a great job here, In a short period of time his achievement is unbelievable..

    Nice article mate!! I learned few things from your words & hope i’ll follow this.. 😉

  8. Calculate the productivity, for the time you spent in front of the System – this is KEY and so many don't get it.

    They say, I'm the hardest working blogger on the net, I sit there for 15hrs per day.

    OK, how much did you get DONE productively?

    The looks are mind-blowing. lol

    • it is hard to define production, after all one has to do the commenting, posting, reading and learning, researching, building links, doing seo, and the list goes on… so i guess if a blogging is sitting on his computer and not watching Tv, hearing music, watching videos on Youtube 😛 etc. then i guess its all good and productive…

  9. I think Im on the right track, Im following each and every trick mentioned over here. Loved it. Thnx a lot for this self gesture article 🙂

  10. Thanking you for publishing this awesome article,Quality posts always win 1st place in this blogging race,that you explained very well…

  11. Doing it all by yourself is a great challenge, so outsourcing stuff as soon as you can afford to is part and parcel of optimizing your own productivity levels at the end of the day. Guest bloggers also helps to relieve the pressure on you. I feel thatquality time completely away from your work space is required to function optimally in your working time. And don't forget to regualerly look away from the screen and focus on faraway objects to prevent eye fatigue.

    • outsourcing is the way to go foreword with the blog, it not only gives you the extra time off, but also helps you to focus on other things like research and building brand value. On my niche network, i outsource most of my content, that way it helps me to expand more in a short amount of time,

  12. Well organized article… All the five points are great… and the goal setting is an excellent tip…. surely goal setting and quality of posts matters a lot…

    • Yes Raj, Goal setting is very essential for every blogger who wants to become a Pro Blogger. Cheers and thanks for the like.

      – Robin

  13. Great tips Robinson. You know what I’ve lost my courage to update my blogs because I cannot handle it anymore.

  14. That is very good post Robinson. After seeing the big crowd in blogging I am going less active on blogging, I can not give much time for my blog and I know that without active work in blogging we can not success in blogging.

  15. Kudos to the author….

    When I say “I am actually doing my business”, the next request from maximum of our friends or known fellows would be, alright guide me the steps to make money too.

  16. Thanks for this Wonderful Article. One thing I want to know that you have put adsense b/w the comment form…. Don’t you think your visitors leave your page instead of commenting on your fab posts.

    • Thanks for your comment @Avisingh. Adding too much adbanners is ofcourse not healthy for a blog. Here, the ad block is not much annoying as it maintains a clean background with usual link colors as a choice. I dont think it would affect the comments.

      – Robin

    • Ha ha.. Avi, I’m not spamming my blog I believe. I just want to analyze which area gives me more clicks! 🙂

      And am not sure, why commentators will leave without commenting? Hmm? Will that bother them?

  17. Very nice article Robinson.I think that blogging comes from passion,interest and setting goals.As we all know content is king but blogger should know how to market his blog through his niche blogs and social media.

    • Thanks for the comment Asad. The 2 areas are must to be focused when it comes to blogging. Maximum traffic today attained from social media which is more or less equal to organic traffic.

      – Robin


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