The What, Why And Whodunit – November 2009

In this month’s The What, Why And Whodunit series I mentioned some opinions related to Social Media and about Google Wave. Got good response for W3 October, hope this month’s also gets the same.

The What, Why And Whodunit is not link love. I love to ask questions. In this post, I’ll display some of those questions with their answers. I’ll also include good comments made on the articles in this blog. I want to share information I learned with my beloved readers.

Some QuestionsQ. Orkut gets revamped. So what you think about it?

A. Ruchi Parikh, Choosy Info : I don’t like it, I would prefer old one rather. It seems to be a copy of Facebook and that too not done properly.

Q. Do you really like Google Wave? Please explain with some reasons.

A. Raju, Technically Personal : Yes, I do. If someone doesn’t it is just because they do not understand what they should expect from a beta product. Google Wave is an amazing and path-breaking platform. I won’t say it changes or revolutionize the way we communicate online. It may or may not, but it will surely impact the way we interact and work on the web. Google has always come up with innovative concepts, but then, more often than not they let it to the outside developer world to perfect their creations and build around it. What I am impressed with Wave is its potential. If someone is judging it by those simple gadgets and robots, it is sheer stupidity. The real reason of making Google Wave a closed invite-only project was to keep out these restless people, but then you won’t really be able to do that!

Q. Which is your favorite Social Network? Is the reason because of your friends there or the traffic?

A. Aamir Usman, Shoutpedia : Well I love Facebook, it is not due to traffic or friends, but you can manage all your social activities at single place… and it helps for the development of your personal and blog branding.

Q. Which Social Media gives you more traffic? Facebook or Twitter?

A. Ram Karthik, Blogging Tune : Twitter easily. There is a reason for it. I don’t use Facebook much. I spend most of the time in twitter. So it has to be twitter. The best thing about twitter is, I have quite a lot of friends who will not only RT my blog post but also vote for it in social sites like Stumble Upon. It drives me good traffic when I post a new article.

29 thoughts on “The What, Why And Whodunit – November 2009”

  1. wow very nice one..but y you didnt write this type of article after this ????
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

  2. The What, Why And Whodunit is really interesting. its a good way to share the ideas of many people.. I like to see many articles regarding The What, Why And Whodunit.. hope you do this for us.

  3. Thanks for having me in this round. Nice questions there. Orkut is trying too hard to impress. They’ll be better off with their previous style.

    And btw, congrats on your 150th post. Looking forward to see your 200th post soon.


  4. Orkut is really not worth it … my reason of not liking is not the design but the traffic quality .. only Indians & Brazil .. u cannot connect with other parts of the world ..

      • same here Pradeep, me too was once a sort of an Orkut addict… scrapping and writing testimonials and what not.. 😉

        I feel that Orkut lost its ‘magic’ too soon… It didn’t even last for 5 years I think… most of the Orkut-ians have shifted to Facebook and those more busy have taken the path to Twitter.. a reason maybe that the Westerners just don’t use Orkut that much… they are much hooked to Facebook.. As Jaspal has mentioned, Orkut mostly has only Indians and Brazilians.. !!

    • for this correct reason iam with jaspal, even in exploreorkut.blospot i read most ppl use orkut were Brazil and india. for me iam using orkut for my college mattes and friends in same field. facebook for forgin countries. ok let be this way, how many people use gtalk for foreign friends. and skype for regional friends. both orkut and facebook has different plus and negative, take the plus, nad leave the minus. i use skype for other countries friends. so that i can have a good relation with all. -=-=
      have a nice day 😆

  5. I am too not satisfied with the new look of Orkut. Its previous version was much better than this one. I have moved to facebook totally since orkut has changed.

  6. I agree with both Ruchi and Ram. The new Orkut looks yuck and childish, while the features seem to be copied from Facebook and Myspace. Twitter tend to generate more traffic, just because I am more active over there.


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