6 Simple Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Avoid

Today is one of my great day! When I woke up in the morning and saw HBB before my school hours, I’ve seen that my previous article “Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?” got many comments and has been shared many times! Well, leave it and get in to this post!

Things Blogger Should Not Avoid

1. Social Networking

Social Networking is the main part every blogger shouldn’t avoid. Keeping a blog doesn’t matter you’ve to publicize it. One of the best places to publicize your blog is Social Networking. So, don’t forget to join and share your blog in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Digg

2. Publicizing your articles

I share my post in all social networking sites I’ve joined, immediately after publishing it. It brings a lot of traffic to my blog. And also sharing posts can bring a visitor to your blog and he/she can become a Loyal Reader of your blog!

3. Adding blogs to blog directories

Adding your blog to Directories is another thing bloggers shouldn’t avoid. The Directory will keep your blog in a category and someone may view the same category and you’ll build off visitors to your blog/website.

4. Making friends (“loyal” readers)

I made friends who blog on the same niche of mine in some Social Networking sites and Blogging Communities. I give them suggestions, I drop comments in my friends blogs. And after a few days they did the same thing for me. They became Loyal Readers of my blog. So, this is another thing Bloggers shouldn’t avoid.

5. Joining Forums

Forums are the main thing you shouldn’t avoid! Being active in forums and using a signature with your blog address brings a lot of traffic to your blog. Even I get a huge amount of traffic from some blogging forums

6. Joining Communities

First my blog used to have less page views and followers after joining a Blogging Community(bloggers.com) I’ve started getting more and more traffic. I’ve meet many bloggers, even 40 bloggers voted for my blog.

22 thoughts on “6 Simple Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Avoid”

  1. making friends is the best way so far because loyal friends can hide your dents and paint them well with their loyalty to make you presentable

  2. New bloggers and those planning to start a blog should read such important posts. Bloggers should try to use all those sources which can increase readership and win loyal readers. Using the social media effectively is a very important.

  3. Outstanding article. I have noticed that the highest quality traffic that lands on my site comes from social networking. At first I thought my friends and family would get tired of seeing my articles, but I was completely wrong. Paul, are you really 14? That's awesome man!

  4. Hey thanks for this tip, I am going to go new create my twitter, facebook and youtube pages. Even thou they wont have that big a following right now, at least it will be a start, thank you!

  5. One should take blOgging as a social gathering. the more friendship like enviroment it is the more it would be easy for a blogger to grow

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable points on here 🙂 Social networking should be most important task in the wide now 🙂

  7. We shared this post on our FB and forgot to comment. 🙂

    Anyway, these are all so very important, especially the part about joining communities and generally being involved. Blogging is a tough game and no one is going to recognize you if you sit in the corner by yourself. 🙂 Get involved and show that you're in it for more than just the fame and recognition.
    Great post!

  8. Being active on forums and making friends are the most important one….
    also we should take special care of SEO..

  9. appreciation is such a great key. it motivates you a lot. NICE POST santosh. I personally feel directories aren’t much helPfull now days except like dmoz and yahoo one.

    I feel the first priority of a blogger should be quality content. The more a blogger would write for his blog the more he will increase in his traffic right away.

  10. Forums and getting to know other bloggers in my space has been huge for me. I can link specific jump in traffic back to forum conversations and new relationships with other bloggers.

  11. These are all excellent points and things I do daily to both grow my blog and by connecting with fellow blogger I learn tremendous amounts of information.


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