5 Basic Things To Remember Before Starting A Blog

Newbie BlogSome Bloggers, like me, before starting blogging don’t consider some things which are really important. When I started blogging I didn’t consider some facts, like taking a bad domain name etc…Some of the things to be considered while blogging:

1. Choose the domain name which suits your Niche

Domain is an integral part of blogging! I chose a domain name on my name (which doesn’t suit any niche). And now it’s hard for foreigners (visitors) to remember my name!! So, you should be very careful in choosing a domain. Choose a domain which has a keyword which suits your niche. There are many domain suggestion tools you can use for free.

2. Choose a Niche

When I stumbled an article and saw that it got many Views I thought of writing articles on that topic (which isn’t my niche). I thought of getting a large response when I stumble them, but I didn’t get even a little response. So, it’s no use for me to post  articles of the wrong niche! and it’s also a big time waste for me.

3. Get A Good Design

Starting a blog and publishing quality content in a bad design may reduce what you deserve (like traffic etc….) Investing on a good design is not as bad as people think. If you can’t invest for a good design then you can search for free Themes/Template and install the best of them.

USEFUL : Choosing A Top Grade Theme For Your Blog

4. Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is another important thing you’ve to consider before starting a blog. For example, if you choose Blogger and then if it seems that WordPress suits you, it’s difficult to move from blogger to WordPress (moving from blogger to WordPress is possible, but,there are some problems in this, like loosing backlinks etc… And if you want to switch to WordPress without loosing backlinks, Alexa, Page rank etc… you’ve to spend some money for this purpose!  ). So, first check whats suits you, This article will help you: Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?

6 Simple Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Avoid

Today is one of my great day! When I woke up in the morning and saw HBB before my school hours, I’ve seen that my previous article “Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?” got many comments and has been shared many times! Well, leave it and get in to this post!

Things Blogger Should Not Avoid

1. Social Networking

Social Networking is the main part every blogger shouldn’t avoid. Keeping a blog doesn’t matter you’ve to publicize it. One of the best places to publicize your blog is Social Networking. So, don’t forget to join and share your blog in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Digg

2. Publicizing your articles

I share my post in all social networking sites I’ve joined, immediately after publishing it. It brings a lot of traffic to my blog. And also sharing posts can bring a visitor to your blog and he/she can become a Loyal Reader of your blog!

3. Adding blogs to blog directories

Adding your blog to Directories is another thing bloggers shouldn’t avoid. The Directory will keep your blog in a category and someone may view the same category and you’ll build off visitors to your blog/website.

4. Making friends (“loyal” readers)

I made friends who blog on the same niche of mine in some Social Networking sites and Blogging Communities. I give them suggestions, I drop comments in my friends blogs. And after a few days they did the same thing for me. They became Loyal Readers of my blog. So, this is another thing Bloggers shouldn’t avoid.

5. Joining Forums

Forums are the main thing you shouldn’t avoid! Being active in forums and using a signature with your blog address brings a lot of traffic to your blog. Even I get a huge amount of traffic from some blogging forums

6. Joining Communities

First my blog used to have less page views and followers after joining a Blogging Community(bloggers.com) I’ve started getting more and more traffic. I’ve meet many bloggers, even 40 bloggers voted for my blog.

Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?

Many bloggers ask me whether to chose Blogger or WordPress. Many others get confused for choosing the right one. So, this is the post which tells you which is the best for you! This article mainly concentrates on the what you can do with Blogger or WordPress or which suits you the best.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger suits you if:

  • You want to invest less.
  • You want to make it professional with your CSS & HTML skills.
  • You don’t want guest authors.
  • You don’t want multiple authors unless you know them personally (as there is no “Submit for Review” option).
  • You want to be good in SEO with great effect (like adding the image alt tags manually).

Even my site is hosted on Blogger. Because I don’t wanna invest more on my blog unless I get more traffic and earnings!

WordPress suits you if:

  • You want to have a professional look and don’t have any knolwedge of CSS or HTML.
  • You want to invest more on your blog.
  • You want to have guest authors, even you may not know them personally.
  • You want to be good in SEO with less effort.
  • You want to show your professionalism!

This article is written by Paul Santosh. He is a 14 years old kid, struggling to manage studies and blogging at the same time. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.