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HOW TO: Start As A Proper Blogger [Newbies Tips]


Imagine you are your own boss (Remember, Blogging is equivalent to Entrepreneurship) and you can get up any time work in flexible hours and the most exciting part you have to do what ever you feel like. Apart from this for a lot of people who want to live the internet lifestyle (Freelancer) and also turn famous on the web and as well as earn whooping cash in fact a six digit income a month.

BloggerCan’t believe what I just said then read it once again. This is completely true and this life can be yours too. The answer for this kind of question is Blogging. A concept that was developed by various people a decade ago which is a kind of journalism and today becomes one of the most sort after thing on the internet as well. So to begin how would you become a blogger or a web Entrepreneur and earn money:

  • Think of a topic which you love the most.
  • Start writing articles on it regularly.
  • Have a lot of patience.

The points that I have stated above are more than enough for becoming a blogger and the best thing you’d be earning for doing this. Now the question may be there in your mind as to how to earn in this way then let me tell you there are a lot of way for monetizing your website and earn. Other ways of earning include affiliate advertising, Google Adsense but I’ll explain about that in some of my next posts. But the main points I’d like to tell you guys is :

  • Write only on that topic you are interested in, remember if you are not interested in your work then its quite obvious that the other people won’t be too
  • Be patient, money won’t flow in from the first day itself, it would take time so please wait when it will start coming I bet you’d be unable to control it.
  • Try to get into lots of affiliate advertising and post on them as well because they drive you traffic and also earn you money.

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As an initial start up in blogging you can use as your host and later shift to WordPress (its amazing). But ya get your own domain and then only you should start. The main reason for this is as you may start your work on (as this website stated) but later on you might shift to any other hosting platform. If your domain name remains the same then it would become easy for your readers to stay connected with your website and they won’t get confused.

Some place to get the best domains include GoDaddy (the best) and if you want a free domain then get a.Co.CC domain. Its completely free.

Right Now, That’s it. Have a nice time blogging (as I’m Having).


I am a designer, artist and story teller. I love building products and over the last decade, I have built several for some of the worlds largest brands. I am also the creator of ThoughtPad - a privacy focused online writing tool & Axetue - an online community for techies.

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