Skype 5.0 Unleashed With Facebook Integration

Skype 5.0Earlier Skype fans had celebrations due to the launch of Skype on Android devices. Now they have another reason to celebrate, Skype 5.0 finally comes out of Beta. This new version of Skype features automatic call recovery which helps you immediately reconnect calls that are interrupted due to bad Internet connection problems.

One of the main feature is the integration of Facebook. By this feature, now you can call and SMS your Facebook buddies on their mobile phones or landlines from Skype. You can even make a make a free Skype-to-Skype call if your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact. Skype currently has 560 million registered users and no need to say about Facebook. If they both could collaborate, then it will be a treat for social freaks.

Skype FB

Do you think Facebook should Skype? Please share your opinions below as comments. Cheers.

17 thoughts on “Skype 5.0 Unleashed With Facebook Integration”

  1. One of the best features of Facebook is the ability to "find" new friends among your already-friended list. I've reconnected with lots of people with whom I'd lost contact, and that has been wonderful.

  2. At least now, they won’t need to search for people in Skype especially if most of their contacts are in Facebook.

  3. This will help facebook users call their friends from Skype… It is a very useful feature, I suppose

  4. skype 5 is a great upgrade for facebook lovers. I used to use skype on for customer service but recently found skype is not being used much and is too bulky for the casual user.

  5. Don't know when you changed the theme but I love this … nice and clean.

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    There's hardly a time I can a post from you that I already know the information, thank you for always providing something fresh, new, and rewarding. Always!


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