Should Your Blog Have A Forum?

Many bloggers are eager to add a forum to their blogs now-a-days. Many don’t care about the positives and negatives of it. Only a blogger who can manage and dedicate time can easily succeed.

Hard work is the key behind a successful online community. Many created forums, because they don’t have much experience, so they automatically decided to launch a forum.

You cannot expect a successful blog to have a successful forum. You need to start from scratch. From null readers to a community.

HellBound Bloggers also had one forum and the last point is the reason ! 😀

Community participation

Main Reasons Why You Want To Have A Forum

  • You have the passion for your niche and blog’s content and you want to share with others.
  • You want to make more money through it.
  • You want to spread and share your thoughts and opinions about the subject.
  • You want to develop a successful online community.
  • You want boost your blog’s popularity and value proposition.
  • You want to have a forum because everyone has it.

Your Forum May Damage Your Successful Branded Blog

Yes. What the subtitle says is 100% true. Inactive and poor forums can destroy your successful brand. Think twice or thrice whether you can manage your time. You have to dedicate and manage your time for making both your blog and forum successful. A bad forum may damage your successful brand and good reputation in a short period.

Your Blog Can Also Act As An Online Community

If you have a blog, where your readers can contribute, you can easily create an online community. As a author, you need to concentrate on the content and make your readers to interact and comment. These can help you create a cool environment and community. Make your blog easy to interact with you and others.

What You Will Need To Transform Blog Into Community ?

To transform a blog into a community, you need to have interaction and encouraging comments from your readers. Your blog readers should contribute to the blog. It will be better if you have good number of RSS feed subscribers and traffic. Interaction is the main thing in a community, without it, it is almost dead. Try to interact with your readers, ask questions in your articles. Check ways for helping your commentators, which indeed increases your comments and interaction.