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Fastest Way To Share Computer Screenshots On Web



Screensnapr makes is very easy and quick to share computer screenshots on web by automatically uploading your screenshots on the web and instantly providing you with its sharing url. Apart from easily snapping images, ScreenSnapr’s built-in sharing, editing, URL shrinking, and saving tools makes ScreenSnapr the ultimate screenshot tool.

Screensnapr is available in both free and premium versions.  

First I’ll talk about the free version and then the Premium Version.

How Screensnapr Works

1. Download and Install Screensnapr.

2. Run the application.

3. Find its icon in the taskbar.

4. Configure its options.

Screensnapr Free Version has the Following Options:

screensnapr options

  • Automatically Shring URLs
  • Option to select Image Type (PNG/JPG)
  • Configure Hotkey
  • Custom FTP server : Screensnapr provides us with the option to store screenshots on our own server. If you want to keep your images forever you can configure Custom FTP Server option from the application menu to use your own server for storing screenshots instead of Screensnapr server.

5. After configuring these options press the configured hotkey to take a screenshot.

6. Screenshapr will automatically upload the image to its server (or the custom ftp server if configured) and the image url will be copied to your clipboard.

7. Share the url with your friends to let them view your screenshot.

The premium version of Screensnapr has some advanced features.

Following is a list of list of all the Premium Version Features:

  • Uploading HUB: Gain access to more snap options including Copying to Clipboard, Sharing (Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit and more), or Saving.
  • Image Editor: Easily add shapes, text, and lines to your snaps. Then upload, save, copy to clipboard, or share.
  • Online History: Manage your snaps online. View all of your snaps, tag, and track the number of views.

Screensnapr is really quick and makes sharing screenshot on the web fast and much easier.

What have you been using till now for sharing your screenshot on web and how you find Screensnapr? Let us know in the comments.


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    • kevin

      Really nice trick…..

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      It is a fastest toll to share screen shot on web. I like this. And this makes my work of sharing easy.

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      Hi! Some times we need and like suddenly the screen shots and want to save them. Nice applications shared here, thanks!

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      Hi Namit! Its the fact that Screensnapr is really quick and makes sharing screenshot on the web fast and much easier. Nice and useful guidance. Thanks.

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      Hi Namit! This is a changing time of technology day by day. So adopting the latest, useful and friendly web apps are effective to our blogging task. Thanks for nice sharing about Computer Screenshots On Web.

    • Marmot

      There is a time of changing technology day by day. So adopting the new useful and friendly web apps are effective to our blogging task. Thanks for nice sharing about Computer Screenshots On Web.

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      Technology improved day by day, so nice and useful sharing to do our work easy by this Screensnapr. Best of luck.

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      The thing I like about your blog is that you always post new and useful needs and direct to the point information. Thanks for sharing the easiest way of using computer screen shots on the web.

    • Sanam

      I have a question.
      My all screen shot upload to my hosting in specified folder like can I do center alignment for all my Images in that folder.? (Means that abc folder)

    • Sana

      Very nice, useful and effective post. Now we are able to monetize our web in a new pretty way.
      Thanks Namit!

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      Thanks for sharing and briefing the key functions of free version of Screensnapr as it proves good results, so no need of featured version.

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      Nowadays, almost of the blogger will be using free version screensnapr because automatically upload the images to its server. Thanks a lot for given valuable info on here, Namit 🙂

    • Satish

      Its really faster than using the old Print Screen method 🙂 i am going to download this now 😀

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      Fantastic article about screen shots to capture and share with web in a smart way, it’s so helpful to me, and your blog is very good, I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, Keep on going, my friend. Thanks!

    • Rehan

      Fantastic article about capture screen shots and share with web. it’s so helpful to me, and your blog is very good, I’ve learned a lot from your blog here, Keep on going, my friend, I will keep an eye on it, One more thing, thanks for your post!

    • Rohit Batra

      this is a nice utility for me.. i had to use the old way to use print screen to take a snapshot.. now it will make things easier.. Thanks Namit buddy for sharing this…

    • deepak@internetmarketing

      Good information. But I believe you can achieve the same with Scribd, Slideshare and 4Shared. Where you can upload docs, slideshows and the like. Or even a photo sharing site?

    • Sam @ Weekend Getaways


      Nice Post, You will definitely get success in your life as you are doing right thing you are showing some difference in internet option. They could also store these screenshots in their record.

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      I use Picpick. It is an awesome screenshot tool. Let me try this too. I believe it will be good.

    • Jasmine

      ScreenSnapr looks good. But for the time being I don't see a use on my side for this software… will check it out later when I need it.

    • Samantha Dermot

      Great post. It is surely a useful tool to make your things much more easier. As usual it is giving higher benefits to the premium users. We always look for free version at first. But I think going for the premium option will worth enough for this kind of tools.
      Thanks for sharing.

      • Namit Gupta

        Whether one should go for free or premium depends upon his/her needs. If one needs the features which the premium version is offering he/she should definitely go for it otherwise the free version is good for all the basic needs. Thanks for the comment Samantha 🙂

        • William

          First of all thanks for this useful and valuable sharing. I have tried free version and found it absolutely friendly and effective for me.

    • pathan

      Dear Namit,
      thank you for sharing, but $10 is not a free service. Can you tell about the advantages of the Screensnapr as there are so many same services for free. In other words, if I subscribe for the service for $10, would I feel better knowing that I could have the same for free?
      Regards. Pathan

      • Namit Gupta

        Dear Pathan,

        You should have read the article properly before commenting. I have clearly mentioned in the beginning that the Screensnapr is available in both free and premium versions. And I dont know much about other similar services there may be many. I provided you with all the features of Screensnapr now its upto you to decide which one is better. However if you have any specific query feel free to ask. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • George

        don't worry sometimes a little cost could fulfill its worth by giving us so much useful and effective results.

    • Surendhar V

      Thanks for sharing this software info, really useful software

    • Andreas

      Screensnapr is a great tool and especially useful when outsourcing projects to freelancers and corresponding with them via messengers, so you can send them quick screenshots right away without saving much time processing them in graphical editors.

    • Serdar Kara

      useful tool.thanks for sharing

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      A very useful tool!
      Thanks for sharing…

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