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Explained: Blogging = Sharing = Love


There are many few bloggers who knows the real meaning of blogging. That does not means I am pointing you! Its just an common example. Because many of us think that blogging is one other way to earn online and get high rankings in search engine blah blah blah. I think people thinking like this are not supposed to do blogging! (My opinion). By this article many of you guys will may criticize me because these words are hard to believe.

Blogging Love

Money comes later

I need to cool you guys down, because I am not going to say that blogging is not supposed to be the way of earning (Its wrong, I accept!). But its not only the way of earning (Now you must agree with me) . I think you must try to help others first *The real meaning of blogging* . When you think that you’ve done your first job of helping others completely then its your turn to earn something out of it. Because you deserve it.

A complete Guide

I guess one blog need to focus on one thing first, and it should not be multi niche blog, because we are not able to give guide on every topic. In this way no one can understand a single thing. Make a blog with single aim to help others and give complete guide on the topic of blog (It will definitely boost your rankings and visitors as well). And If any one of you is interested in getting returning visitors then its a good way to give tutorial on different things.

Multi Niche

But if you still want to make a multi niche blog, you need to take care of following things.

  • Introduce Proper Categories.
  • Produce content in relevant categories.
  • If you need to split post into 2-3 articles, then give them name like Part 1,2 etc.
  • Proper use of tags and keywords in your articles.
  • Use of search bar with in your site.

All these things need to be done, because it will help people in finding relevant content easily. (Only for Multi Niche blogs)

Sharing and Love

For some people blogging is love, because they love to share knowledge and help other people. Don’t you think you’re a teacher while blogging? But I do. Because we are directly or indirectly teaching people with our articles and tutorials. So share and spread love.

— If you’ve any other thing that need to be discussed don’t hesitate to share in comment box below, we would love to hear from you.


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    • Kavya Hari

      This article has explained about real meaning of blogging. And, blogging is one of the basic platform to share knowledge with other people. Thank you so much for given me a great article on here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Satish

      I have been thinking of making a post into part 1 and part 2, Will that really work ? i am not sure about this yet. please do help me.

    • Rishi

      Forgot this, too many categories does spoil the taxonomy of the blog. But what about using all possible tags for a post?

      • Usman

        Tags are good instead of extra categories

      • Deepanshu@IIT JEE 2011 Answer Key

        i used to use too many tags earlier but now i use hardly 6,7 …more the tage more the duplicate pages i think ๐Ÿ™‚ although i have noindexed them u can see many successful guys like amit bhiwani dont use tag…i got rid of tag cloud and i think its doing gud to my traffic maybe not sure though ๐Ÿ™„

        • Usman

          We're supposed to use as much tags which are relevant, not the ones and all which are not even relevant to our content..

          btw I also saw some people using very less.

    • Rishi

      Rightly mentioned. Start a blog just to make money and you'll fail pathetically!

    • deepak@internetmarketing

      Very true indeed, every post is valid. No doubt. Good post Pradeep. IT always makes a difference and exposure once a blogger establishes himself/herself as a 'go-to-guy or go-to-gal' in that topic. It really pays off to be focused on one. But to make some serious money one needs to diversify, in course of time though. That's purely my opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Swamykant

      When we give least consideration for money and more for values, then blog is on right path and success is for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    • shyam jos

      great post,content is the king,money will follow you later.

    • Deepanshu

      yeah making bucks with blogging isnt easy…..we need to develop a brand first by helping others …once our blog earns the respect, the trust, money will automatically flow in .patience is the key ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Surendhar V

      I totally agree with your "Money comes later" part. Money wont reach you until you deserve it and most of the people understands that only after they start blogging.

    • Anu @ New Trends

      In blogging it's not always writer job to share something with you. If you/commentor know anything extra about that topic then you should tell it, that's how sharing works.

      • Usman

        Good idea, commentators can also add something new.

      • Rehan

        Yes Anu…….in this way the main subject of the topic will be understand clearly and we got a lot of knowledge in details about the topic. Thanks for encouraging commenting.

    • Riya @ Couponseasy

      Hi Usman,

      I agreed with you that blogging is not about just earning. It's basic feature is to help out other with your experience and knowledge.

    • Jane | Find All Answers

      Hi Usman,

      I am very glad that you write about the money thrill when it comes to blogging. Money is indeed a good motivation and a good thing that no one would refuse. I would seriously appreciate a lump sum or at least a few extra bucks out of my blog. But if I start my blog only to make money I would be rather disappointed.

      Thanks for bringing this point out. I like your post very much.


      • Usman

        Hi, Jane!

        Glad to see you here.

        You're right, if we will do blogging only for bucks, then disappointment will be the end.

        and soon a end to blogging career.


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