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5 Simple Ways To Deal With Blogging Stress


Blogging is fun and pays off. For those who want to spend time online and establish an online presence, blogging really is fun. And for those who want to make some cash out of it, blogging really pays off, provided they work hard towards their goal.

Whatever be it, blogging involves quite some stress. Given that blogging is just not about writing blog posts, it includes a lot of hard work and persistence. Ya, as I said, blogging involves other things than producing content. What are they? Some of them are follows:

Producing quality content consistently, building backlinks, promoting the content, take care of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, take care of design aspects of the blog, network with other bloggers, read and comment on others content, brainstorm for blog post ideas; well there are a lot more.

Bloggers Stress

So you get the point, it seems overwhelming. But it really doesn’t have to be tightly packed because you have total control. Unless you are blogging for a big firm who gives you deadlines to write blog posts you have control over writing and publishing blog posts. You have to decide what works best for you so that you don’t squeeze yourself up.

Here are some tips to stay cool and at the same time be an effective blogger:

1. Find a posting frequency:

Updating blogs is a great deal. While you want your blog to be regularly updated and at the same time you need more content for the search engine bots, you should not forget one important aspect: QUALITY! So while you are urging yourself to post every day, make sure the quality of your blog posts are not compromised for.

It is a must that you choose the right posting frequency where you don’t tear yourself apart and at the same time provide quality content to your readers. I have made one post about it here:

How to blog regularly without tearing yourself apart?

2. Take productive breaks

You blog; but don’t work without breaks. I know it is tempting to check your emails, moderate comments, reply to comments, finish up that blog post, promote that guest post of yours, so on and so forth. But you need productive breaks – short breaks now and then so that you don’t break down.

Take the weekends off. Have a working schedule. If you are blogging full time from home, make sure you have total control of your time. Decide the working hours and include breaks in your schedule. Productive breaks help you to avoid stress.

3. Plan your blogging

Don’t blog out of the sky. Have a goal. Have one big goal about your blogging career and then small goals for the day, week and month. Make out a plan for each goal and work towards it. If you have a goal and a plan, things are half done. You won’t often run into times of stress with a pre-planned schedule.

4. Workout

Ya you heard me right. This helps a lot. Workout need not be strictly cardio or weights. You can actually choose any kind of relaxing workout you wish for. Some examples include walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, cleaning the house and so on.

All these activities increase blood flow and refresh your brain. You take a break from blogging and give your eyes and brain some rest. Have a Personalized Koozie and do some workouts. You will find a great difference once you resume from a workout. Workouts are also great ways to create new blog post ideas.

5. Network With Bloggers

Networking with other bloggers not only helps in link building and SEO. It also helps you reduce stress. Take time to come out of your own blog and read others content. This will help you to relax and read different perspectives from different people. Leave comments on other blog posts. Interact with those bloggers and also other commenters.

You will be doing three birds in one stone – build backlinks (through comments), relax and at the same time generate new blog post ideas from others content.

Blogging is good but don’t kill yourself. Stress out of blogging has the same bad effects as other types of stress and the effects are actually worse than you think. Blog while stay healthy by eliminating stress.


Jane blogs at Savvy Blogging Tips where she shares brutally honest blogging tips for bloggers of all levels. Get free access to her How to make money blogging e-book clicking here. She invites you to join her blogging community DoSplash.

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    • bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags

      well it could be a cause of great stress but its upto your luck that how it is working …. nice post

    • Kristal Jhonna

      ‘Stress is the trash of modern life – we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life’. ~ Danzae Pace

    • Sofia

      Hi man, nice to see a site and post like this very helpful in my line of work. Next time I'd try not to go under stress even any type of hard work.

    • Sofia

      thanks man, nice to see a site and post like this very helpful in my line of work. Next time I'd try not to go under stress even any type of hard work.

    • Maria

      All are easy if we took no burden on our head and face to relax for every task. It should help us in tension free work.

    • Rehan Ahmad

      Sometimes Bogging seems to be very hard when we couldn't got new ideas to do for its further work. But your suggestions are appreciable to face this problem. Thanks

    • Tony

      Due to mental disorder we forget our data that we have to listen or see and where we should have to start again our ongoing work. There are many cases. I am not a doctor I am a simple web developer. I am very happy to see such type of informative post thanks for sharing.

    • Kavya Hari

      Time management plays an major role in the blog post so this point can avoid stressful situation in the blogging 🙂

    • Kavya Hari

      Yeah, some time it would more stressful to all the blogger. But try to avoid it 🙂

    • Samantha Dermot

      In order to complete a task within the alloted time we often forget the importance of quality factor in our work. It has been a great pleasure to go through this kind of article which reminds us most valuable points to be remembered to establish anyone as a successful blogger.
      Thanks a lot for such a nice post.

    • Rehan

      I am agree with you in the view that we can safe from under going pressure during blogging experience. I think it’s accurate, expressing feelings in my heart, said well, also your efforts for this post are appreciable. Thanks!

    • Satish

      The main problem is we always get out of readers block. We have to think think and think for a new post. finally if we shift to another niche, our grip will be lost on previous one. Blogging is hectic, but its fun 😀

    • Narayan @ Tech Blog

      I love the way you have broke down the problems bloggers have. I am a newbie blogger and I always feel the urge to get to the next post. It keeps sitting on my head. I do read lot of other's blogs and do comment on them.. thats a great way to relax as well as get new ideas for blog posts. Kudos for the article.. Jane!

    • Surendhar V

      Thanks for writing this out, it would be helpful to every blogger

    • Sandeep Singh

      Great tips ! So what kind of work out do you do ? Weight – body building ? lol 😛

    • liaqat

      planning to post on daily basis is a harder task then any other thing in my opinion
      very well written anyway!

    • William

      You said blogging is fun for those who want to spend their free time online and is overwhelming for those who want to get paid from blogging work. It means you disgrace the work of professional bloggers? as I'm also newbie in this field.

      • Orchids

        Really hot question and yet not clear the situation. Anyhow don't go under stress and do concentration on your blogging work.

      • George

        Nice conclusion, really it is the fact that Blogging is fun and pays off for entertainment net surfers. So we should have to face it with cool and calm mind to avoid any tension.

    • Abigail

      All your tips are very nice to read but following that is quite difficult for me.

      • Jane | Find All Answers

        Hi Abigail,

        I know what you mean. Some things are said easier than done. But I don't think that these tips are so hard to follow.

        Hope you will follow them soon to become a stress-free blogger.


    • Musthafa Ullal

      really good article. I am also facing stress while blogging, although i started only 2 month ago!

      • Sana

        Mate as a newbie you feel some stress, but with continuous and hard working , you could easily run fast in this field without any tension and stress. Best wishes!

      • Lauren

        Slow and steady win the race……… i.e you keep your concentration only at your work and don't see here and there to avoid from stress.

        • Jack

          You Lauren! Good analysis which appeals to our heart. By concentration on our work and doesn't feel any tension w'll become us as fresh at all the time.

    • Jasmine

      Oh yes, these are good tips to deal with blogging stress. Every now and then I get stressed when I am out of ideas on what to blog, or my guest post is not approved, or when my blog's traffic drop… I am sure I can use some of your tips here!

      Good stuff!

    • shyam jos

      great tips

    • Rishi

      When I get stressed from blogging, I just go crash on the couch, watch either How I met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory, and laugh crazily! Helps a lot relaxing! 😉

    • deepak@internetmarketing

      Very short and sweet Jane ! Indeed very informative and valuable for other bloggers. Keep up the good work. Meanwhile I would urge every blogger to read this highly informative post by Dr.Mani, he's my mentor and guide, a well known Congenital heart surgeon who funds his multi million online empire for funding heart surgeries of underprivileged children, he's also an author many best selling books in Amazon and other networks. He writes excellent articles on his blogs and various other journals and blogs Please do check out this one, it's a must read for every blogger – http://www.ezinemarketingcenter.com/blog/12-good-reasons-to-publish-a-blog/

    • Andreas

      Great tips. Sometimes it helps just to stop writing and looking at the transcript a couple of days later, you may get some new ideas to add or to improve the current article.

      • Mike.

        There are too much useful and effective informatics stuff here briefed in a simple way, only if we read and follow it with concentration, then it would be enough for our successful blogging.

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