Fastest Way To Share Computer Screenshots On Web


Screensnapr makes is very easy and quick to share computer screenshots on web by automatically uploading your screenshots on the web and instantly providing you with its sharing url. Apart from easily snapping images, ScreenSnapr’s built-in sharing, editing, URL shrinking, and saving tools makes ScreenSnapr the ultimate screenshot tool.

Screensnapr is available in both free and premium versions.  

First I’ll talk about the free version and then the Premium Version.

How Screensnapr Works

1. Download and Install Screensnapr.

2. Run the application.

3. Find its icon in the taskbar.

4. Configure its options.

Screensnapr Free Version has the Following Options:

screensnapr options

  • Automatically Shring URLs
  • Option to select Image Type (PNG/JPG)
  • Configure Hotkey
  • Custom FTP server : Screensnapr provides us with the option to store screenshots on our own server. If you want to keep your images forever you can configure Custom FTP Server option from the application menu to use your own server for storing screenshots instead of Screensnapr server.

5. After configuring these options press the configured hotkey to take a screenshot.

6. Screenshapr will automatically upload the image to its server (or the custom ftp server if configured) and the image url will be copied to your clipboard.

7. Share the url with your friends to let them view your screenshot.

The premium version of Screensnapr has some advanced features.

Following is a list of list of all the Premium Version Features:

  • Uploading HUB: Gain access to more snap options including Copying to Clipboard, Sharing (Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit and more), or Saving.
  • Image Editor: Easily add shapes, text, and lines to your snaps. Then upload, save, copy to clipboard, or share.
  • Online History: Manage your snaps online. View all of your snaps, tag, and track the number of views.

Screensnapr is really quick and makes sharing screenshot on the web fast and much easier.

What have you been using till now for sharing your screenshot on web and how you find Screensnapr? Let us know in the comments.