HOW TO: Autofill Your Credit Card Details On Sites

It’s really a tiresome job filling up the userid and passwords each time you try to login to a website. Today all browsers have the autofill option which can be used in your personal computers and enabling the option saves most of our time which cut down our headache of save us from remembering them always. For those of you are frequent online shoppers and business person, there are sites that ask for your credit/ debit cards details each time you complete a purchase. In that case you need to go through that long process of finding out your credit card, typing its number and then completing the purchase. To make this much easier, Google Chrome provides such an option where you do not need to insert your card number every time. To enable to autofill option for Credit/ Debit Cards:

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to Option.
Chrome 1
  • Go to PersonalStuff.
  • Click on Manage Autofill Settings.
  • Now click on Add new Credit Card.
Chrome 2
  • Fill up the required details and click on Ok.

Your Credit/ Debit Card details will be saved.

Chrome 3

You can also delete the details whenever you want by clicking the cross sign beside your card details.

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HOW TO: Play Angry Birds Game On Web Browser

Angry Birds, not to mention (ahem), one of the most popular trending games. Now they are ready to invade the online space too. Game maker Rovio Mobile announced this at Google I/O Wednesday.

Built using WebGL and using local-caching for offline access, the full Angry Birds experience will be available in the browser. You can play the game [here].

For people who don’t know about this game, it is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, in which players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playfield.

Angry Birds Chrome

Before typing this post, I completed 5 levels, and after publishing this I’ll complete the rest. 😀

Angry Birds Game

Right now it has two versions – Standard version and High Definition (HD) version. Both works fine here.

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So what do you feel about this experience? Do you expect them to make similar changes for other browsers? Share your opinions below.

HOW TO: Open Links In Text Only Mode [Google Chrome]

Reading your favorite post on your favorite blog? But the Advertisements there are disturbing you? If you are a Google Chrome user then we have an extension (or solution) for you.

Shankar Ganesh (of KillerTechTips fame) quite recently developed an extension – Text Only, Please. This extension uses to render a text-only version of the webpage.

Open Links in Text Only Mode

Step 1 : First install ‘Text Only, Please’ extension.

Open in Text Mode Only

Step 2 : Now open any webpage, for example, HellBound Bloggers (HBB). Now you can right click on any link in Google Chrome and choose ‘Open in text only mode’. The web page you clicked on will open in a new tab, devoid of ads and clutter.

Text Format

Seriously I loved this extension and this will be also really useful for people having poor internet connection or bandwidth limits. As of now, API is not used and you can expect more advanced features soon. You can give your feedback via comments for further enhancement.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

With so many Google Chrome extensions in the Google Chrome Web store, it’s evident that you would like to check out some exciting and crisp extensions which will be of very great use. Since Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browser it will not slow down with the use of Chrome extensions which is the best part. So, let’s check out the Google Chrome extensions below –

#1 – Speed TracerHomepage

Speed thrills, but kills. This proverb only applies on the roads but in the road of web traffic higher the speed higher the thrill but no killings here. So, the speed tracer is a tool which helps you to identify and fix the performance issues with the web applications. Along with this plugin visualizes the metrics that are taken from the low level instrumentation points inside the browser and then it analyzes them as the application runs. With the help of graphical representation, you can easily find the java script parsing and the execution, layout, CSS style recalculation and then the selector matching is also done with timer fires.

speed tracer

#2 – Aviary Screen Capture – Homepage

Wanted to take the screenshot of the web page effortlessly, then this is the way to go as with this plugin you will be easily able to save the screenshot on the desktop, edit in other aviary apps, captures instantly  even before you blink your eyes, can crop the picture, resize, rotate and can also flip your capture, smart select of the page portion which you wish to take the screen shot, you can even capture the color information, quick launch the 6 aviary design tools with image editor, mark up editor, also a whole range of editor tool support is provided.

aviary screen capture

#3 – Chrome SEO – Homepage

If you are a blogger or a website owner then you would want to do an SEO for your blog so that you can easily feature your blog in the Google and other search engines. The Google Chrome SEO Extension provides easy access to Search Engine Optimization Tools that can help you with Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Checks, PageRank Checks and other daily SEO tasks.

chrome seo

#4 – FireBug Lite – Homepage

With the Firebug lite add on for the Google Chrome you can easily edit debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. This is the simplest tool where you don’t have to much look out for the technical know how as this simplifies all the important data and presents on the screen.

firebug lite

#5 – Resolution TestHomepage

Basically with this add on which is dubbed as the Resolution test, you can easily change the size of the browser window for the developers so that you can preview the websites in different screen resolutions so that you can easily include the list of commonly used resolutions as well as with the help of customized option you can choose the one.

resolution test

#6 – Chrome Sniffer – Homepage

With the use of Chrome Sniffer, you can easily inspect web framework/CMS and java script lib which is running on the current web browser and also an additional small icon will be appearing just next to the address bar which can be then indicate the dedicated framework, so that you can make use of open source to the maximum.

chrome sniffer

#7 – Lorem Ipsum Generator – Homepage

Lorem Ipsum actually is a very great add on for the Google Chrome as this one allows to choose words per paragraph and number of paragraphs as you can see in the above picture.

lorem ipsum generator

#8 – Internet Explorer TabHomepage

If you recently come to using the Google’s Chrome from the earlier version of Internet Explorer then you would want to know whether is there any way that you can get the IE styles tab view, yes you can very well get that, all you will be needing is the IE tab add on for Chrome.

internet explorer tab

#9 – Meta SEO InspectorHomepage

Meta data is not just the usual HTML meta tags, but the XFN tags, various micro formats, the recently introduced canonical attribute, the no-follow links and so on. So, meta SEO inspector too is a great add on for Chrome.

meta seo inspector

#10 – Eye DropperHomepage

Do you love colors and would like to color the way you want to see then Eye dropper allows you to pick the colour from any web page or from the advanced colour picker so that the colour of your choice can be used as per your require.

eye dropper

6 Amazing Wonders Of Open Source [LIST]

I still remember a time when I heard that free things or the ones which don’t have a money tag attached to them can’t have a value amongst people. This made me a lot curious and finally I started a research which has resulted into this list. To start I would be talking about a software which I am using right now to provide you this article.

Open Source Wonders

  • WordPress

WordPressThis amazing CMS created by Matt Mullenweg and is currently developed by the company Automattic, Inc. is one of the most popularly used web tool for the creation of websites and various of the worlds blog are using this as their web management software.


  • Ubuntu

UbuntuAn open source operating system which is the most used in the Linus series of distributions. It has been completely free since the time it was released and has been an awesome platforms for users as well as developers all the time. Ubuntu OS is considered to be one of the best Operating systems for development of various applications and has various versions for various of works.

  • Android

AndroidA mobile phone or smart phone operating system which is soon to become the future of the Mobile phones as of its share in the smart phones and the development it is undergoing. Currently owned by Google,Inc. the worlds biggest Internet company was initially an independent start up Android,Inc.

Red HatAnother open source operating system the best used for servers and its handling and is considered better to windows in in a lot of cases. its use is wide and has a great user friendly interface. Red hat is owned and operated by Red Hat,Inc. and is also a part of Linus distributions apart form which this also has professional certifications of it in various sectors of computers.


WikipediaAn online encyclopedia created by Jimmy Wales and is edited by the whole world for the whole world. Wikipedia has a great rank of #8 on Alexa still has nothing to do with money and the best part of it is one can use its articles anywhere by just giving them credits.


  • Google Chrome

Google ChromeA web browser created by Internet giant Google,Inc. and one of the fastest and user friendly interfaces ever. Google Chrome had tended to change the face of the web soon after it hit the web and users started to migrate to this browser leaving behind veteran such as IE and Safari.

These were some of the best works that the open source community can do for the people by sharing everything everywhere and making the web a better place.

Download Google Chrome 7 Stable Release Now

Google Chrome 7Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine and application framework. Now they released an update to their fastest web browser, Google Chrome 7. This update is now available for Mac, Windows and the Linux OS.

This latest version offers hundreds of bug fixes and also the improved and updated HTML5 parser. Others include the File API, and directory upload via input tag. In the Mac OS X release there is a new AppleScript feature added. Using that you can script Chrome or use it with the OS X Automator tool.

Another great feature from this latest stable version is the ability to upload complete folders from your PC. All the Google Chrome users will get an update automatically but you can also download it directly using the below mentioned link from the official Google Chrome website.

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10+ New Features Of Google Chrome 5

Currently the beta version of Chrome 5 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Google Chrome 5 beta fixed two security vulnerabilities. The dev version of Chrome 5 already released on late January.

Below I mentioned some of the new features of Google Chrome 5.

1. Aero Peek in Chrome : Now Chrome will have support for a Windows 7 feature called Aero Peek. If you hover over the Chrome icon in the taskbar you can see previews for all the open tabs in the taskbar.

2. Geolocation API : Geolocation lets the browser inform a Website of the user’s location if the permission is give by the user. It is one of the better-settled elements of HTML5.

3. Extensions : The great part is, with Chrome 5, all three operating systems Google supports will get extensions. It has some new browser interfaces and programmers can expand the power of extensions. Extensions allow others customize the browser’s feature.

4. Syncing : Google Chrome 5 supports sync for themes, autofill entries, and passwords. Chrome 5 has better synchronization abilities when compared to Google Chrome 4.

5. Built-in Flash : Chrome 5 is also believed to have built-in version of Adobe Systems’ Flash Player. It also includes the next beta version of Flash Player 10.1.

6. WebGL : Chrome 4 also had this feature, but in order to use, users had to disable a security feature called the sandbox. Now Google Chrome 5 gets WebGL support within the sandbox.

7. Form AutoFill : It is similar to Google Toolbar. This version of Google Chrome now allows you to set up profiles and Credit cards details which you can then use to fill out long forms easily. You can also add profiles. To enable or disable the AutoFill settings visit Options | Personal Stuff.

8. Automatic Translation : Now Chrome uses Google Translate to turn the web page into your preferred language. So you don’t need to copy the web page’s URL or text into Google Translate or clicking on the “Translate this page” link in Google search results. This feature is also customizable.

9. Privacy Features : New privacy features includes many customizable features. Now you can allow only some specific sites to place cookies in your browser. You can also block cookies from the rest of the Web. To manage privacy settings click on the Tool icon, then Options | Under the Hood | Content Settings.

10. Jump Lists : Like Aero Peek, this is also another feature of Windows 7. Jump Lists provides a menu of actions which people can take when they click on the Chrome menu item.

11. PDF Support : Along with Flash, Chrome 5 is also believed to have great PDF support, which arrives as an internal plug-in.

Do you know any other new features of Chrome 5? Please share it in the comments.. I love it! 😀