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Mistakes To Avoid While Promoting Your Blog (Trust Me, They’re Silly)


mistakes avoid bloggingTo tell the truth, there are various mistakes, which a blogger can make. However, not all of these mistakes are related to the content or the management of your blog. In fact, just like any other venture, you need some good game in order to promote your blog, which attracts traffic.

Of course, the whole matter is quite relative. If you are just a blogger who wants to kill some time for yourself, then you might just ignore every piece that has ever been written down for the benefit of bloggers. Nevertheless, if you want people to visit your blog and maintain a steady flow, you will have to put in more effort that just being whimsical.

In case you are thinking of getting some cash out of it in the bargain, you have to be smart and poke unless you get a good traffic. More importantly, getting the desired traffic will add value to your endeavor.

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Things to avoid

The first thing you should remember is to be regular with your posts. Look, your readers read your posts because they like them. There are hundreds of bloggers who will uncannily cover the same subject of your choice.

Not posting regularly will just keep your fans stranded and we all know that is not wise. Be it monthly, daily or weekly, just make sure that you follow a pattern and watch how you always end up having a healthy traffic in your blog.

The second point of stupidity would be to be too pushy with your views. You see, the point is simple. None of us likes people who are self-centered pieces of crap. Of course, you are writing your blog because you want to express your thoughts and concerns. However, coming on too strongly on your readers will just piss them off and not generate traffic.

Another point which will hinder your progress will of course be not including your readers into you blog. See blogger, just turn the tables on to yourself and you will know the feeling. Your readers like your posts, even if they hate your posts, you can count on numerous discussions about it. Not interacting with them will be a big mistake; either way you look at it.

However, some of your readers may be nice enough to take the pains to write some post, which adds value to your content. The guest post may also be something totally negative. Nevertheless, just make sure that you publish them anyway. This participatory-based communication will certainly give way to more word of mouth and thus end up increasing your traffic.

The act of modesty

Presenting your content in the wrong manner will inevitably convert to your blog hitting the bottom. Look, unless people know your blog exists, nobody will take the pains to seek them out and then read them. So be wise and make sure to arrange for killer posts.

The best way to do the same is to make sure that you have enough keywords, which will be visible in the search engines. Trust me fellas, nothing works like Search Engine Optimization does. It is similar to exams. You write an answer and are marked according to what kind of relevant words and phrases you have packed in, which will please your teacher. So, go ahead and make your content and blog SEO rich for attracting traffic.

Another mistake that bloggers keep making is promoting their blog to the wrong public. Target readers who are interested in your posts and yes, who would like to add value to it as well. Your blogs are mostly read by people who have some manner of problem or interest. Unless you prepare content according to your audience, no traffic can be generated.

Moreover, be prepared to accept your mistakes, if you make any that is. Your act of modestly accepting your faults will take you and your blog a long way into being successful with your readers.

Mistakes at a glance

To summarize the whole thing, it is really not that hard if you are serious about your blog. Just take a look.

  • Be regular with your posts.
  • Avoid being pushy with your readers.
  • Include guests posts into your blog.
  • Make your blog’s content SEO rich.
  • Promote your blog to the right people (targeted promotion).

Once you address these, be ready to fly high. Happy blogging!

This article is written by Jane Sheeba. She shares cutting-edge success blogging strategies, social media and blog promotion strategies at her blog Problogging Success. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.


Jane blogs at Savvy Blogging Tips where she shares brutally honest blogging tips for bloggers of all levels. Get free access to her How to make money blogging e-book clicking here. She invites you to join her blogging community DoSplash.

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    • clicktoseo1

      Hum dear Jane. Totally agree with you. People become crazy to promoting their blogs. Hopefully, after reading your article they should avoid these things. I think they may don’t know that, Google just cares about the quality not quantity. BTW, nice writing skill dear 🙂 everything is clear and understandable. Thank you in advance for sharing this informative article with all of us,

    • John

      Nice post on nice topic but I am a little disappointed withe post’s craft. If this post should have in points it would be better and readable. Though a nice read.

    • Ishank

      Hi pradeep,
      The only problem I am facing is that my blog post sheet is flooded with hundreds post ideas which makes it difficult for me to choose and write post regularly . Can you tell me how do you manage blog post ideas ?


    • Engaged Blogger

      These are such great points. I wish this message could get across the network so new starters can take note on these mistakes! Thanks for sharing.

    • thejday

      This is a good one! but I think letting them do everything as they please will also teach them better experiences of what to do and what not to do. Experience is the best teacher anyway! But still, thanks for the post!

    • Manisha Singh

      At initial state everyone makes mistake , but it is also true that mistakes teaches us and we sure that we will not do it again.


    • phreaklab

      On other blogs I have written, I have found that being pushy sometimes leads to positive results because people are passionate about their opinions and will keep returning just to counter my views in response to mine.

    • James

      The most important thing a blogger can do is write good articles which are informative and of excellent quality. Readers are smart, they can understand a good writer when they see one. Just be sure to write original articles and maintain a proper schedule. Decide whether you want to write every week or once every fifteen days but once you have made up your mind then stick to it.

    • James

      There are some people who don’t understand that they should promote their blogging site subtly as oppose to being pushy and aggressive. They should let their blog do the talking. They should make the site so appealing that the reader themselves should feel compelled to keep returning to that site.

    • Paul

      Making mistakes is  a part and parcel of life. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone should learn from those mistakes. Luckily you can now avoid mistakes in blogging thanks to Jane’s post. Learning from someone’s experience is the best kind of learning. I think we should all take back an important lesson from these posts.

    • Mike Reeson

      The more I read about blogging, it becomes more and more apparent to me that the number one focus should be on consistency. Thank you for hammering it into my head a bit more!! 🙂

    • Cudjoe

      This is not an advice which needs to be taken as a pinch of salt. As a blogger you ought to always learn and I’m of course learning from you.
      Thanks for this lovely information.

    • Jack

      According to me, mistakes are only a means of making you learn. Common mistakes are the one that we usually make. That is why they are called Common. Now that you’ve shared this with us, we can work towards avoiding these and making them uncommon mistakes.

    • Muhammad Qasim

      Good tips. I think targeted promotion is most important one.

    • Lina

      Thanks for sharing this with us Jane. This post resonates with me so much because I can count out the mistakes that I have made. I wish I had come across something like this then. This is like a guide for new bloggers. It will definitely help them in knowing what to do and what should be strictly avoided.

    • Domenic De Giorgio

      Thank you for sharing such an informative post. This makes us aware of the kind of mistakes we make and how we can avoid it. Once mistakes are pointed out, it becomes difficult to repeat them. Now that you know what are the common mistakes, it will be easier to avoid it and make your blog an interesting place for the readers to share their opinions.

    • Keith

      Great tips. I think it is essential to follow these while promoting your blog. Fix your post frequency and publish accordingly. This way your audience knows when to look out for posts. This will make them regular and your blog will become popular. Also, be open to all sorts of comments – positive and negative. Pay attention to the comments. From there, you will pick up hints as to what your readers want to know about. This will help you cater to their needs and increase blog popularity.

    • Linda

      I think it’s alright to make mistakes. That’s how one learns. But you should make sure never to repeat a mistake after you have learned from it. I think when you design your blog, it should be such that you give the readers enough space to express their views as well. Accept people’s views and move on. Also, avoid making grammatical errors. Grammatical errors reduce the quality of one’s blog. The rest flows as per situations, I guess.

    • Jannet

      I’ve commited these mistakes before. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips. Eventhough I have some good experience in blogging I still commit silly mistakes. Totally agree every Blogger should identify the need of their readers and produce content according to their needs.

    • Jannet

      Being regular with the posts is very necessary as keeping the reader waiting for long will make him lose interest in the blog. They want to read and learn new about new topics and fresh posts. Everytime a reader visits your blog, he expects to read a new article which can be either a recent issue or a source of knowledge.

    • Nizam Khan

      Awesome post! Well yes, following a pattern and publishing accordingly is a good strategy and then promoting to the right audience is really important as it adds value to it. Thanks Jane for sharing this excellent post 🙂

    • Henry

      Doing the right kind of promotion and getting targeted traffic is very important nowadays as it results into interested audience and more sales. Totally convinced with your points mistakes should be done always in life but never do one mistake again.

    • SahL @ Dgboost.com

      Include guests posts into your blog.

      I partially agree with this point as the guest post should be specifically be QUALITY guest posts, i am getting a lot of guest post but quality guest posts are VERY less,  There are quite a lot of SEO professionals which are pushing hard to get backlinks by submitting low quality guest posts and a lot of bloggers do accept them. Thats one thing to be avoided in my opinion.

    • Atish Ranjan

      Yes Jane you right. Even few guys are now tagging in the Fb conversation and place there link. I always  click on “leave conversation” but they tag again and again … I am fed up  from this

    • Prateek Chopra

      Doing the right kind of promotion and getting targeted traffic is very important nowadays as it results into interested audience and more sales. At the same time the point of posting regularly is good but I want to ask that the frequency should be daily, weekly or monthly ?

    • Koundeenya

      That was really a worth read. Among the list, SEO is the only mistake I’ve made and still facing the effect till now. Hope this helps newbies who’ve just entered

    • Sai Krishna

      Glad to see you here Jane sheeba mam, In starting of my career I did all above mentioned mistakes in my first blog 🙁 But mistakes are like lessons. 

    • SahL

      Totally agreed, SEO rich content is very important these days to increase the stats like the alexa rankings. Seriously it really depends upon the seo related posts/visitors.

    • James

      Mistakes happen. What is important is accepting them and making sure you do not repeat those mistakes the second time. The same rule applies when it comes to blogging. If you have taken up blogging because you are passionate about writing, make sure you keep your blog updated. Post regularly. Post according to your niche. Also, predetermine the kind of audience you want to target. This will help you design your blog better. It will also help you in promoting the blog to your audience in an effective way.

    • Mahesh Verma

      thanks for sharing valuable point “The act of modesty” 🙂

    • Erica Williams

      Indeed posting daily or in an order/pattern is the core point further more ask your readers if they have any questions or what more they want from you for reading, reply to their queries ASAP.

    • Jyothis Thaliath

      You got a point there! Being ‘pushy’ had always been a great turn-off for me as reader. I’ve seen people interacting on a tech blog, the author being not really aware of the things he writes about, but he thinks about himself as the know-it-all authority about what he writes about. I tried to politely point out some wrong facts in his writeup, but to my shock, he trashed my comments, and made sure I can’t comment on his blog any more. What a loser! I won’t be going back for sure!!

    • Michael Kohn

      Timing and perseverance is needed for blogging success. You’re building relationship with real people, so you should take care of your readers!

    • Puneet

      You are right Jane. every Blogger should identify the need of their readers and produce content according to their needs.

      Nice post Jane. 

    • Neha

      Hi Jane,
      Agreed with your points. Mistakes should be done always in life but never do one mistake again.

    • Steve

      If we keep follow your these basic & valuable tips of yours. so surely we can promote a blog very successfully! You’re absolutely right with your this article. Most of people do these basic mistake with their blog ! I’m very glad of your to share these basic thing which we always do with our Blog.

    • Khaja moin

      Promoting blog to RIGHT people is VERY important. Coz you can make money with blogs when you have good amount of niche readers.

    • Rahul Kashyap

      thanks for sharing this post @Jane but i have a movie can i start gust post 🙂

    • Jordan Xiong

      When I started blogging, I committed every one of these mistakes. And when no traffic was generated, I was very discouraged. It took me some time to understand where I was going wrong. I wish I had stumbled upon a blog post like this. This post has refreshed my mind with what I should do to promote my blog. It mentions the simple mistakes that we often commit. Since they are simple and silly, we overlook them and that affects how our blog is projected and promoted to others.

    • Sam@Goa Resorts

      It’s very hard to notice that kind of things for newbie which he/she need to do in starting of his/her blogging career.

    • Kenny

      We all make mistakes in our day-to-day lives and bloggers are no exception to it. There can be mistakes with the content of the blog, its management or even its promotion . A blogger should give importance to all of these if  he wants readers to notice his efforts. This blog easily reminds of things we should avoid in order to be a good blogger. The first and foremost thing for a blogger is to maintain regularity, failing which the blogger might end up losing readers who may be get diverted to other regular bloggers.  Secondly, a blogger must be flexible in his opinions. If he is too strict with his views then readers might feel suffocated. Another mistake which might hamper promotion of a blog can be the exclusion of readers. If the readers are not involved in the blog then they may feel unwanted and walk away which would be a big loss for the blogger. So it is important that the blogger interacts with the readers and publish their posts be it negative or positive, this way the blogger allows the readers to speak their mind and subsequently attracts more readers. Organising the content is yet another important factor i.e. you have to write the blog using keywords in such a  fashion that the  SEO directs all the readers towards your blog. Another mistake done by bloggers is to target the wrong audience. You should target those who are intersted in the topic and have something important to share with you. If the audience cannot relate with the blog then there is no chance of any traffic towards your blog. Last but not the least is your attitude. If your ever commit a mistake, go ahead and admit it modestly because denying your mistakes can worsen things.

    • Sony Goraya

      hmmm true agreed! thnks 4 sharing this 🙂

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