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4 Simple Ways To Manage Your Blog During Exams


Blog During ExamsOne of the big problems for all the young bloggers is exams, every young blogger faces this problem and they get confused whether to concentrate on exams or their own blog. Even if they leave blogging concentrate on exams, their mind will still be focused on blogging itself. So after completing a small research I’m now able to tell you about how to manage your blog during exams.

1. Seek Your Friend’s Help

Building a good relationship with fellow bloggers is very important. A cup of coffee can do this. Ask your friend to manage your blog until your exams ends, like writing articles, accepting guest posts, approving comments, building links, etc by giving him the administrator rights till the end of last exam, this can be done by paying some money to him or doing it for free, it depends on your relationship. 😉

2. Make Use Of Free Time

Getting some time in between each exam can help you to approve some comments and make some conversations with your clients, fellow bloggers and readers. But don’t drag the conversations and sit on your desk for a long time because you have to appear your exam on the next day.

Using a Smartphone instead of sitting infront of your desk helps you to save some time and get more marks in the exams. 😀

3. Hiring Content Writers

If you are a young pro blogger and make 5-6 posts in a day then hire content writers to write on your blog and give them the schedule for submitting the posts on particular dates. So you don’t miss your loyal readers interest of reading your feed daily.

Hiring Popular Content Writers will increase your website traffic and also get more readers.

4. Getting Guest Posts

If you can’t hire writers, then the only way to get posts without paying is from accepting guest posting to your blog.

How to easily get Guest Posts?

If you have good PageRank (PR) and traffic to your website then getting guest posts is not the hard, just make a list of guest posting writers by visiting a high level blog or search in Google for them and send an invitation to write on your blog. Done! Check your inbox or drafts folder in your blog on the next day.

You can also get guest posts from number of authors, there are some websites which do this job to you. Here are 5+ Websites That Will Help You To Get Good Guest Bloggers

These are my own methods to manage my blog during the exams and if you have any other ideas/methods please let me and the readers know about them. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. 


Aditya Chintha is a 17 yr old blogger and writes at Geeks Workshop. His areas of interest are blogging, reviewing gadgets, developing android. You can add him on Facebook - Google +

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    • Aakash Goyal

      but of we continue to publish guest post then will not pr decrease as the link juice is distributed continously.

    • mahesh

      when my exams comes i apply these steps it is very difficult to handle blogging in exams 🙂

    • Dennis Rodriguez

      Getting guest blog will be difficult if you don’t have a great ranking website with a lot of audience

    • Dennis Rodriguez

      Great article. Hiring writer seems to be the most feasible on the list

    • Raj

      Seeking the friends help is the best way to manage the blog or I would love to hire content writers for handling this work..

    • Stephen

      I always get confused with my studies and blogging. It becomes more difficult during my exam time and so I focused less on my blogs which affect my loyal readers. I think hiring content writer will be better option used during my exam for my blogs. I would prefer your points during exam so it shouldn’t affect my exams and blogs at the same time.

    • John Ernest

      Guest posts are really the only to make your blog survive during exams week. You can check you blog for less than a minute for a day and accept guest posts. But make sure that you check them before publishing. You can’t have guest bloggers run over your site and take over it with uneducated posts and spammy links.

    • Dennies John

      Nice post !! but still your mind will be in blogging (:
      i just finished all my entrance exams !

    • rakesh kumar

      if you are student then obviously your friends will be. So the most clickable idea is guest posts.

    • Praveen

      Simple! Save for the rainy day! 🙂
      I have some posts drafted and schedule it for the exam times and also make use of guest posts.

    • Asif Khan

      You are right Aditya about the struggle during the exams. My exams are on and i’m really struggling to update my blog consistently. But whenever i get the time i do that.

      Also, my friends are not into blogging and that sort of things. English is another important reason. So, i have to do it on my own – One Man Army.

    • Avi jit

      I’m going to follow these points during my next exam. Thanks for the article. Getting some guest authors will be good. I think HBB should help the bloggers in getting guest authors. One will write in the other’s and the other will write in the former one’s.(Just a thought)

    • Amit Shaw

      Thanks Aditya for sharing this. I think if we have good Alexa and PR Then no need to hiring writer and all.

    • Prabha

      Worthy post and helpful information as well, it’s been most common problem for bloggers during the exams and college’s tight tasks.
      Thanks Adiya.

    • sai krishna

      mate glad to see you here ! your writing skills was really amazing . You have good future if you changed your career to content writing services 🙂 

    • Alex

      I think hiring writers is the best option to manage blogs during exam time. This way the blog can be manged in a very easy and safest way. Getting professionals to help is the most effective way. This will not just help to keep updated your blog but it will also help in getting quality content for the blogs.

    • Karthick Kanna

      Good Analysis !

      @ 1st Point, This is what i exactly wanted to but its tough to find the authorized friends and i suffered a lot from this.

      @ 2nd Point, Many colleges don’t let us use smartphone because they think they are smarter than us. Anyhow, it works upon our college and luck.

      and the rest of those points do work fine for all and it’s better easy to manage.

      Thanks for a good contribution.

      Karthick Kanna

    • Darshan | Goa Resorts

      Everything is possible in today’s era but the think is that how you will handle that situation when you have some time problem. So i think now this problem will not come in the way of your passion after read this post. 

    • Amrik

      Hi thanks Aditya for the great article. It really helped me alot. My exams are also taking off from 7 june. Your article really helped me. But I am unable to find any author…:(…Please any one here could help me out I will pay according to the writers rates.

      • Aditya Chintha

        Thanks for the comment amrik, hope that it really helped you!
        Always choose the best and trusted content writers….If you like this article than i can be your content writer until your exams are finished!!

    • Siddharth Syal

      nice post bro . Got an idea of how to get more guest posts

    • Koundeenya

      I admit, popular writers can work good. But when we are outsourcing, we give preference to the budget rather than quality. So, hiring should be done in a a careful way. Sometimes they can get down the site’s reputation.

      • Aditya Chintha

        I agree with you koundeenya, but hiring best content writers will not take down your site reputation

    • Sri Ganesh.M

      Hey, its good i got a new idea from you how to get guest authors. damn how i missed it ! will work  from today on that. !!

      And Pradeep you should write a post for my blog bro 🙂 busy with my maya class and work ! 😉 

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