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4 Tips To Maintain Optimal Blogging Frequency


Optimal Blogging frequencyEarlier we discussed about how frequent you should update your blog. As we know, Consistency is the key to success for avid bloggers. There aren’t any written rules to find the optimal blogging frequency; however, there is a solution. Indubitably, it’s the ‘trial and error’ method. But, this method has a disadvantage: it’s a time-consuming process. One has to spend sufficient time in researching his/her content’s clarity, style, mood, uniqueness, etc. Utilize the tips mentioned below to become aware of the optimal blogging frequency for your blog.

1. Analyze the content

Even for experienced bloggers, it takes sufficient time to find his/her blog’s optimal frequency. That’s why the quality of a blog’s content matters more. However, a blog’s design, style and interface are important for attracting readers. On one hand, an interesting content can make the readers visit one’s blog. On the other hand, only consistency can bring the readers, back to the same blog frequently. Making enormous research on the theme is highly recommended before you start with a blog. It’s better to have a single theme for the entire blog. These researches are quite important. But, most of the current bloggers ignore them without realizing their benefits.

2. Progress steadily

Once you become clear about your content’s theme, you may start posting articles in your blog. If you have put your work on pause, you may resume posting then. However, you may find noticeable changes between your current posts and the earlier ones. If they don’t possess big differences, continue to add your posts. Else, don’t hesitate to delete the older posts. Make a fresh start with your researches. During the initial stage, you may post one article per week. Try to post articles at the same frequency for at least 3 to 4 months.

3. Set your frequency

Don’t try to hurry up with your posts. Some bloggers commit the mistake of posting too many articles in a single day. As far as blogging is considered, remember that quality is more important than quantity. Secondly, consistency is highly essential for any successful blog. Once you learn to post your articles consistently, you may increase your blogging frequency. Do consider the viewers’ interests while deciding your blogging frequency. Make sure that your content is fresh in every post; however, the theme of your blog mustn’t change with every post. Promotion of a blog is quite important to gather like-minded readers. Don’t hesitate to promote your blog through social-networking sites and online forums.

4. Wait for the result

Make a note on the number of readers, frequent visitors, number of hits, number of comments, etc., in your blog. You may then decide the frequency of your posts. In case, if you have few readers only, reduce your blogging frequency. It might give time for the readers to keep updated with your blog. Once you have sufficient number of readers in your blog, increase your posting frequency progressively. To mention, this process consumes time. Have patience in your work and proceed steadily.

Different blogs need different blogging frequencies for success. So, don’t compare your blog with others to guess your blog’s optimal frequency and to save time. Definitely, you won’t regret it later. Just remember that the remote control of your blog lies in your hand. Handle it smartly and you can turn you blog’s way to success or a downfall. So, get ready to find your blog’s favorable frequency by yourselves. Happy blogging!

This article is written by Alyssa Clarke. She is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak.

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    • zenlifefrugal

      I run multiple blogs (and soon to add a 3rd). My choice is to post 1x a week since I do go out and actively market each of the blogs. Though some people may find it idiotic, I think it makes more sense to run it that way. It allows me the opportunity to create plan outlines for each post and have plenty of time to be able to network with other bloggers and forum owners.

    • Edward@Wedding photographer Toronto

      I think the tips which you have sorted out are perfect to maintain optimal blogging frequency. Analyzing the blog content is very important for knowing the blogging frequency. Even I think to make readers attached with the blog it is essential to give them quality content. And for this it is very important to perform research. Only then we will be able to give readers useful and interesting posts on the blogs.

    • Yuri

      Great post alyssgclarke! i can truly related to the 3 main points that are important for blogging. A good layout is the first impression that most blogger should spend their time on. I think i took about a good 3 months customizing my template to my desires. Secondly, quality post are important, because if a reader read what they like in your post. Chances are they're going to be a returning visitor.

    • Sameer

      Posting and more researching always gives out better results..

    • Aakash Goyal

      I currently post 2 articles per week but i will not be able to post for few weeks as i am having exams.will it affect my traffic?

    • Chintan Jain

      Nice post, analyzing and then posting good content will always make a good impression..

    • Edward

      When I first started blogging this was a topic that I always thought about. In fact, I became obsessed and thought that if I did not post every day then the world would end. What I have come to realize over times is, like you said, there are no rules. It really depends on your niche and your audience. I have 3 blogs now and on two of them I post 2-3 new pots per week. I am starting a new blog (2 days old now) so I am building my initial base of posts by posting once or twice a day. After a month or two I will probably get into a pattern of posting once a day.

    • David

      This is a fantastic post! I struggled with this for a while. I recommend thinking of the blogs you follow – if you’ve unfollowed someone, because you couldn’t keep up, then you know what “too much” is and can apply that to your blog as well. I settled on 3x a week for each of my blogs. It allows me to write good content for multiple blogs and affords me to the time to network with my followers and keep up with other blogs. Thanks for your thoughts. I wish I would have found this a year ago.

    • Carol Hong@botox toronto

      Optimal blogging options is a wish that all bloggers have and hope to achieve when they start their blogging careers. I am a not so regular blogger and would like my blogs to do well on the list of successful blogs. I post once in ten days and write about my adventures to various places and what they have taught me. Will follow your tips to reap more success.

    • Jean

      Content freshness and constantly updating it, has been one of the factors by almost all search engines in determining where your site will be in SERP. By following the guides presented on this post, we could be assured that our efforts will not be wasted and we could see the results afterwards.

    • Lakhyajyoti

      Great post Alyssa.Quality is more important than quantity.I have seen most of the new bloggers don't know about it.

    • Puneet

      Setting up the frequency is really needed because It sets a particular time when your reader expect a post from the site. In this way they keep coming. Thanks nice post.

    • Amit Shaw

      Hi Alyssa Clarke,
      Yes you are right quality is more important than quantity. We should concentrate on Quality. Nice Post. Thanks For Share.

    • Bharat

      Cool tips, but post frequency always depends on type or niche of blog we are maintaining. To build trust with readers of the blog, it is always important to post atleast 1 article a day 🙂

    • Mark

      I am facing the same problem of frequency. When i started blogging in Feb 2011, I used to post twice a week. I have maintained that frequency for some months. But now , being a part time blogger i couldn’t maintain that frequency and i am very much worried about it. Now I have to plan the frequency duly considering the factors you have revealed. It may give solution. Thanks for your tips.

    • Manish

      Hey Alyssa,

      Thanks for sharing a superb points. Well many bloggers have a wrong belief that if they are posting 2 to 3 content in one day, then their blog readership will be increasing like anything, but I can say that it is one kind of superstitious. Due to this belief many newbie bloggers fail because they go for quantity and not for quality.

      In blogging world, if any blogger has to become a successful then he or she must give quality content to his or her readers because readers are interested to get good information and not junk information which is outdated. So this post definitely going to create awareness among the newbie bloggers to do blogging in an efficient way.

    • Suroor Wijdan

      Points mentioned are very much bang on! Many bloggers worry about frequency rather than focusing on the quality of the content they are putting up on the blog.

    • Christopher |

      Those are valid points! Thank you!

    • Jasmine

      Great post from you, Alyssa. I think how often we blog depends greatly on our capability and also the type of blog we maintain too.

    • Rohan

      I think Analyze the content is best option for Maintain Optimal Blogging Frequency because content is king for blogging. thanks for sharing

    • Eapen

      Nice points Alyssa, absolutely spot on. I really do agree with your take on blog theme and quality. The design of our blog plays a crucial role in retaining our readers and keeps them coming back for more. Quality is certainly important, but I think in blogging both have tremendous importance. No one would love to visit a blog that's updated once in a week or once in two weeks, so I would say, as a blogger, we must come up with at least one quality post per day unless we have a fleet of guest bloggers like HBB.

      • alyssagclarke

        Hi Eapen,
        Thanks for the read. I am glad you find the tips worth considering. I personally believe that Quality always surpasses quantity when it comes to blog success.


    • Kenny Fabre


      great post I think your first tip is really important for us to "analyze our content" to make sure what we are providing is valuable

      • alyssagclarke

        Hi Kenny,
        Well yes of course, research is the first step towards making your blog a hit. Its only you who can find out the correct need of your blog.


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